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Descendants of Rev. William Thompson

Generation No. 1

Rev. William1 Thompson was born Abt. 1598 in Lancashire, England, and died 10 December 1666 in Braintree, MA1.  He married (1) Abigail Collins about. 1625 in England, daughter of John Collins and Grace Wagger.  She was born before 17 October 1591 in Bramford, Suffolk, England, and died 01 January 1642/43 in Braintree, MA.  He married (2) Ann Brigham2 Abt. 1647, daughter of Thomas Brigham and Isabel Watson.  She was born Abt. 1607 in England, and died 11 October 1675 in Braintree, MA.

Notes for Rev. William Thompson:

The Reverend William Thompson was born at Winwich, Lancashire, and preached there before coming to New England.  He first settled at York, Maine, and was minister there 1637-39; was ordained as minister of the First Congregational Church at Braintree, Massachusetts (now Quincy), 19 November 1639.  He normally wrote his name Tompson, but few scholars have continued to refer to him in that fashion.

William was made freeman of the colony of Massachusetts 13 May 1640 and that same year received a grant of 120 acres for services rendered.  This grant was of triangular shape and lay directly south of Great Pond in present Randolph and bordered west on the inlet to the pond called Norroitry River.  It was laid out and surveyed in Nov 1658 and the original map is now at Mass Historical Society (donated in 1921 by Zenas French of Holbrook.)

In 1645 he was chaplain of the quota of 200 men raised for the campaign against the Narraganset Indians.

William matriculated at Brasenose College, Oxford, 28 Jan 1620, at the age of 21, but his degree is not found in the Fasti; had been a preacher in Winwick, a parish of his native Lancastershire before he came to American in 1637 and was engaged first at Kittery or York, but after the church institute at Boston 17 Sept 1639 was ordained in company with Rev. Henry Flint 19 November of that year (although some sources say ordained 14 Sept 1639)  He brought wife Abigail and sons Samuel, William, Harvard College 1653, perhaps daughter Mary and Elinor who was born 1626.  Children born in Mass. were Joseph 1 May 1640, Benjamin 14 July 1642, (Harvard College 1662).

 His wife died 1 Jan 1643 while he was absent on a mission with Rev. John Knowles, and Thomas James, to Virginia begun in October preceding.  It took these men eleven weeks to go to Virginia by ship.

He was chosen first minister of the new church at Braintree (now Quincy) where he remained for the rest of his life.  In his last years he suffered from a form of melancholy and seldom preached.  His assistant or teacher, Rev. Henry Flynt, was called to carry on the work.  In conjunction with his friend Rev. Richard Mather of Dorchester he wrote a book entitled 'An Answer to Mr. Charles Herle"

In England he drew the fire of Archbishop Laud and was presented for nonconformity in the fall of 1633 "for receiving the sacrament of the Lord's Supper at Winwick church [while] sitting and leaning" and for baptizing children " in basins of pewter or wood in the chapel" and for omitting the sign of the cross."  Bishop Morton, Bridgeman's predecessor, had been no less impressed with Thompson's godliness than with Mather's and called Thompson "a great nonconformist."

Richard Mather left Bristol Spring 1635 on the James arrived Boston 17 Aug 1635.  Thompson was in Cambridge by 30 Aug 1637 when he attended the ecclesiastical synod which condemned Antinomianism.  The synod went through 22 Sept 1637 and Thompson left for Agamenticus (York) Maine between end of Sept 1637 and March 1658. (New England Historical & Genealogical Register, Vol CXL, Jan 1986, 3-16.)

A document in the hand of William Thompson discovered in June 1984 at John Rylands University of Manchester England (Ryl.Eng. MS 346/166.2) and reported in the NEHGS Register ( Vol CXL Jan 1986) links Richard Mather and William Thompson as colleagues.  It is undated but likely written after they left Lancashire.   Both Mather and Thompson had been targets of Laud's persecution for their Puritan leanings.

Edward Johnson's The Wonder Working Providence of Sion's Savior, a History of New England from the English Planting in the Yeare 1652, mentions Mr. Thompson of Braintree ( Chapter XI) "About the year (1642) the Lord was pleased to put it into the heart of some godly people in Virginia, to send to New England for some of the Ministers of Christ, to be helpfull unto them in instructing them in the truth, as it is in Jesus.  The Godly Mr. Philip Bennet coming hither, made our reverend Elders acquainted with their desires, who were very studious to take all opportunities for enlarging the kingdome of Christ:  and upon serious consideration, the reverend Mr. Knowls of Watertowne, and Mr. Thompson of Braintree were sent unto them, who arriving there in safety, preached openly unto the people for some good space of time, and also from house to house exhorted the people daily, that will full purpose of heart they would cleave unto the Lord; the harvest they had was plentifull for the little space of time they were there, till being opposed by the Governour and some other malignant spirits, they were forced to return to N. E. again."...[ I changed the "f" to "s" for clearer reading.]

On 18 June 1661 Deacon Samuel Thompson by order of his father William Tompson and mother Anna Tompson sold to John Hull, Edmund Quincy and William Penn 120 acres given by the town of Boston to my father William. ( S.D. 13-49)

He died intestate and an agreement was made mentioning widow Anna "Our youngest sister Hannah" and other children: Samuel Thompson, Joseph Tompson, Benjamin Thomson and William Vezey, children of Mrs. Thomson deceased.  "Joseph Crosby, Mrs. Thomson's son shall be security.  Mrs. Anna Thomson was administrator with Samuel Thomson, the eldest son in behalf of the rest. 

William as had been stated before suffered from melancholia in his later years and seems to have been estranged from several children including Benjamin, the child who was born while his father had gone to Virginia.

James Savage wrote "A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England showing Three Generations of Those Who Came before May, 1692. In it he adamantly states that the William who graduated from Harvard in 1653 was not the son of William of Braintree because the younger William had not been mentioned in the administration of his father's estate.  However, when William left New London he was supposedly in poor health and his family probably thought he had died.  Records in Surry County, VA, plainly show that he is the same man who left New London and that he had made arrangements to cover any debts there.

