1 generation--- John. Hilliard
Birth: ca 1598, London, Eng.
Father: Hilliard

Spouse: Elizabeth Kempton
Birth: London, England
Father: William Kempton (ca1560-)
Mother: Alice Hilliard (ca1562-)
Marr: 1616

Children: John .. (1617-1683)

Other spouses: None
2---generarion John .. Hilliard*
Birth: 1617, Gravesend, England
Death: 1683, Somerset, Maryland

John came to York County,Va.March1634 on the ship 摘xpedition at age 18. He left England Nov.1633.
He married Jane Ballard. From the will of William Thomas dated 1664 to daughter inlaw (Step daughter) Jane Ballard,wife of John Hilliard, York County, Va. Also named in will was wife Annie and son inlaw Thomas Ballard. Additional records are found in 鉄outhside Virginia Families. "William and Mary Quarterly" vol.2 pages 276-1803
NOTE "John Hilliard married Jane Ballard, sister of Colonel Thomas Ballard,
Burgess from James City in 1666, member of the Council 1675, speaker
of the Virginia House of burgesses in 1680, clerk of York County for
many years. [See William and Mary Quarterly, Vol. 2, pages 276-1803 (sic).]" (GVH page 1)

Spouse: Jane Ballard
Birth: 1638
Death: Mar 24, 1689
Father: William Thomas (-1661)
Mother: Ann Chesley Ballard
Marr: bef. 1657, York, Va.

Children: John ... (b-ca 1658-d-ca 1706) and Jeremiah
Jeremiah-married Elizabeth Pottle & at Jeremiahs death she married Simon Jeffries. Her 4 sons by Jeremiah( John, Jeremiah, Robert and William), Son Jeremiah married Mourning Pope and son William married Ann Newsome. These decendents settled mainly in Nash county.

Other spouses: None
3--generation - John ... Hilliard
Birth: ca 1658, Born In James City, Va.
Death: ca 1706, York County, Va.

William Buckner gave bond for faithful administration of John Hilliard's estate on this date 1706

Spouse: Mary Young

Children: John .... (<1685-)

4--generation John .... Hilliard
Birth: bef 1685, Born In James City, Va.

He was residing in James City-county where he and Jeremiah owned land. John had 200 acres and Jeremiah had 225 acres. Taken from 鉄outhside Virginia Families Also, John and Jeremiah on 1704 Rent rolls, Virginia

Spouse: Francis White
Birth: Born In James City, Va.
Father: Joseph White (-1710)
Mother: Magdalen Baskervyle (1665-1699)

Children: Thomas (-1767)
William (1711-)

5--generation Thomas Hilliard
Death: Jan 17, 1767

From records of St. Peters Church, New Kent County, Va. Also this agrees with old family Bible as well as St. Peters Parish Register.

Spouse: Lucy
Marr: 1727

Children: Jeremiah (1729-1768)
Thomas (1731-1759)
John (1736-)
Micajah (1742-)
5---generation William Hilliard
spouse-Unity White

6--generation Jeremiah Hilliard*
Birth: May 26, 1729, New Kent County, Va
Death: Apr 8, 1768, New Kent County, Va

Facts pertaining to Jeremiah are listed in St.Peters Church, Va. giving birth, death, and the birth and baptism of his two children Thomas and Jeremiah.

Spouse: Keren Happuck
Marr: 1756

Children: Thomas (1760-ca1852)
Jeremiah (1768-)

Other spouses: None

7----generation Thomas Hilliard*
Birth: Apr 11, 1760
Death: ca 1852
Occ: Farmer And Business Man
Reli: Well Educated

Thomas Hilliard and wife Sally Bowden are buried in the old Hilliard cemetery. The cemetery is located on the Hilliard farm sold to the Ellingtons in the 1800痴. Some of the old Hilliard records remain in an iron safe in the Ellington house. Their will was probated 1852 in Warren county.
This also agrees with 典he Bartlett Family North Carolina State Library.
Records of St.Peters Parrish ,Virginia
Register of St. Peter's Parish, pages 161-186 - New Kent Co. VA. 1760

From St.Peters Parrish records page 161

2 GIVN Thomas
1 NOTE "Copied from application for headstones to the Quartermaster General
U. S. A. Washington D. C. dated Apl. 13, 1927 applied for by James
Walter Allen Dept of Justice Washington
D. C.
Name: Thomas Hilliard Rank: Pvt Company: Capt. Gideon Gooch 1781
Revolutionary War.
Born 1751 New Kent Co. Va
Date of death: 1852

