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The Hilliards first settled in Kent County, Del., in 1680.1 Mr. Badney, of England, says the head of the house was Major Hilliard, of the Barbados. The North Carolina Hilliards are then most probably descended from Robert Hilliard, who, with John Bridle, William Bennett, John Alston and Stephen Jeffreys were political exiles from England and sent to the Barbados and Virginia after Monmouth's Rebellion.2 All of these names are interwoven with the Boddie and Denson lineage. Bridle settled in Isle of Wight County, Va. ; William Bennett in Surry County, Va., later removing to Northampton County, N. C.; John Alston in Gates County, N. C., in 1711; and the Jeffreys also came to Granville, N. C. The Hilliards were famed for their brilliancy ; the Jeffreys for wild daring. These families were all of England's gentle blood. Robert Hilliard was probably the father of


James Hilliard, who settled in Northampton County about 1700. He is said to have married Julia Nusum. One of his wives was Elizabeth, who after his death married Simon Jeffreys. Her (Elizabeth Jeffrey's) will was made June 20, 1742-3 James Hilliard and Elizabeth had the following children

+2. i William Hilliard.
 3. ii Robert Hilliard, married Charity. He was of Edgecombe County.
 4. iii John Hilliard, of North Carolina. Issue
5 i Sarah Hilliard.
    6 ii Robert Hilliard, who married the daughter of Dugald McKiechen, "one of 350 Scotch gentlemen" who settled in North Carolina.

2  . 

William Hilliard's will was made July 4, 1754, and proved May, 1756. His wife was Ann. Their issue

 7. i Isaac Hilliard
 8. ii Elias Hilliard.
 9. iii William Hilliard.
10. iv James Hilliard
11 v Ann Hilliard
The James Hilliard mentioned in this will gave his brother, Isaac, a plantation, containing 460 acres, known as the "Griffin Plantation," also known as "Pig Plantation."



Isaac Hilliard, married Leah Crafford. She had one brother, Henry Crafford, who lived near "Baun's Castle," Surry County, Va., and died in 1826, leaving his estate to the young lady he was engaged to. Leah Crafford Hilliard's' sisters were : Lucy Crafford, Elizabeth and Martha Crafford. Their father, Carter Crawford (probably Crafford) married-first--Sarah Swann. They had children. He then married Elizabeth Kearney. Carter Crawford's parents were Robert C. Crawford and Elizabeth Carter. She was the daughter of Mary Carter and granddaughter of William Carter, of London ; born 1600, and his wife, Alice Croxan, born 1599, also of London. He died 1654. He had land granted to him in Surry County, Va., in 1638.

Isaac Hilliard and his wife, Leah Crafford, settled in Nash County, N. C., about .11 miles from Rocky Mount on Swift Creek. There were 20,000 acres in the tract known as "Woodlawn." Their son (A) Isaac Hilliard married Mary Murfree. They built "Millbrook," and lived there until they moved to Tennessee. (B) James Hilliard, who married Mourning Boddie, lived at "Hilliardston," and raised a large family. Their son, (C) Isaac Hilliard, who married Lucy Hilliard (she was the daughter of John Hilliard and Betsy Tunstall, and granddaughter of Isaac Hilliard and Leah Crafford, and on maternal side through Betsey Tunstall, granddaughter of William Tunstall and Betsey Barker). She is said to have refused the hand of Thomas Jefferson. A portrait was painted of her by Hogarth, which is in possession of a descendant Mr. James Byron Hilliard, of Louisville, Ky. Her daughter, Virginia Tunstall, married C. C. Clay, both of whom were thought to have been implicated in the assassination of Lincoln. She wrote "A Belle of the Fifties," describing her intercession at Washington for Mr. Clay's release. Betsey Barker was the daughter of Thomas Barker and Ruth Vicary, a daughter of Ferebe Savage and Mr. Vicary. His first cousin inherited "Millbrook" from his parents, which was built by their uncle and said to have been the handsomest place in North Carolina. The old home of  Isaac and Leah was inherited by their son, (C) John, who married Elizabeth Tunstall. In 1845 the old home was torn down and moved by James to within six miles of Rocky Mount, still retaining the name of "Woodlawn." All that is left of the original "Woodlawn" today is the Hilliard graveyard, enclosed by a rock wall. It is 30 by 100 feet. The wall is 4 feet high and 2 feet thick. Not far away is the old rock spring, the walls of which were built in 1760.

