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Warren County, North Carolina

By Ginger Christmas

This is Thomas Christmas (1744/45- 1820) who married Sarah Duke


1764 - 26 November: Marriage to Sarah "Sally" DUKE daughter of William DUKE and Mary GREEN. Warren County, North Carolina bond #00160223 and record #100 01 042. Green DUKE , bondsman and Jonathan DAVIS, witness. This family very closely knit with the DUKE family through this line and Thomas' brother John CHRISTMAS Jr. line as both married a DUKE daughter.

The history of Captain Thomas CHRISTMAS' life shows him in Bute County when he was born about 1744. We have the date of his marriage in 1764, the birth of William in 1766 and the birth of his youngest daughter Mary in 1794 the birthdays of the other children are unknown all we have to go by is the marriage dates of the married children and the census reports that are vague at best.

In 1770 we see Thomas purchasing land from MONTFORDT on the 24th of January in Bute County, North Carolina. This deed tells us that Thomas purchased one hundred and forty-three acres, for eighty-five pounds and sixteen shillings, on Fishing Creek. This deed shows him as Wm. Thomas CHRISTMAS and is witnessed by John CHRISTMAS, his brother the deed is recorded the 10th day of July in 17701. On the 20th of February the same year we find a deed where William DUKE , his father-in-law, deeds land to Thomas in Bute County, North Carolina this deed was witnessed by Thomas' brother John CHRISTMAS and registered on this the 17th day of May 17712. During 1771 the County of Bute the State of North Carolina put together a Lax list where we find Thomas CHRISTMAS3.

Next we find Thomas CHRISTMAS involved in the Bute County Committee On Safety in North Carolina. "At a meeting of the freeholders of Bute County on Friday the 23rd of June 1775. There were Elected the following persons to act as a Committee for the said County ... Thomas CHRISTMAS. Meeting of July 8th 1775: "We the Subscribers adop't accede to and will religiously observe & keep the Association enter'd into by the general Congress of Philadelphia the 5th of September last ... signed by Thomas CHRISTMAS". "At a Lodge of Masters opened and held in Due form at the Buffalo at high 12 the 10th day of July 1776 ... Here follows the Apprentices Lodge ... Johnson-Caswell (Buffalo, Blandford) No. 10 Warrenton ... Thomas CHRISTMAS..."4 This same year on the 25th day of September Thomas purchased land from Charles BURK in Bute County, North Carolina running along Thomas' other property and along Wm. Thomas GREEN's line. The total of six hundred acres, more or less for two hundred thirty-eight pounds ten shillings. Witnessed by William GREEN and John CHRISTMAS Jr.5 In 1777 Thomas is seen in the deed transactions where he sold to John DAVIS two acres of land along Davis' line and TANNER's line for seventy-five pounds Virginia money, this deed witnessed by Joseph DUKE and registered the 28th day of October 1777. Deed shows John and Jonathan as same DAVIS6. Then he purchased fifty acres from James JOHNSON for one hundred forty pounds current money. Land adjoining Thomas' other property and on Hawkins Road. The land said to have been purchased from John POWERS. Witnessed by William JOHNSON and John WILLIS, registered the 14th day of October 1777.7 The following year on the 29th day of February 1778 Thomas CHRISTMAS sold to Lewis KIMBLE one hundred acres for fifty pounds current money of Virginia. This land on a branch of Fishing Creek and along Thomas GREEN's line, deed registered this 5th day of April 1780.8 Thomas' father left his will dated the 11th of August 1783 in Orange County, North Carolina
9. In this will we see that Thomas CHRISTMAS along with his brother, Richard, was to divide the estate according to his father's desire. His father left to him five shillings as his father states Thomas has "moved from me". Thomas was about forty years old at this time and a well-to-do man in his own right. A tax list was put together from 1784-1787 in Warren County, North Carolina in Captain WHITE's District, on this list we find Thomas CHRISTMAS with 1 white male [over 20 under 60], 3 white males [under 21 over 60] and 5 white females [all ages]. This tax list would show that Thomas had three sons and four daughters. There are two sons unaccounted for in the research. There are one or two records on a John CHRISTMAS and a Thomas CHRISTMAS that are not documented to be his sons but this researcher feels that they must be his sons. We know that the oldest child of Thomas and Sarah DUKE, William was born in 1766 and would have been 17 years old at this time.10

In 1786 we find Thomas CHRISTMAS purchasing 100 acres from Benjamin LEAWELL in Franklin County, North Carolina. The deed appears to have registered that same day.11 In 1790 in the Halifax District, Warren County Thomas is listed having 1 white male [10-16]; 1 white male [18-26]; 1 white male [45 and over]; and 1 white female [45 and over].12 Here again we find record of two sons unaccounted for in any records commonly known. In 1800 the Warren County census shows Thomas CHRISTMAS as head of household.13 The 1810 census shows Thomas CHRISTMAS head of household and his son Thomas CHRISTMAS Jr. also a head of household14.