Spouse: Sarah (Sally) Bowdon
Birth: 1775, Warren County ,NC
Death: ca 1853, Warren County ,NC
Father: John Bowdon (1739-ca1821)
Mother: Judith Farrar (1740-1827)
Marr: 1792

Children: John (1793-ca1873)
Thomas Jr. (1796-1821)
Martha Patsy Bowden (1804-1883)
Jeremiah (Jeremy) (1806-)
Mary Polly Wlliamson (ca1808-ca1878)
William F (ca1809-1892)
Micajah (ca1811-)
Dandridge B (ca1812-ca1863)
Bartlett (1799-1854)

Other spouses: None

8--generation John Hilliard*
Birth: Jul 10, 1793
Death: ca 1873, Buried In The Old Hilliard Cemetery

John Hilliard (from letter written by his sons to him) seldom never missed a court calendar. His home was close to the Sel Holloway home. His son Thomas Dandrge married Eugenia A Holloway Sept.1862.

Spouse: Mary Polly Newman
Birth: 1803, NC
Death: ca 1873
Father: Daniel Newman (-1849)
Mother: Obedience White
Marr: Dec 19, 1827

Children: Thomas Dandridge (1831-1864)
Matilda Caroline (1830-1912)
William Andrew (1837-1862)
Sarah (Sallie) Obedience (1840-1923)
Mary White (1841-1913)
Armistead Bartlett (1846-1920)
John (1833-1921)

Other spouses: None

9--generation Thomas Dandridge Hilliard*
Birth: Mar 30, 1831, Warren County ,NC
Death: May 19, 1864, Killed In Civil War Near Spotsylvania Courthouse.
Burial: ? , Body Never Recovered From Battle. Enemy Over Ran Their Position.
Occ: School Teacher, Farmer. Goverment Employee At Clarksville, Va. Under Captain Hawkins Some Years.
Educ: Well Educated But Exact Degrees Not Known. Teachers License Dated 1853
Reli: Congrgational Christian

Killed in civil war leaving wife (Eugenia Holloway Hilliard and one child Henry Holloway) 1864..He enlisted in the civil war confederates March 3, 1864. He was killed in battle near Spotsylvania Courthouse, Virginia on May 19,1864 He was a friend of W B Wellons who helped start the congrgational churches in the south following the Civil War.

Spouse: Eugenia A Holloway
Birth: May 1, 1844, Warren County ,NC
Death: Aug 21, 1900, Old Hilliard Cemetery.
Father: Sam Holloway
Mother: MARTHA Holloway
Marr: Sep 22, 1862, Warren County ,NC

:10---generation- Henry Holloway (1863-1936)

Birth: Jul 4, 1863, Granville County NC
Death: Jan 20, 1936, Warren County, NC
Burial: Mt. Auburn Church, Warren County
Occ: Book Keeper For Tobacco Warehouse
Educ: Home schooled
Reli: Congregational Christian

His legs never developed from the hips down. Not being able to attend school, he used his two half sisters books and completed his education. His two half sisters ( Etta and Vivian Flemming taught school in Warren County for 41 years.)

Spouse: Viola Spain
Birth: 1872, Warren County, NC
Death: 1914, Warren County, NC
Father: James G Spain (1851-)
Mother: Sarah Spain (1855-)

Children: Charlie White (1901-1987)
Wallace --married Eugenia -no children
11----Charlie White Hilliard
Birth: Aug 2, 1901, Granville County, NC
Death: Apr 18, 1987, Warren County, NC (1 mile east of Macon)
Occ: Farmer. Chief product was tobacco.
Reli: Congrgational Christian

Spouse: Mrs. Alma Lucile Hilliard
Birth: Mar 3, 1902, Warren County, NC
Death: Jan 15, 1982, 1 mile east of Macon. Warren County, NC
Father: Victor Vance Hilliard (1875-1927)
Mother: Pattie Delear Wynn (1883-1969)
Marr: Mar 3, 1918, Halifax, Va.
Reli: Baptist

11--Thomas Hilliard

Spouse: Carrie Deckie

Children: Elizabeth
Thomas (Tommy)
11--Garner Hilliard
Spouse: Ruby Mae Buchanan
11--Eugenia Hilliard

Spouse: Less Wagoner

Children: Betty Jean
L. W.


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