Isaac Hilliard was born July 28, 1738, and died June 25, 1790, in "Hilliardston," Nash County, N. C. His wife, Leah Crawford (Crafford) was born August 24, 1743; died 1825. Their children were

 12 i Isaac Hilliard, married Mary Murfree.
+13 ii James Hilliard, born October 30, 1768; married Mourning Boddie.
 14 iii John  Hilliard, married Elizabeth Tunstall.
 15 iv Betsey Hilliard, married Archibald Davis.
 16 v Patsy Hilliard, married Nathaniel Hunt.
 17 vi Robert Carter Hilliard, married Amarilla Hunt.
 18 vii William  Hilliard.
 19 viii Carter (Carew?) Hilliard.
 20 ix Henry Hilliard.
 21 x Nancy Hilliard.
 22 xi Polly Hilliard.

James Hilliard and Mourning Boddie's descendants. He was born October 30, 1768; of Woodlawn, Nash County; died February 25, 1847; married Mourning Boddie, daughter of Nathaniel ; born July 28, 1776. Their children were

 23 i Ann 'Henry Hilliard, died in infancy.
+24 ii Elizabeth Jane Hilliard, married Jonas Johnston Carr.
+25 iii Isaac Hilliard, married Lucy Hilliard.
 +26 iv James Hilliard, married-first-Mary Ruffin ; second-Martha, Pitts.
   27 v Bennett Hilliard, died at age 16.
 +28 vi Elijah Hilliard, married Rebecca Powell.
   29 vii Leah Hilliard, married Dr. Algernon Sidney Perry.
 +30 viii Tempe Hilliard, married John Buckston Williams.

Elizabeth Jane Hilliard, married Jonas Johnston Carr, of "Bracebridge Hall," near Old Sparta, Edgecombe. Issue

31 Mary  Boddie Carr, married Maj. David Hinton, of "Midway Plantation" of Wake County, N. C. Issue


Charles Lewis Hinton, married November, 1882, Bessie Cani, of "Hardscrabble," Orange County. Issue
33.    i  David Hinton, died in infancy.
34.  iii  James Cani Hinton, died young.
35.  iii  Bessie Cani Hinton.
33 Betsey Hinton, died
34 Mary Hilliard Hinton.
35 Jennie Hinton.
36 David Hinton, died in infancy.
37 Jane Hinton, married, October, 1901, William Randolph Watson, of Warrenton, N. C. Issue


 David Lewis Watson
39 ii   William Randolph Watson, Jr.
40 iii  Annie Creighton Watson, died in infancy.
41 iv  Mary Hinton Watson.
42 v  William Carr, married Elizabeth Irvine. Issue


Ida Carr, married John Mitchell.


Mr. Carr, lives in Oxford, N. C.

Gov. Elias Carr, of Tarboro, Edgecombe County, N.C. He married Eleanor Kearney. Governor Carr" was born at "Bracebridge Hall," Old Sparta, Edgecombe County, February 25, 1839. His preliminary education was received from the home of his aunt and her daughter ; Mr. and Mrs. John Buxton Williams, of Warren County, and from the "Oaks," the school of William Bingham in Orange County. Later, he entered the Chapel Hill University of North Carolina. He also studied at the University of Virginia. He chose agriculture as his life pursuit, in which he took a deep interest and sought to infuse into the farmers a spirit of progress and improvement. He lived continually at "Bracebridge Hall," the seat of his ancestors, except during the term as Governor. Before holding office as Governor he was County Commissioner for Edgecombe. He was frequently requested by the Commissioners to represent the State in conventions to the Farmers' Convention in St. Paul,1886. He was a member of the board, managing the Agricultural and Mechanical College at Raleigh, N. C., and member of the World's Fair Commission, and an active member of the State Agricultural Society. He was the first president of the Sub-Alliance of Old Sparta, then president of County Alliance, and then of State Alliance, which last position he held as long as the Constitution allowed. His name was often presented for high positions, but he invariably declined. His nomination for Governor was unexpected and unsought. Elected in November, 1892, by almost 40,000 majority, his term of office was from January, 1893, to January, 1897. He died at his home July 22, 1900. Governor Carr's paternal grandmother was Celia Johnston, daughter of Col. Jonas Johnston, who was severely wounded in the battle of Stons, June 20, 1779, while endeavoring to reach his home. Colonel Johnston also served in the Legislature and was a member of the Provincial Congress and in the House of Commons. Governor Carr's children were

46     i.  Elias Carr.
47   ii.  Dr. John Carr.
48  iii  Eleanor Carr.
49  iv  Annie Bruce Carr, of Old Sparta, N. C.

