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John Ballard to Joseph Pardue

6 January 1767 - 200 acres

Transcribed and submitted by Jonathan DeMai

This Indenture made the twenty six Day Of Jenery in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and sixty seven between John Balard of one Part & Jo∫eth Perdue of the other.

Witne∫seth that sd ballard for & in a Consideration of the sum of Sixty five Pound ten Shillings virginea money to him in hand paid the Sealing & Delivering the recip Whereof the sd ballard Doth acknowledge & a quit the sd perdue his Exrs & haith bargained Sold In fee affsd & Confirmed unto the sd perdue a sertain Tract or Parsill of land lying & being in Bute County & laying on the Governorís line abounded as follows

beginning on yallowood branch so Turning up the sd branch the Various Course to a markt sweet gum then along by a Decideing line to Willím Huchings former line now John Perdue line thereby that line to a hickory in governer Johnsonís Line thenc the Courses of That line to a markt white oak thenc down by a markt Line to yallowood Branch to thhe beginning in a hickory being two hundred Acres by Estamation being the same more or Le∫s beng part of a tract of Land Granted to Robart Callar baring Date the first Day of July in 1758 & from him to Peter Kimbell by a Deed with the Reversion & Reversions, Remainder & Remainders Rents Ishues and profits thereunto belonging to have & to hold the sd tract of Land with the Appurtenances to the sd Perdue his heirs Executrs & Admitrs or a∫signs forever & the sd Ballard for himself his heirs Exrs & Doth Covenant provi∫e & agree to & with the sd Perdue his heirs in that the premi∫e∫s afsd are free & Clear of all manner of Incumbrance & that the sd perdue may Ever have hold use Ocupy po∫se∫s & Injoy the ∫ame from the sd Ballard his heirs or any other person

In Witne∫s Whereof the sd Ballard Hath hereunto set his hand and fixt his seal the day and year first above Written}

Seald & Deliverd in Pre∫ents of}

Buckner Kimbell jurat
William Ballard                                                   John his X mark Balard {seal}

From Bute ∫ct                                                                          Januuary Court 1767

This Deed was proved by the Oath of Bucker Kimball one of the Sub∫cribing Witne∫ses thereto and motion it was Ordered to be Reigstered

                                                                                                Test. Benn Mcculloch C. C.

The aforegoing Deed from John Ballard to Jo∫eph Perdue having been Proved In Bute Inferior Court of Pleas & Quarter Se∫sions and Ordered to be Registered the Same is truly Registered this 6 Day of March 1767

                                                                                    by William Johnson Pub. Reg.

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