Surry Co. Va, Deed Book 1, p 237 1 July 1664.  Wm Morton of New England of New London, Gent, have sold to Wm Thompson of Surry Co., VA, minister of God's Word, for considerable sum of money a neck of land sittuate in New London aforesaid disjoyning upon y Great River and was formerly in ye occupation of Richard Blondmore[Blinman?], Minister of ye Parish and from him purchased by me ye sd Morton, and from me to Wm Thompson.  Wit. Geo. Jordan, John Gittings.

 Notes for Abigail Collins:

Sprague (on microfilm NEHGS) says Abigail was (Collins)Bedle baptized 17 Oct 1591 at Bransford, Co. Suffolk England, daughter of John and Grace (Wagger) Collins and widow of Samuel Bedle of Wolverstone, Suffolk. If this baptismal date is accurate, it is hard to see how she could have been the mother of Benjamin in 1642 at age 50.  It is a fact, however, that Benjamin was the son of the Rev. William.  It could be that there was another Abigail, perhaps Collins, perhaps not.

Children of Rev. Thompson and Abigail Collins are:

    2     i.    Hannah2 Thompson.

  3      ii.   Helen Thompson, born Abt. 1626 in England; died 23 April 1711 in Braintree, Mass.  She married William Veazy; born   Abt. 1616; died 16 June 1681.

Notes for Helen Thompson:

According to Nola Duffy the first Thompson in America was John Thompson who reached Long Island, New York, by way of Holland in 1634 and went to New England.  With him was his son Rev. William Thompson.

Records of Braintree, Norfolk Co., Mass 7 Oct 1642 show that Rev. William Thompson with Rev. Thomas James of New Haven and Rev John Knowles of Watertown have sailed for Virginia. 

+    4     iii.    William Thompson, born 01 January 1629/30 in Lancastershire, England; died Abt. 1700 in Surry Co., VA.
+    5     iv.    Samuel Thompson, born 16 February 1629/30 in England; died 18 June 1695 in Braintree, Mass.

6      v.    Joseph Thompson, born 01 May 1640 in Braintree, Massachusetts.  He married (1) Mary Denison.  He married (2) Mary Bracket; born 24 July 1662; died 09 October 1743.

Notes for Joseph Thompson:

He settled in Bellerica where he was a captain and member of the Several Court.  (Boddie)

+    7     vi.    Benjamin Thompson, born 14 July 1642 in Braintree, Massachusetts; died 13 April 1714.

    8      vii.    Eliezer Thompson, born before21 October 1635 in Winwick, Lancashire, England..

Notes for Eliezer Thompson:

The date given is that of his baptism in Winwick, Lancashire, England where his father was then curate of Newton Chapelry.   

Child of Rev. Thompson and Ann Brigham is:

    9     i.    Anna [Hannah]2 Thompson, born 03 May 1648; died 11 October 1737 in Boston, Mass.  She married Ebenezer Hayden Abt. 1672.

Generation No. 2

 4.  William2 Thompson (Rev. William1) was born 01 January 1629/30 in Lancastershire, England, and died Abt. 1700 in Surry Co., VA.  He married Katherine Treat 19 September 1655 in Boston, MA3, daughter of Richard Treat and Alice Gaylord.  She was born before29 June 1637 in Pitminster, Somerset,  England4, and died Aft. 1700 in Surry Co., VA.

 Notes for William Thompson:

 The Rev. William Thompson preached at Southwark and Lawnes Creek Parishes in Surry Co., VA.  In 1679/80 he moved to Westmoreland Co., VA where he was granted 85 acres by Proprietors of North Neck of VA in 1695/6.  Other sources say he moved to Westmoreland County about 1690, but he was certainly there at the death of Lawrence Washington.

 In the will of Lawrence Washington, Westmoreland Co., VA dated 11 March 1697/8, probated 30 March 1698, he leaves a ring (value of 30 shillings each) to friends William Thompson, Clerk and Mr. Samuel Thompson.  Executors were friends Samuel Thompson and cousin Gen. Washington of Stafford Co. [This is from Nola Duffy}

1668 Mr. William Thompson listed as a tithable--Lawnes Creek Parish, Surry Co., VA
1678-Mr. William Thompson, Samuel Thompson & John Thompson--tithables Lawnes Creek Parish.

 At a General Court held at James Citty 2d April 1674 Sir Wm Berkeley Knt Governor &c Sr. Hen:Chicheley Knt Tho:Ludwell Scr Coll Nath:Bacon Hen: Corbyn Lt Col Dannll Parke Esqrs.  Mr. Wm Thomson hath order Granted to Pattent about five hundred Acres of Land in Surrey County formerly Granted to Anthony Spiltimber and Since to Richard Awborne and for want of Seateing by them Deserted, Ent rights According to Custome.

 22 Sept 1682, Patent Book 7, p 182., Surry Co., Beg. in a Gr. Cyprus Sw; along Mr. Meriwether's line &c. Granted to Anthony Spiltimber 14 May 1666; deserted; & granted sd. Thompson 2 Apr 1674, by order &c; due for trans. of 10 Negroes:  Jack, Ned, Tony, Besse, Maria, Tom, Sam, Echo, Oby, Ann. From Cavaliers and Pioneers, p 243.

 VA Land Patent BK 6, p 363, 16 March 1670 Patent to Mr. William Thompson, Minister, for 630 acres, Surry Co., for transporting 13 persons including William and Katherine Thompson and their children, William, Samuel, John and Katherine Thompson and Eleazer Thompson, John Allen and Margaret Thomas.