Isaac Hilliard, married Lucy Hilliard. Issue

+51 i John James Byron Hilliard, born August 22, 1832; married Maria Louisa Hening.
 52 ii Elizabeth Barker Hilliard, born 1833; died in infancy.
 53 iii Lucy Emily Hilliard, born 1835; married Dr. William Edward Walker.
 54 iv Kearney Hilliard, born 1838; died in infancy.
+55 v Laura Virginia Hilliard, born 1840; married Hamilton Glentworth.
 56 vi Ella Isaacetta Hilliard, born 1842; married Maj. Thomas Faries.
 57 vii Temperance Leah Hilliard, born 1843; died in infancy.
 58 viii Roberta Hilliard, born 1845.

John James Byron Hilliard, a banker and broker of Louisville, Ky., born at "Milibrook," Halifax County, N. C.; married, April 25, 1871, Maria Louise Hening, born May 12, 1845; died March 9, 1894. She was a daughter of John Williamson Hening and Mildred Maupin of Virginia. Issue

 59   i  James Hening Hilliard, born May 23, 1872; died November 23, 1883
+60  ii  Byron Hilliard, born August 5, 1873; married Alice Lithgam Muldoon.
 61 iii  Mildred Maupin Hilliard, born October 3, 1876; married Ferdinand La Motte, Jr.
62 iv  Fannie Speed Hilliard, born May 30, 1878; died in infancy.
63  v  Isaac Hilliard, born October 10, 1879; married Helen Danigan.
      64  vi Edward Hobbs Hilliard, born August 5, 1882; married Nannie Irvin Lithgam, daughter of Alice  and Michael Lithgam.


Byron Hilliard, married Alice L. Muldoon, November 15, 1898, in Louisville, Ky. ; stock and bond broker. Issue

  65 i James Byron Hilliard, born December 4, 1899
  66 ii Alice Lithgam Hilliard, born June 14, 1901



Laura Virginia Hilliard, married Hamilton Glentworth. Issue :

      67 Clement Hamilton Glentworth. He lived abroad. His charming personality won for him a host of friends, many of them among the royal houses of Europe.

James Hilliard, married-first-Mary Rufin. Issue

68 i Mourning Hilliard, married Mr. Vaughn.
69 ii Elizabeth Hilliard, married Mr. Pegram.
70 iii Samuel Hilliard.
71 iv Jonas Hilliard, died 1861.

James Hilliard, married second Martha Pitts. Issue:

72 i Walter Hilliard.
73 ii Cary Hilliard.
74 iii George Hilliard.
75 iv Eliza Hilliard.

Elijah Hilliard, married the beautiful Rebecca Powell. Issue

76 i Alice Hilliard, married William Carraway.
77 ii Rebecca Hilliard, married Gavin Clark. Issue : 10 children. (Not shown)
78 iii Jessie Hilliard, married Caroline Garret.
79 iv Elizabeth Hilliard, married Alexander Hilliard.
80 v Mary Hilliard, married William Carraway, her brother-in-law.
81 vi James Hilliard.
82 vii Sidney Perry Hilliard, married Elizabeth Garret.
83 viii Blanche Hilliard, married William Williams.
84 ix Boddie Williams.

Tempe Boddie Hilliard, married John Buxton Williams, of Warren County, N. C. Issue

85 i James Williams, married Susan Lyons
87 ii Lucy Williams.
87 iii John Buxton Williams, married Carey Peters.
    88 iv Solomon Williams was colonel in the Second North Carolina Cavalry in the Civil War. He married Eva Thornton.
89 v Jonas Williams, married Martha Jones.
90 vi Tempe Williams, married John B. Dameron. Issue:
91 Julia Dameron, and six others. They are of Warrenton, Warren County, N. C.
92 vii Romeo Williams.
93 viii Barker Williams, married Miss German.
94 ix Boddie Williams, married Martha E. Alston, daughter of Gov. Al. Alston and Polly Kearney.
95 x Henry Guston Williams.

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