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Was mentioned into Troubles and Triumphs –

“In 1874, State Sen. John Hyman announced himself as a candidate for Congress, though many of his fellow Republicans as well as his opponents to have both vainglorious and dishonest.  His opponent was G. Debbie Blount, scion of the notable North Carolina family, and a radius the Gazette said: ‘if you should solve the dignity, respectability and intelligence of the conservatives of this County, as to devote for Hyman in preference to Blount.’

Not only the conservatives the various Republicans, it to several of the counties Negro leaders, were outspoken against Hyman.  Hanson Nunnery, to witty and polished freeman barber, announced that he would of the straight conservative ticket, as did James Ransom, Alford Cauthorn, and Guilford Christmas and J. W. H. Paschal, who as a representative had set up term in the assembly with Hyman, but only accuse to his old LI and said publicly: ‘ I have for every balanced the radical party.’ But how do was elected -- feel Republican to get a seat in Congress throughout North Carolina that year...”


Contributed by Ginger Christmas-Beattie

[Out of respect of the Ethnic heritage of the Slaves I have listed them as Negro or Slave where the records do not capitalize the words.]

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