While at Harvard his quarter-bills apparently differ from all before his time in the two particulars of not containing any charge for tuition, and, until near the end of the Junior year, of having a quarterly allowance, "for his services in the hall," of one pound,--nearly enough to meet his college expenses, which were economically limited to study-rent, bed-making, commons, and sizings.  On subsequent bills he is credited "by appelles butter and pullettes 17s," and "by an oxe L6, 7s, 7 1/2d"and 9 December 1653 is charged for discontinuance for 5 quarters and fyer and Candell L1, 7s. indicating absence for a considerable period during the latter part of his college course. ( Harvard College Steward's Accounty-Books, i 77, 78 E. Hazard, Hist. Collections)

This William Thompson graduated from Harvard in 1653 and went to Springfield, MA, to preach from 1654-1656. On 20 December 1656 " Mr. Thomson came to Misticke"  there he set out to learn the Indian language in order to preach to them.  He was appointed missionary to the Pequots in 1657. 12 June 1659 "Mr. Tompson taught at Mr. Buttow's {house, near Mystic]"  He probably removed thereafter to New London, where he bought a house. When he left New London  in feeble health in 1663, his house was sold to Oliver Manwaring whose descendant Frances Manwaring Caulkins wrote the HISTORY OF NEW LONDON in 1895.   7 Sept. 1659 he received ten pounds "paid to Mr. William Tompson whoe studdieth the Indian Language that he may Teach and Instruct the Pequotts" 1662 twenty pounds paid for "teaching the Indians about New London" 18 Sept. 1663, Mr. William Thompson made a tender of property to the Court of Magistrates at Hartford:  "Whereas Mr. Wm. Thomson, of New London, is removing himself from thence to Virginia"...This comes from John L. Sibley's Biographical Sketches of Graduates of Harvard College (pp 354-357.]  Savage states "in 1664 he gave his wife all his property by deed," being near death..." On 11 October 1664 he made a tender of property to the Court of Magistrates at Hartford for the liquidation of a debt, and the records of the General Assembly at Hartford, 13 Oct 1664 say:  Whereas, Mr. Wm. Thomson of New London, is remoueing himself from thence to Virginia, and is indebted by Bills the sume of Twenty nine pounds, seven shilling and fower pencee, which Bill is in the hands of John Packer, This Court orders the Constable of New London to secure so much of the estate of Mr. Thomson in his hands, as it shall be apprized by indifferent men and the sayd Constable is to keep it in his hands, till he hath order from this Court or the Court of Magistrates to dispose of it to the right owner which is according to Mr. Thomson's tender to the Court of Magistrats." Sprague presumes his death before 1667 since his name is not mentioned in the administration of the estate of his father, and backs it up quoting a letter from Pixford Bay Virginia, 29 June 1665 authorizing his 'Loving brother, Mr. James Treat of Wethersfield, to make sale of property in New London. However, the Catalogue of Harvard Graduates issued in 1700 has no mention of his death..[J. Savage, Genealogical Dictionary, iv 289, 326.

Richard Blinman expressed his appreciation of Mr. Thomson by giving him a piece of land and swamp which was "given me for a wood lot, lying towards the west side of William Cumstock's hill, which if  you please to accept as a token of my love I do give and confirm it to you.  Your loving friend"  Written from New Haven 11 April 1659.  Blinman had left the Mystic area in early 1658 and eventually returned to England soon after writing the above letter to William Thompson. In her History of New London, Connecticut 1612-1860 Frances Manwaring Caulkins gives some background on Richard Blinman.  He was proposed for freemanship at Plymouth, Mass, 2 March 1640.  Mr. Blinman had been silenced for non-conformity to the established church in Chepstow, Monmouthshire, England.  He came with other Welsh people first to Green's Harbor near Marshfield, MA, later went to Gloucester near Cape Ann and in the fall of 1650 to New London, then Pequot Harbor.

Mrs. Caulkins points out that while William owned a farm, his residence was in the town plat, on what is now Manwaring's Hill.  His house was sold to Oliver Manwaring when he left "in feeble health in 1663."(History of New London" by Frances Manwaring Caulkins, 1895.) footnote, p 128.   

 Surry Co. Va, Deed Book 1, p 237 1 July 1664.  Wm Morton of New England of New London, Gent, have sold to Wm Thompson of Surry Co., VA, minister of God's Word, for considerable sum of money a neck of land sittuate in New London aforesaid disjoyning upon y Great River and was formerly in ye occupation of Richard Blondmore[Blinman?], Minister of ye Parish and from him purchased by me ye sd Morton, and from me to Wm Thompson.  Wit. Geo. Jordan, John Gittings.

Other deed records include from Surry County Deed Book I, 1652-1672 p. 303 7 July 1668 Wm. Thompson, of Surry County, sells to Daniell Regan for 100 acres adjoining Francis Sorsby.  Wit.: James Watson, John Phillips. Signed Wm. Thompson, Katherine Thompson.

p. 304 6 Nov 1668 Daniel Regan (Regant) and Eliza. Regant assign to Wm. Thompson, Minister, his patent for 900 lbs. of tob.  Thomas Candlis his right to one-half as formerly sold his on 14 Oct 1667. Signed Jas. Watkin, John Phillips. ( From Surry Co., VA, Records 1652-1684 by Eliza Timberlake Davis, Baltimore 1980.)

p 260 10 August 1665.  All these presents shall know that William Thompson purchased of Francis Sowerby of Surry County 105 1/2 acres of land, being a patent to Mr. John Jennings dated April 1649.  Now Wm. Thompson for 300 lbs. tob. sells to Francis Sowerby.  Rec. 5 Sept 1665.  Wit.:  Geo. Jordan, Joshua Adams.

p 241. 1 Aug. 1664. Wm Thompson, of Surry County, Minister of God's Word, orders his loving friend, Geo Jordan, to receive, sue, and execute all business in Court or otherwise.  Wit.:  James Mills, Jane Flood

p. 227. 7 March 1663.  Jas. Sowerby, late of Surry County, planter, possessed that formerly belonged to Mathew Battle and Daniel Massingale, 207 acres, and now Thos. Sowerby, his brother, has power of attorney to sell to whom he ses fit, and sells this land to Wm Thompson, Clarke, 105 acres, with houses, orchards, etc.  Wit.:  Geo. Jordan, Jane Flood.

p. 26.  Samuel Thompson, Wm. Edwards, Thos. Sowerby, admrs. of the estate of Wm Dorch, deceased.  Wit.:  Wm Thompson, Wm. Malden.  Date not given but on page following 25 October 1683 and likely about that time since Samuel would have to be of age to serve.

William is thought to be the grantee in the following patents:

BK.6, p 370, 20 April 1684 Patent to Mr. William Thompson 150 A. in Surry Co. on Gray's Creek. Cavaliers and Pioneers, p 277, says on N. side of the head of Graye's Cr., 140 acres granted Christopher Lawson; 10 acs. being a neck, below the Horse Bridge bet. sd. 140 acs. &  land of Luke Meazell; adj. Mathew Merriott; a sw dividing it from land of John Whittson.  Trans. of 3 pers: Richd. Budnye, Wm. Metcalfe, Joseph Cox.

