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William Kimball to Adams Pardue

8 February 1767 - 100 acres

Transcribed and submitted by Jonathan DeMai

This Indenture made the twenty Eighth day of February in year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and sixty seven Between William Kimbell of Bute County in the Provinc of North Carolina of the one Part and Adams Perdue of the Other Part

Witne∫sith that the sd William Kimbell for and In Consideration of the sum of Sixty Pounds Virginia money to him in hand Paid before the Sealing and Delivery of these Pressent to the Receipt whereof the sd William Kimbell doth Acknowledge and himself fully satisfied hath granted Bargained sold and All and Released and Confirmed unto the said Adams Perdue one sertain tract or Parsell of Land Situate Lying and being in Bute County on fortins Branch

Viz: beginning at a red Oak and hicory in Eatons Line thence East by his Line 152 Pole to a black Oak in Hawkins Line thence No 151 Pole by Hawkins to a white Oak Sapling: thence West 102 Pole to a black Oak in Allens Line thence South by his Line and Jones Line 105 Pole to a hicory thence West 65 Pole to fortons Banch thince up the branch to the beginning Containing by Estimation one hundred acres be the same more or Le∫s being Part of a tract of Land which John Howard Purchasd of Capt. John Hawkins and sold the sd Kimbell with Reversion and Reversions Remainders and Remainders Rents I∫hues thereof and all the Estate, Right, title, Interests, Claim and  and Demands whatsoever with all Woods, underwoods, trees, ways, water Courses profits Commodetys hereditaments whatsoever to the same belonging or in any wise appertaining thereto; to the sd Kimbell hath or ought to have hereto; to have and to hold the sd granted and bargaind Premi∫e∫s unto the sd Perdue his heirs and A∫signs forever and he the sd William Kimbell Doth Covenant and Grant to and with the sd Adams Perdue his heirs and a∫igns may forever hereafter Peaceably and Quietly have hold Accupy Po∫se∫s and Injoy the afsd granted and Bargaind Premi∫e∫s without the Disturbance or Molestation or Evictions of him the sd William Kimbell by these Presents warrant & Defend the afsd granted and Bargaind Premi∫e∫s unto the sd Adams Perdue free and Clear from all Incumbrance of what nature or kind soever and from the Just Claim of any Person or Persons whatsoever

In Witne∫s whereof I have hereunto set my hand and fix my seal the day of year first above Written

Seald and Delverd in Presents of}

                                                                                    Wm Kimbell {seal}

Buckner Kimbell
Peter Kimbell}

Come Bute for………… January Court 1767

This deed was Proved by the Oath of Buckner Kimbell one of the sub∫cribing Witne∫ses thereto & on Motion it was Ordered to be Registerd

                                                                                    Test. Benn McCulloch C. C.

 The aforegoing deed from Wm Kimball to Adams Perdue haveing been Proved in Bute Inferior Court of Pleas & Quarter Se∫sesions & Ordered to be Registered the same is truly Registered this 20th day of May 1767

                                                            by William Johnson Pub: Regr.

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