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Alfred J. Harris Obituary

Below is a reference to one of my enslaved ancestors as previously posted to the listserv. This probate record did not contain a Will, only the inventory and accounting. Adkins Nicholson was married to Martha Jane Harris-Nicholson. Her brother, James Henry Harriss was Administrator/Executor of Adkins' Estate. Adkins' and Martha's children were not specifically mentioned in the document.  Adkins died young (1822-1859). I am also attaching a document outlining the Nicholson lineage as provided to me a couple of years ago by a descendant of this Nicholson group. Their name and contact information is contained with in the (header of the) document.

Also, I am also providing a copy of the obit of my ancestor whereby his former slave owner, James Henry Harriss is mentioned.  James Henry Harriss' lineage has been outlined in the book authored by Ernest Moore Martin, Jr. titled, 'James Henry Harris: His Ancestors and Descendants'. The book dates back to this Harris' family's arrival in Virginia (Isle of Wight?) in the 1700's. Perhaps both of these items can be posted to the Warren County website.

Upon the death of Alfred J. Harris, the following was printed in The Warren Record, Friday 5/29/1936, page 1

"Negro Body Guard of Civil War, Dies

Alfred J. Harris, 84, highly respected Negro, and lifelong resident of this county, died at this home at Macon on Saturday, May 16. During the Civil War he accompanied his young master, Jim Harris, to the front as his bodyguard. Following the war he devoted himself to farm duties and later acquired a nice farm near Macon. He was an officer of Mount Zion Baptist church for 40 years, and according to members of his race his influence in his church and community was highly uplifting. He left a large and intelligent family."

The following persons were listed as slaves in the 1859/1861 probate record of
Adkins Nicholson:

Sallie, John, Hester, Polly, Lewis (age 17), Claiborne, James, Isabella,
Emily and her son Walter (age 3), Ara and her children Wade (infant) and
Permelia (or Amelia?) .

Sallie, Hester and Isabella are also children of Ara.

Feel free to contact me with questions.   Celeste

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