Bk. 7. P 408, 21 Oct 1684 Patent to Mr. William Thompson 150 A. in Surry Co., near Southwark Church. (Trans of 3 pers.]

Bk. 7, p 544, 30 Oct 1686 Patent to Mr. William Thompson and Mr. Edward Chilton 160 A in Upper Parish of   Surry Co. (24 headrights)

p. 245 Surry Co., VA Deed and Will Book 4, William Thompson appoints son John his attorney 4 Aug 1690 and on 246 Jno acts as attorney in sale for 5000 lbs tobacco to James Boyes.

William is mentioned as a legatee in the Will of Christopher Lewis (Signed 1 Sep 1673, probated 7 April 1674) who gives to the church at Southwarke Parish a silver flagon of two qut. measure.  To William Thompson, minister, 1500 lbs of tobacco to be paid in 1675,...To Wm, Thompson, son of Mr. Wm Thompson, 500 lbs of tobacco, and to sister, Katherine Thompson 500 lb tob...Desires to be buried in ye Chancell & exors to lay a tombstone over me & a funeral sermon, for which exors are to pay.  Makes James Jones exor. Surry Co. Book 2, p 35.

William sold to John Salway 1 Aug 1673 property described as being near "the church at the head of Gray's Creek." Surry Co., Deeds and Wills 1671-684, p 29.

Some people have tried to say that his wife was other than Katherine Treat, based on her father's will in which she is referred to as Katherine Jonson, but I saw the will on microfilm at the NEHGS and it is clearly Tompson.  The initial T is fancy--besides the records of Boston clearly show that William and Katherine were married by Governor Winthrop.

Marriage Notes for William Thompson and Katherine Treat:

The Boston records show that Katherine and William were married by Governor John Endicott.{N.E. H. G. Register, Vol II, p 210.]

Children of William Thompson and Katherine Treat are:

+    10     i.    Catherine3 Thompson, born in Connecticut.
     11    ii.    Samuel Thompson, born Abt. 1656 in Connecticut; died Abt. 1720 in Surry Co., VA.  He married Mary Marriott5   before 03 July 1683 in Surry Co., VA; born 1663; died before1721.

Notes for Samuel Thompson:

Samuel's will in 1720 leaves everything to brother, sisters, nieces and nephews.  His will was made 20 Sept 1720 and probated in Surry Co., VA 17 May 1721.  [Surry W & D II 1715-1730, pp 334, 335, 336.  He left " the land at Cypress Swamp to my brother, Wm. Thompson, not to be sold, but to any child of his.  To my nephew, Samuel Thompson, my entry at Three Creeks, and land at the head of Crouches' Creek, that I lately escheated, 200 acres, not to be possessed by him until the death of my wife Mary and the death of his father William Thompson.  To my brother, Wm. Thompson, my land at Meherrin that I bought of Wm. Braswell, at the death of my wife, Mary.  To cousin Wm. Moseley, land upon Nottoway River between the forks of Atamoosack, it being 200 acres, provided he will come to it and live on it himself; if not, the land to go to my brother, William Thompson and cousin Samuel Thompson, after his father's death; to brother William Thompson the land where Thos. Higgs lives.  My wife to enjoy the profits of all my lands, my brother and cousins to live on them, then at her death, all the rest of the land not mentioned in this will to my brother William; where I live to cousin, Samuel Thompson; if he die his share to cousins Katherine Thompson, William Thompson, John Thompson, and William Moseley and Mary Moseley, equally divided.  To my "necey" Elizabeth Thomas [daughter of Mary Moseley by her first husband John Catlett--hence niece] a gold ring that was given to me by my father--Posey, being prepared to follow me, W. T. to Wm. Marriot a seal ring that was my wife's father's ring. To cousin, Robert Payne, gold buttons and shirt buckle.  To cousin [nephew] Samuel Thompson, all my Doctor's books, Prayer books and Divinity Books." Makes brother, William Thompson, executor.  Wits.:  Wm. Foster, Samuel Alsobrooks.

 Surry Book II, 1671-1684, p 319 7 November 1692.  Roger Gilbert, of Surry County, Colony of Virginia, planter, sells to Alex. More of said County, half of my land at the head of Gray's Creek near the mouth of the Swamp called Warrelow's Swamp and the land of Sam. Thompson.  Witnesses" Wm. Thompson, Saml. Thompson, Katherine Thompson. In Cavaliers and Pioneers by Nugent, p 303, reports Patent Book 7, p 539. 350 acs. Surry Co. Granted to William Mills, dec'd & found to escheat, by inquisition under Maj. Samll. Swan, Depty. Esch'r, &c.

Surry Book II, p 3223. 7 9ber 1682. Est. of Wm. Marriott, deceased, Dr. to Jno. Moring, Admr. of Mr. Geo. Proctor, Est. Amt, due Mr. Samuel Thompson as marrying ye surviving of ye two orphans, out of which 1500 is to be paid and deducted from funeral charges of the dec'd orphan by order of Ct. Rec.: of Mr. Thompson in right of his wife 9ber 1681, ex. and settled Maj Marriott's estate.  Witnesses Wm. Browne, Wm. Edwards.

Surry Book II, p 331. 3 July 1683. Indenture between Sam Thompson who married Mary, only daughter of Maj William Marriott, deceased, and Thomas Mathas of the other part, land adjoining Nicholas Sessums, 150 acres at Sessums Swamp, etc. Signed:  Thos. Flood, Wm. Thompson

Book II, p 343, 8 Dec. 1683. Samuell Swann, for 1550 lbs. tobacco,sells to Thos. Jordan a house at Warenoke formerly belonging to Thos. Swann, now in possession of Thos. Jordan, and land belonging at least one-half acre belonging to said house, extending west to Samuel Thompson to Mill Swamp except dower to Madam Mary Swann.  Sarah Swann's consent. John Ironmonger.

