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Sims to Davis
Contributed by
 Ginger L. Christmas-Beattie


Warren County North Carolina Deed Book 18 p. 295

 This Indenture made this third day of November in the year of our Lord 1806 between Leonard H. Sims of the County of Warren and state of North Carolina of the one part and Jacob Davis, Thomas Davis, Winifred Davis and Temperance Davis of the other part.  Witnesseth that the said Leonard H. Sims for and in consideration of the sum of one thousand four hundred dollars, current money of the United States, to him in hand paid by the said Jacob Davis, John Davis, Thomas Davis, Winifred Davis and Temperance Davis the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, hath granted, bargained, sold and conveyed and by these presents doth grant, bargain, sell, convey and confirm unto the said Jacob, John, Thomas, Winifred and Temperance Davis, their heirs, executors, administrators and assigns forever in fee simple the following tract or parcel of land, situate, lying and being in the County of Warren, containing by estimation four hundred acres, more or less, and bounded as follows, Viz. beginning at a maple on the west side of Smith's Branch and William Simsí corner, thence north along his line to a post oak in the said Simon Williams Sr.ís line, thence east to two hickory, Jacob Davisí corner, thence south along his and Anthony Sales line, thence south along his line to a pine, thence west along Thomas Simsí line to a white oak John Sims and Thomas Sims corner, thence to a post oak on the branch at the lower side of the sawmill, thence down the branch as it meanders to the beginning, together with all the improvements and appurtenances there unto belonging or in anywise appertaining, and the said Leonard H. Sims doth for himself, his heirs, executors and administrators covenant and agree to and with the said Jacob Davis, John Davis, Thomas Davis, Winifred Davis and Temperance Davis, their heirs, executors and administrators that he has just and lawful right to the aforesaid premises and can lawfully grant and bargain and sell the same and that he will warrant and forever defend the same against the claim or claims of all and every person or persons whatsoever in witness whereof the said Leonard H. Sims hath hereunto set his hand and affixed his seal the day and date first above written.

 Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of John Norsworthy and Peter R. Davis

 Leonard H. Sims (seal)

 Warren County February court 1809, Peter R. Davis proved this deed in open court and on motion the same is ordered to be registered.

 Test Marmaduke Johnson CC

 The foregoing deed from Leonard H. Sims to Jacob Davis and others, registered the 27th April 1809.  J. Macon RWC.

[Out of respect of the Ethnic heritage of the Slaves I have listed them as Negro or Slave where the records do not capitalize the words.]


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