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Walnut Grove Baptist Church Cemetery
Surveyed by Tony Copeland in May 2007, transcribed and submitted by Deloris Williams

Name Born Died Inscription or Comment
BOONE, Arthur C.  b August-5-1942  d April-6-1989 In Loving Memory Of
BOONE, Levonia H.  b April-28-1912  d July-17-2001 In Memory Of Our Mother
CARTER, Walter F.  b September-12-1918  d March-26-1994  
DANIELS, Bessie Richardson  b November-22-1933  d April-3-1991  
DAVIS, Nancy Ann Richardson  b August-3-1941  d December-18-1999 In Loving Memory Of
EVANS, Babe Ruth  b August-6-1926  d No Date Wife of Leroy Evans/ Precious Lord Take My Hand
EVANS, Janelle Mesheila  b April-30-1991  d November-5-2005  
EVANS, Leroy  b June-5-1924  d February-22-1924 Husband of Babe Ruth Evans - Dble Headstone
EVANS, Ricky Darnell  b December-8-1958  d August-20-2001 Keep On Smiling
FEUDALE, Bertha R.  b April-12-1943  d July-1-2006 Wife Of George S. Feudale/ Gone But Not Forgotten
FEUDALE, George S.  d March-25-1910  d February-21-2004 Husband Of Bertha R. Feudale - Dble Headstone
LYNCH, Herman  b November-18-1921  d June-4-1993 Gone But Not Forgotten
LYNCH, Victor  b March-28-1959  d April-10-2004 A Loving Father
R., Claytes  b July-31-1940  d June-16-1994 (No surname listed)
RICHARDSON, Alston  b April-26-1924  d October-29-2002 They That Wait Upon The Lord Shall Renew Their Strength; They Shall Mount Up With Wing's As Angel's. Isaiah: 40:31
RICHARDSON, Annie Belle  b June-26-1910  d March-6-1994 Wife Of Martin Richardson - Dble Headstone
RICHARDSON, Annie Ruth  b January-31-1916  d January-21-2001 Wife Of William Otis Richardson - Dble Headstone
RICHARDSON, Clara S.  b January-11-1918  d January-22-2002 Wife of Freeman Richardson - Dble Headstone
RICHARDSON, Clara Z.  b 1936  d 1989 In Loving Memory Of
RICHARDSON, Claude  b March-9-1918  d No Date Husband of Linzie Richardson - Dble Headstone
RICHARDSON, Cleveland  b April-20-1905  d October-23-2003 Loving Father
RICHARDSON, Curtis  b October-18-1945  d October-29-2006 In Loving Memory Of
RICHARDSON, Ella Mae  b March-9-1906  d December-16-1994 Mother In God's Care
RICHARDSON, Freeman  b September-14-1911  d October-17-2001 Husband of Clara S. Richardson In Loving Memory-Dble Headstone
RICHARDSON, Garland T.  b June-25-1919  d February-26-2002  
RICHARDSON, James Artis  b July-23-1921  d August-21-2000 PVT U.S. Army WW-2
RICHARDSON, Jeffrey C.  b October-15-1964  d February-26-1996 In Loving Memory Of
RICHARDSON, John A.  b June-2-1932  d March-10-2000  
RICHARDSON, Lillie M.  b May-8-1912  d June-26-1985 Stepmother
RICHARDSON, Linzie  b September-24-1922  d January-4-1996 Wife of Claude Richardson - Dble Headstone
RICHARDSON, Martin  b October-2-1910  d May-25-1993 Husband Of Annie Belle Richardson - Dble Headstone
RICHARDSON, Ollie  b (November -2-1903)  d (February-10-1998) Triple Headstone For Ollie Richardson, Brittney Williams & Clara Z. Richardson
RICHARDSON, Troy Kenneth  b October-30-1977  d July-28-2000 In Loving Memory Of
RICHARDSON, William Otis  b May-9-1913  d February-18-2004 Husband Of Annie Ruth Richardson -Dble Headstone
RUDD, Doris Richardson  b December-15-1935  d October-22-1984  
SILVER, Martha Natasia  b January-5-1993  d May-31-1994  
WILLIAMS, Brittney  b 1993  d 1998 In Loving Memory Of
WILSON, Shakota Rochquelle  b July-29-2000  d July-29-2000 Jesus Little Angel
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