The following is made from the upside-down pages inserted in the back part of Book II, p 19. Samuell Thompson, Samuell Plow, Geo. Foster are bound for 500 lbs. tob. to keep an Ordinary with no unlawful gains in house, yard, or orchard, no servant on the Sabbath, Holy days, or during Divine Worship or Sermon take the name of all lodgers, unless the persons are well known.  Sell ale, Beer, and Strong Drink lightly sealed, etc., provided for traveller good dyett, Lodging, Housing, etc.

Samuell was Burgess for Surry in 1694.

Samuel served in the Virginia Assembly from Surry Co, in 1715.(the Colonial Virginia Register, Compiled by William G. and Mary Newton Stanard, Baltimore 1965, p 96, Also August 6, 1701, p 94.

Samuel Thompson was Sheriff of Westmoreland in 1698 when the Executive Council of Colonial Virginia in Journals published by H. R. McIlwaine, Editor, Vol I, p401, stated... Mr. Samuell Thompson, Sheriff of Westmoreland is required to apprehend John Cood according to Proclamation 17 Oc t1697.  Since he has not said Sheriff is ordered to appeal before the council at James City 23 day February next to show cause.

On 25 Feb 1698/9 p 416. Mr. William Thompson (by way of excuse for his son the present Sheriff of Westmoreland for not doing his duty in apprehending John Cood said John Cood had had notice to withdraw himself before notice was sent to said Sheriff.  Thompson was ordered to attend his Excellency and the Council at James City the 17th day of April next to prove his allegations in his said letter.

pp418-419, The council found John Cood guilty of "horrid and Impious Blasphemy and also for contriving and endeavoring to raise rebellion against his Majesties" government.

+    12     iii.    William Thompson, born 1657 in Connecticut; died Aft. 20 December 1731 in Surry Co., VA.
+    13     iv.    Elizabeth Thompson, born 01 January 1659/60 in Connecticut.
     14      v.    John Thompson, born Abt. 1661; died January 1698/99 in England.  He married Elizabeth Salway.

 Notes for John Thompson:

 John's will names his brothers and sisters in 1698.

 From Book 5, p 185 in Surry Co., Leg. to brother, Samuel Thompson, 50 pounds. after decease of my wife, 50 lbs. more. To wife the labor of certain slaves for life.  Brother, William Thompson.  Sisters, Catherine and Elizabeth, negroes.  (Brother Samuel, not living in Surry Co., ) Desires that Samuel Alsobrooke, son of Samuel Alsobrooke, deceased, be religiously brought up b Exeerx.  Friends, Maj Arthur Allen and Capt. Francis Clements, each a ring.  To two brothers-in=law, Mr. Robert Paine and Mr. Robert Catlett, each a ring.  To wife, certain things given to her by will of Mr. John Salway, deceased.  Wife, Elizabeth Thompson, is made Exerx.  Made 2 Aug 1698. Prob.: 7 Nov 1699, presented at Court at Southwarke. Wit:  Geo Williams, Jos,Case, Eliza. Prier, Mary Allen, Wm Foreman, Richard Holleman.

He made his will prior to his voyage to England. BUT there seems to be evidence that he made a second will after arriving in England in which he gave his brother William Thompson 100 pounds, sterling, when 21.

Boddie says that he served as Burgess from Surry in 1692-95-96.

 5.  Samuel2 Thompson (Rev. William1) was born 16 February 1629/30 in England, and died 18 June 1695 in Braintree, Mass.  He married (1) Sarah Shepard6 25 April 1656 in Braintree, Mass6, daughter of Edward Shepard.  She was born Abt. 1637, and died 15 January 1679/80 in Braintree, Mass.  He married (2) Elizabeth Bellengs 04 October 1680 in Braintree, Mass..  She died 05 November 1706 in Braintree, Massachusetts.

Notes for Samuel Thompson:

His will was dated 15 Jan 1680, aged 43 and in 1680 he had second wife Elizabeth Billings, perhaps daughter of Roger of Dorchester who died 5 Nov 706, aged 69; and he died 18 June 1695.

The source for much of this information is Waldo C. Sprague, Genealogies of Braintree Families.

Children of Samuel Thompson and Sarah Shepard are:

   15       i.    Sarah3 Thompson6, born 27 April 1657.
   16      ii.    Hannah Thompson6, born 05 August 1672.

   17     iii.    Deborah Thompson6, born 25 March 1660.
   18     iv.    Samuel Thompson7, born 06 November 1662.
   19      v.    Edward Thompson8, born 20 April 1665.
   20     vi.    H.C. Thompson, born 1684.
   21    vii.    Abigail Thompson, born 10 November 1667.
   22   viii.    Sarah Thompson, born 28 April 1670.
   23    ix.    William Thompson, born before11 April 1675.
   24     x.    William Thompson, born 03 June 1676.
   25    xi.    Sarah Thompson, born 01 January 1678/79.

 7.  Benjamin2 Thompson (Rev. William1) was born 14 July 1642 in Braintree, Massachusetts, and died 13 April 1714.  He married Susanna Kirtland.  She was born in Lynn, Massachusetts.

Notes for Benjamin Thompson:

Savage says he was some distinction as a physician, schoolmaster, town clerk 1696, and even poet, monoculus inter coecos; Left at his death eight children and 28 grand children. Savage says he kept the school at Roxbury where his daughter Mary died 28 March 1700.  He graduated from Harvard in 1662.

Children of Benjamin Thompson and Susanna Kirtland are:

    26      i.    Abigail3 Thompson, born 25 November 1670.
    27      ii.    Susanna Thompson, born 10 June 1673.

    28     iii.    Ann Thompson, born 02 December 1677.
    29     iv.    Elinor Thompson, born 29 November 1679.
    30      v.    Benjamin Thompson, born 08 November 1682.
    31     vi.    Elizabeth Thompson, born 14 January 1684/85.
    32    vii.    Philip Thompson, born 26 July 1687.
    33   viii.    Sarah Thompson, born 23 September 1689.
    34    ix.    Mary Thompson, born 29 October 1692.

Generation No. 3

10.  Catherine3 Thompson (William2, Rev. William1) was born in Connecticut.  She married Robert Paine

     Child of Catherine Thompson and Robert Paine is:

     35     i.    Robert4 Paine.

 12.  William3 Thompson (William2, Rev. William1) was born 1657 in Connecticut, and died Aft. 20 December 1731 in Surry Co., VA.  He married Martha Moseley Abt. 1680 in Essex Co., VA, daughter of William Moseley and Hannah Hawkins. 