On August 1st 1788 Thomas is one of the Yeas votes on the Declaration of Rights at the North Carolina Convention. A "Declaration of Rights, asserting and securing from incroachment the great Principles of civil and religious Liberty, and the unalienable Rights of the People ..."

The death of Thomas CHRISTMAS was in the "Raleigh Register" Thursday the 6th of September 1810. "Captain Thomas CHRISTMAS, in the 67th year of his age ... wife and a train of descendants ..."15.

There is a division of the estate of Thomas CHRISTMAS in Warren County, North Carolina records starting in 1811. Division of estate between the four legatees, to wit, ...
Lot No. 1 to Thomas POWER and Alice his wife ...
Lot No. 2 to Edward TANNER and Nancy his wife ...
Lot No. 3 to Sarah GREEN and Thomas GREEN children of Martha GREEN ...
Lot No. 4 to Polly CHRISTMAS.

This portion witnessed by William PERSON and Benjamin DAVIS and registered the 23rd day of August 1811. Then by 1813 we see more division of the estate of Thomas CHRISTMAS, deceased: The division of Negroes to Sarah CHRISTMAS, deceased widow of said Thomas; William CHRISTMAS; John GREEN's children; Thomas POWER and Richard POWER. William CHRISTMAS state to pay to D. POWER ... John GREEN to pay to Thomas POWER ... January 5th 1813. On 5th January 1813 we see that John POWER and Thomas POWER are bonded to Henry POTTS "whereas Thomas CHRISTMAS, administrator of Thomas CHRISTMAS, deceased, has delivered over to the above mentioned heirs ..." ... "Richard and Thomas POWER are held firmly bound ... whereas Thomas CHRISTMAS, administrator of Thomas CHRISTMAS, deceased, has delivered ... Test Joseph TANNER and witnessed by Edward WORTHAM and Richard POWER Warren County May Term 1814" ... "that Henry YANCEY, administrator of William CHRISTMAS, deceased ... whereas Thomas CHRISTMAS, administrator of Thomas CHRISTMAS, deceased, has delivered ... Warren County May Term 1814"16 The second Thomas CHRISTMAS mentioned here could have been the youngest son who is in the Tax lists and census reports and would be the head of household as his sister, Polly wasn't married when this division started. By the time the division was completed Polly had married Richard POWER.

1 The first son William CHRISTMAS [1766-1804] was born in 1766 in Bute [now Warren] County, North Carolina, in 1784 we see a deed where William purchased 420 acres from Joel PARISH in Franklin [was Bute] County. William married Jane YANCEY in 1790 and lived his life not far from his father's home. William and Jane had six children: Lewis Yancey CHRISTMAS, Thomas H. CHRISTMAS, William "Duke" D. CHRISTMAS, Mary L. CHRISTMAS, Sally "Sarah Duke" D. CHRISTMAS and Jane Yancey CHRISTMAS. William and his sister Martha CHRISTMAS-GREEN both died in 1804 and their widow and widower married 12 October 1805. William has many descendants that can be traced to the 1990's these descendants will follow in another chapter.

2 Martha CHRISTMAS [abt 1768-1804] , married John GREEN in 1787 in Warren County, North Carolina and where she died same time as her brother. Martha and John dad two children: Thomas E. GREEN who married Nancy WILLIS and Susan "Sarah" GREEN who married Henry YANCEY they had three sons. Not much is known about Martha and John GREEN's life although we can trace the family through deeds and the estate of Captain Thomas CHRISTMAS, her father. More on the children can be found in the chapter of John GREEN and Jane YANCEY-CHRISTMAS.

3 Nancy CHRISTMAS [aft 1768], married Edwin "Edward" TANNER on March 20th, 1797 in Orange County, North Carolina. Nancy and Edwin had four children: Susan TANNER , Martha TANNER , John TANNER and William TANNER . Not much is known at this time on this family.

4 Alice D. CHRISTMAS , married Thomas POWER , the son of Capt. John POWER and Henrietta CHRISTMAS [sister to Captain Thomas CHRISTMAS Alice's father making then cousins], on 2nd day of September 1807 in Orange County, North Carolina. Not much is known at this time on this line.

5 Mary "Polly" G. CHRISTMAS , married Richard C. POWER , son of Capt. John POWER and Henrietta CHRISTMAS [sister of Captain Thomas CHRISTMAS making them cousins], on the 28th of October in 1811 in Warren County, North Carolina. Polly and Richard had four children: Mary POWER , who married Benjamin W. COLLIER August 16th, 1837; Edward POWER ; John POWER and Amanda POWER , who married her brother-in-law Benjamin W. COLLIER in 1853 after her sisters death in 1851.

[6] [John CHRISTMAS] unknown

[7] [Thomas CHRISTMAS Jr. Administrator of his father's will] unknown

The list of Children was derived from the DUKE family history by George
WORTHAM written in 1877 from his notes and letters and the writings of
Lewis Yancey CHRISTMAS, the grandson of Thomas and Sarah [DUKE] CHRISTMAS.
This list doesn't include the two younger sons but they can be found in the
tax lists and census reports of this family and Thomas Jr. is administrator
of his father's estate.


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