 Notes for William Thompson:

 His will is in fragments but does mention his son, Samuel Thompson. . . daughter, Katherine. . .daughter Hannah Thompson, 100 acres of land on Deep Branch, To son, John, 10 acres, after the decease of his mother.  To grandchildren, Samuel and Mary Thompson, the rest of my estate.  To son, John the pistols and gun given him by Wm. Mosely.  Makes wife, Martha, Exer.  Made 20 Dec. 1731. Probate.: 18 Oct, 1732.  Wit:  Jane Regan, Mary Mastin, Mary Regan.  Book 8, p 240.

One abstracter spells Jane Riggan.

He gave his age on 5 March 1673/4 as sixteen years of age and gave testimony concerning damage to his father's tobacco. ( Surry Bk 2, p 46 abstracted by Davis on p 124] Some evidence exists that in the Will of his brother John, made in England shortly before his death, John left 100 pounds sterling to him when 21. He did have grandchildren when he died since they are clearly stated in the existing fragment of his will.

Surry Co., VA., D & W 1715-1730 p. 393 26 Feb 1721/2 William Thompson and Martha, his wife, deed of gift to their son Samuel Thompson of 150 acres between the Devil's Woodyard Swamp and Smith's Fort and facing Gray's Creek; 200 acres formerly John Twy's and lately escheated by Samuel Thompson, decd.; 200 acres on Cattail Meadow, being only an entry of land and 6 negroes, John, Mary, William, Katherine, Thomas, and Mingo; all having been left to Samuel Thompson by Samuel Thompson, decd.

 p 395, 28 April 1722, William Thompson to William Gray 593 acres on which William Thompson lives, inherited from his brother John Thompson.

 p 405, 16 July 1722, William Thompson to Walter Bailey 320 acres on the south side of Blackwater Swamp, part of a patent to James Stanton 13 Nov 1713; Martha Thompson also signed the deed.

 p 416, 30 April 1722 William Thompson to William Gray mortgage of 6 negro slaves for 71 pounds current money.

 p 456, 30 April 1722, same mortgage, receipted by William Gray 17 July 1723.

Children of William Thompson and Martha Moseley are:

+   36     i.    John4 Thompson, died 1755 in Surry Co., VA.
    37      ii.    Katherine Thompson.  She married Joseph King.
    38     iii.    Hannah Thompson.
+  39     iv.    Samuel Thompson, born 1686; died Aft. 1751 in Surry Co., VA.
+  40      v.    William Thompson, born Abt. 1697; died 1752 in Surry Co., VA.

13.  Elizabeth3 Thompson (William2, Rev. William1) was born 01 January 1659/60 in Connecticut.  She married (1) Robert Catlett, son of John Catlett and Elizabeth Underwood.    She married (2) William Moseley Aft. 1698 in Surry Co., VA.  He was born 01 January 1659/60.

Notes for Robert Catlett:

John Thompson's will refers to him as Robert Catlett.  Surry Co., WB 5, p 185.

Child of Elizabeth Thompson and Robert Catlett is:

+    41     i.    Elizabeth4 Catlett.

Children of Elizabeth Thompson and William Moseley are:

    42     i.    William4 Moseley
    43      ii.    Mary Moseley.

Generation No. 4

 36.  John4 Thompson (William3, William2, Rev. William1) died 1755 in Surry Co., VA.  He married Anne

 Notes for John Thompson:

This John made his will 27 March 1754.  It was probated 21 Jan 1755.  "To son William the land bought of John Hunnicutt together with 100 acres bounding on the land of Samuel Pretlow and Abraham Mitchell; son Robert. . . Daughters Elizabeth, Anne. Executors; Wife and son John (wife's name not given).  Witnesses:  Benjamin Cocke, Augustine Hunnicutt, John Hunicutt.  Will was presented by Anne Thompson [probably the wife] and proved by all three witnesses. This is quoted in Boddie. The inventory was presented 15 July 1755 by Ann Thompson, Executrix.  Carter Crafford, John Crafford & John Hunnicutt, Appraisers. p. 41

Children of John Thompson and Anne are:

    44      i.    William5 Thompson.
    45      ii.    Robert Thompson.
    46     iii.    Elizabeth Thompson.
    47     iv.    Anne Thompson.
    48      v.    John Thompson.
    49     vi.    Samuel Thompson.

39.  Samuel4 Thompson (William3, William2, Rev. William1) was born 1686, and died Aft. 1751 in Surry Co., VA.  He married Sarah Ann Edwards, daughter of William Edwards and Sarah Harrison.  She was born 01 January 1692/93, and died Abt. 1781 in Warren Co., NC.

 Notes for Samuel Thompson:

 Will was probated 18 Oct 1732 in Surry Co., VA  Info from Nola Duffy.  Samuel's father William gave him150 acres on 26 Feb 1721/2 in Surry Co between the Devil's Woodyard Swamp and Smith's Fort and facing Gray's Creek, 200 acres formerly John Twy's and lately escheated by Samuel Thompson, decd.; 200 acres on Cattail Meadow, being only an entry of land and 6 negroes, John, Mary, William, Katherine, Thomas, and Mingo; all having bee left to Samuel Thompson by Samuel Thompson, decd.

This info comes from Beverly M. Stercula of the Thompson Family Association.  He inherited land from his uncle Samuel Thompson.  He died about 1751 when the first inventory of his estate appears in Surry Co., records.  He lived between Devull Woodyard Swamp and Smith's Fort.  His son Samuel was administrator of his estate and several records in Surry County give accountings.  In one accounting (1758) Samuel was described as the surviving partner of Samuel Thompson, dec'd.  His wife Sarah removed to North Carolina with her children and lived in that part of Bute County that later became Warren County and died there after 20 December 1781, when she made her will.

 Notes for Sarah Ann Edwards:

From Warren Co., WB 3, p 129,Will of Sarah Thompson, Relict of the late Samuel Thompson of Surry Co., VA 12 Dec 1781, Feb Ct 1782.  Son Samuel to have property bequeathed him by her late husband.  Daughters: Sarah, relict of Jacob Williams, Mary Bell, Anne Myrick.  Extrs Brig Gen Thomas Person.  Wit William Jackson and Cader Powell, Jurat.

On Jan 20, 1998 I copied Sarah's will in the NC Archives.  In addition to the above bequests she gave her son Samuel one Negroe named Dick, and one other Negroe named Cato.  I likewise give and bequeath to my Daughter Sarah, Relict of the late Jacob Williams one Negroe Wench named Jenny together with her two children one name Abi and the other named Charlotte, to the only and sole use of my said Daughter Sarah and her Heirs forever.

I likewise give and bequeath to my Daughter Mary Bell, one cow.

I likewise give and bequeath to my Daughter Anne Meyrick one cow.

Ratifying and confirming this to be my only last will and testament. Sealed with my Seal and dated this twelfth day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty one.

memorandum, before signing and Sealing my design is that all the increase otherwise children that shall be born of the body of the above bequeathed negroe wench Jenny shall be the sole property of my said Daughter Sarah as the above bequeathed Abi and Charlotte.  Both the body and the addendum were witnessed by William Jackson and Cader Powell.

Warren Co., NC,WB5, p 159 26 May 1790 has inventory of Sarah Thompson's estate by Thomas Person, Extr.  Includes rec't from Samuel Thompson 27 July 1788 for his legacy and rec't from Mrs.Salley Williams 19 Nov 1782 for her legacy.  Jacob Williams is not indexed in Warren Co except as husband of Sarah [Salley]

In the Granville County Deeds Book E, pp44-45 Aug 17, 1761.  Samuel Thomson to Sarah Thomson, widow for 100 pds.  400 acres, being the land Samuel Thompson bought of Gideon Macon Nov 12, 1760 at hargrove's corner on Stonehouse Creek.  Wts:  Moses Myrick, Joseph Bell.

Deed Book D, p 112-3 12 November 1760.  Gideon Macon to Samuel Thompson for 75 pds., 400 acres on S side of Stonehouse Creek in Hargrove's corner in Granville Co., NC Wts:  none.  {This is the land John Liles sold to John Macon 15 Aug 1743 for 20 pds, 10 shillings.  "400 acres on the south side of Stonehouse creek, joining Hargraves, the mouth of a branch and the creek all houses etc. a grant to me 22 Feb 1739  Wit:  William Person, Phil Hawkins Reg Edgecombe County, NC Aug Ct 1743.  R. Forster C. Ct.

Children of Samuel Thompson and Sarah Edwards are:

    50     i.    Anne5 Thompson, born 01 January 1718/19.  She married (1) John Myrick.  She married (2) -----Myrick.
    51      ii.    Samuel Thompson, born 01 January 1715/16.

Notes for Samuel Thompson:

Deed Book D. Granville Co., NC,pp112,113-12 Nov 1760 Gideon Macon to Samuel Thompson for 75 pds., 400 acres on S side of Stonehouse Creek in Hargrove's corner in Granville Co., NC Wts:  none.  In Deed Book E, Granville Co., 17 Aug 1761, Samuel Thomson to Sarah Thomson, widow, for 100 pds. 400 acres, being the land Samuel Thompson bought of Gideon Macon 12 Nov 1760 at Hargrove's corner on Stonehouse Creek.  Wts: Moses Myrick, Joseph Bell.  Presumably this Sarah is his mother, but the transaction makes it sound like step-mother.

Deed Book E, 74,75 9 Feb 1762 John Myrick to his son, Owen Myrick for 100 pds., 230 acres on Stonehouse Creek.  Wts:  Jacob Williams, Saml. Thompson, Mathew Durham.

Samuel produced into Court a Commission from under the hand of his Excellency the Governor appointed him Capt of a Company of the Militia in Bute County, NC.  He took the oaths appointed to be taken by officers 15 Aug 1770. Joseph Shearin was made Lieut of this company at the same time.

Samuel appears in a list for building a road in October 1767.

52     iii.    Mary Thompson, born 01 January 1714/15; died in Warren Co., NC.  She married Thomas Bell Abt. 1730 in Surry Co., VA; born 01 January 1709/10 in Surry Co., VA; died October 1761 in Granville Co., North Carolina.

Notes for Mary Thompson:

Thomas Bell serving as administrator of Mary Bell's estate filed suit against Elizabeth Jones and Daniel Pegram at the Feb Ct. 1806.  The suit was continued over a number of sessions.

Mary Thompson Bell is named in the Will of her mother Sarah Thompson in Warren Co., NC (WB3, pg 129)

Notes for Thomas Bell:

Thomas Bell sold land 15 Oct 1751 in Albemarle Parish to Thomas Wooton of Elizabeth City Parish and co for 100 pounds current money.  120 acres in Albemarle Parish on north side of Little Swamp being land sold to said Bell by Thomas Holliman on 8 Mar 1744 and bounded by Anselm Bailey Jr. and Joseph Hargrave.  Witnesses Thomas Wilson, William Davis and Edward Wooten.  Thomas and Mary Bell both signed with an X--Surry Co Deed Book 6, p 339.

20 Aug 1751 Thomas Bell and wife Mary Bell of Surry County to Thomas Wilson Elizabeth City County for 200 pounds current money 468 acres on south side of Blackwater Swamp and bounded by the Mill Branch, William Evens and the Turkey Cock Branch.--Surry Co Deed Book 6, p 274.

Surry Co DB 4, p. 247, 19 Sep 1744 William Evens, cooper, to his friend Thomas Bell for Love and Affection. . . 218 acres on north side of Autordam[Otterdam] Swamp being 270 acres bounded by Harrises Branch, George Barker and Hills Branch.  Wit: Lemuel Cocke and John (X) Barker.  Jethro (X) Barker. Rec. 19 Sep 1744.

15 Dec 1746 Henry Browne to Thomas Bell for 45 Pounds current money 250 acres on south side of Blackwater Swamp and bounded by the Mill Branch and the Turkey Cock Branch.  Deed Book 4, p 497 Surry Co VA

17 Oct 1748 John Sharpe and wife Jane Sharpe to Thomas Bell for 35 pounds current money 400 acres on South side of Seacauris Swamp and bounded as i a patent granted Francis Sharpe 12 Mar 1739 (DB 4, p. 109)

25 May 1750, Suger Jones, planter, sold to Thomas Bell of Surry Co., VA, blacksmith for 78 pds 400 acres on both sides of Half-Quarter[sic] Creek in Granville Co., NC.  Wts Richd Hurlock, West and Daniel Fairis From Granville Co., NC, Book A, 174-175.

Thomas bought two Granville Grants #211 and 213, the first of 545 acres on East side of Hub Quarter 10 May 1755, and the second 640 of West Side of Hub Quarter Creek at Eaton's corner in St. John's Parish.  Wts. Danl Weldon and Jas Paine.  also 10 May 1755 One was signed but the other had his mark, a Capital B with a line across the top for a T.  His land joined Harton's corner.  Surveyed 29 Mar 1753 with John Haywood and W. Churton witnesses with Sworn Chain Carriers Jno Riggin, Thomas Harton and Dan Weldon , surveyor.  The other tract was surveyed at the same time by the same people.

DB C, p. 565 August 29, 1758 Thomas Bell to John Riggan for 20 pds 268 acres on S. Side of Little Creek.  Wts: Daniel Pegram, John Coleman.

Thomas Bell's Will was signed Oct 18, 1761, and proved Nov court 1761 on oath of Daniel Pegram and William Person, Sr. and Jr. qualified as executors.

Thomas Bell wills to son William the land on east side of Hobquarter Creek on John Higgins' line to the main creek and all land below creek and 10 pds. money of Virginia; to son Samuel land on west side of Hubquarter Creek to Eaton's line, to main creek, a negro called Morgan, my smith's tools and William Bell to have use of tools when needed; to son Thomas land at mouth of Bare Branch to Ready Branch, crossing Hubquarter Creek to Harthorn's Road, being the plantation whereon I live, a negro called Roger, my still, and a case of bottles, my large Bible, a chest, a bed and furniture; to son John a tract of land at Bear Branch, to Reedy Branch at John Riggin's line, to main road, negro called Jamey, feather bed and furniture, desk, large oval table, 3 cows and calves, 3 sows and pigs, a mare; to son Jesse land at Eaton's line, to Harthorne's line road, negro Jeffry, 3 cows and calves, 3 sows and pigs, and 10 pds money; to daughter Ann, wife of John Riggins, a negro called Arthur, 10 pds money; to daughter Mary, wife of Thomas Harthorn, my negro called Frank and 5 pds. money; to daughter Lucy Bell, negro called Judith, a trunk and all in it called her mother's, 5 pds money; to my wife Mary 50 pds., horse, saddle, tea kettle and other utensils and, if either of my children, John, Jessey, or Lucy Bell, die without heirs, their part to go to the survivor of them.  Exrs: William Person, Sr., William Person, Jr. Wts: Daniel Pegram, Thomas Jones.

The birth dates for John, Jesse and Lucy come from the Albemarle Parish Register of Surry and Sussex Counties, abstracted in 1958 by John Bennett Boddie.--Of course they might be children of another Thomas and Mary Bell, but I am  certain that Thomas Bell sold land on Blackwater Swamp prior to purchasing the Granville Grant.

There was another Thomas Bell in Granville District living on Fishing Creek.  His wife was Sarah and they were related to the Hicks family.  Deed Book O, p 23, Granville, NC, 27 Dec 1779 has Robert Hicks, Sr., with a deed to Isaac Hicks of Wake Co., NC, but if he should fail to leave an heir of his body, then the land should go to George Bell, son of Thomas and Sary Bell, grandson of said Robert Hicks, Sr. (These Bells and Hickses could well be kin--but it is hard to prove!)

A Joseph Bell bought three hundred ninety six acres of land in Granville County on both sides the Indian Branch on 24 Nov 1760.  It is not known his relationship to Thomas, but one is presumed since Indian Branch flows into Hubquarters Creek.

        53     iv.    Sarah Thompson, born 01 January 1717/18.  She married (1) Williams.  She married (2) Jacob Williams.

40.  William4 Thompson (William3, William2, Rev. William1) was born Abt. 1697, and died 1752 in Surry Co., VA.  He married Mary

Notes for William Thompson:

His will was dated 28 Dec 1751 and proved 21 April 1752 names wife Mary, daughter Sarah Killebrew and son James.  They lived in Albemarle Parish (later Sussex Co.) A short time later the widow Mary Thompson and her son James removed to Bute Co.., NC, the part that later became Warren County, along with the children of William's brother Samuel Thompson and were called cousins.  There was a William Thompson and wife Hannah Bell living in the same place thought to be related but this is not proven.

Children of William Thompson and Mary are:

    54     i.    William5 Thompson.  He married Hannah Bell; died Aft. 07 September 1784 in Chatham Co., NC.

Notes for Hannah Bell:

Her death date is that of her will.  Her parents owned 700 acres in Surry County, VA, on the south side of the Nottaway River.

    55      ii.    Sarah Thompson.
    56     iii.    James Thompson, died 1805 in Warren Co., NC.  He married Elizabeth Shearin.

 41.  Elizabeth4 Catlett (Elizabeth3 Thompson, William2, Rev. William1)  She married William Thomas.  He died before 19 February 1722/23 in Surry Co., VA.

 Notes for William Thomas:

William Thomas's will was written 28 Dec 1720 and probated 19 Feb 1723.  Leg.  To son, John Thomas, land in Essex county on the southwest wide of Deep Run that divided said land from that of Ralph Rouzee, so along the Ferry Road, also negroes, pistolls, holsters, silverheaded cane, etc.

To son William Catlett Thomas all the residue of Land in Essex with land in easternmost side of now ferry also two negroes, five silver spoons and my watch.  To wife, Elizabeth Thomas, the Plantation I now live on for her life, at her death, to my son, William.  To wife, three negroes for her life, at her death to my two sons.  To wife, the residue of the est.  To sons, John and William to be of age at 16 years and receive their est.  They are to be well educated out of the estate.  Wife, Exer.  Brother John Thomas, and uncle Wm. Thompson, trustees.  Witnesses: Samuel Judkins, Martha Thompson, Wm. Thompson.  Book 7, p 505

Children of Elizabeth Catlett and William Thomas are:

    57     i.    John5 Thomas.
    58     ii.    William Catlett Thomas.


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