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St. Stephen Baptist Church Cemetery
(Surveyed by Tony Copeland in June 2007, transcribed & submitted by Deloris Williams)


Name Born Died Comment
ALSTON, Adline W. b February-17-1886 d April-25-1971  
ALSTON, Annie R. b May-13-1918 d     The Wife Of William P. Alston      Married May-23-1935
ALSTON, Billie E. b August-17-1888 d August-29-1969  
ALSTON, Celia P. b.March-15-1906 d January-9-1981  
ALSTON, Chester b February-14-1947 d February-8-1980  
ALSTON, Conrad b October-2-1922 d August-28-1997  
ALSTON, Conrad Jr. b December-2-1956 d August-15-1993  
ALSTON, Cora P. b Feb-14-1913 d June-28-1986  
ALSTON, Daniel T. b March-2-1908 d April-10-1987  
ALSTON, David Lee b October-7-1934 d February-22-1993  
ALSTON, Edith F.W. b.November-23-1922 d April-13-1957 Momma
ALSTON, Emitt b.May-29-1909 d December-31-1969  
ALSTON, Ernest S. b.September-22-1913 d March-10-1950   WW-2
ALSTON, Harcie E. b March-15-1890 d October-26-1988  
ALSTON, Jack b April-9-1910 d July-7-1978  
ALSTON, James A. Sr. b.September-19-1892 d November--1968  
ALSTON, James E. b.July-28-1946 d September-29-1985  
ALSTON, James I. b November-15-1902 d October-20-1984  
ALSTON, James McArthur b May-22-1942 d April-17-1965  
ALSTON, Jane b September-26-1899 d August-18-1965  
ALSTON, Jennie A. b July-18-1928 d December-13-1999  
ALSTON, Jennie T. b February-10-1888 d October-1-1975  
ALSTON, Larry b May-17-1949 d March-29-2000  
ALSTON, Lucy Bell b March-6-1926 d April-10-2005  
ALSTON, Lydia W. b March-29-1894 d December-29-1972  
ALSTON, Maggie Williams b October-24-1903 d September-7-1990  
ALSTON, Mamie Louise b 1941 d 1990  
ALSTON, Martha J. b November-19-1909 d December-24-1989  
ALSTON, Mary b.November-5-1914 d November-8-1975  
ALSTON, Mary A. b November-25-1909 d February-11-1987  
ALSTON, Mary J. b.November-27-1900 d March-1-1997  
ALSTON, Mary W. b October-22-1921 d September-23-2006  
ALSTON, Nettie W. b January-22-1922 d May-20-1989  
ALSTON, Ola Mae b.March-5-1943 d March-15-1968  
ALSTON, Queen E. b.July-29-1939 d December-30-1969  
ALSTON, Roger Sr. b December-13-1924 d July-9-1991  
ALSTON, Stan b January-10-1920 d September-15-2006  
ALSTON, Stephen T. b.October-4-1922 d November-30-1995  
ALSTON, Susie J. b January-27-1931 d December-30-1991  
ALSTON, Vernetta S. b.December-31-1924 d August-12-1988  
ALSTON, Wallace b.August-6-1906 d January-20-1959  
ALSTON, Wilbert Jr. b.April-7-1948 d August-19-1997  
ALSTON, Wilbert Sr. b.September-10-1922 d January-25-1988  
ALSTON, William P. b September-9-1918 d November-29-1994     The Husband Of Annie R. Alston   Married May-23-1935
ALSTON, Willie b July-27-1899 d May-26-1964  
ALSTON, Willie "Doug" b May-12-1919 d September-7-2005  
ALSTON, Willie Jr. b June-4-1917 d November-13-2005  
ARRINGTON, Arthur b May-20-1915 d April-5-1987  
ARRINGTON, Emma D. b October-22-1920 d February-5-1991  
BAKER, Francine Deloris b July-21-1953 d October-23-1997  
BAKER, Lillie P. b March-11-1926 d February-2-1977  
BAKER, Ransom b December-26-1927 d January-16-1999  
BARNETT, Charles A. b September-23-1954 d March-16-1996  
BARNETT, Irene b July-24-1932 d July-1-2004  
BATTLE, Donnell b March-2-1955 d November-12-1964  
BATTLE, Walter L. b December-17-1905 d October-23-1982  
BRANCH, Celia b.1876 d October-22-1944 At Rest
BRANTLEY, Kristina P. b July-17-1950 d September-17-2004  
BRODIE, Eulis S. b June-20-1907 d March27-1990    Dble H/stone-The Husband Of Mary Alice Kearney Brodie
BRODIE,Mary Alice Kearney b August-30-1908 d March-29-1988    Dble H/stone- The Wife Of Eulis S. Brodie
BURT, Percy Lee "Buddie Pot" b June-21-1924 d May-12-2002  
CARROLL, James B. b January-5-1956 d September-24-2001  
CARTER, Emily b May-24-1921 d October-5-1997  
CARTER, James A. b.October-19-1936 d September-6-1982  
CARTER, Maggie W. b.October-2-1908 d August-10-1999  
CARTER, Robert L. b.August-20-1943 d May-6-1994  
CARTER, Willie G. b.February-12-1898 d July-19-1972  
CARTER, Willie Jr. b.November-4-1927 d November-7-1991  
CHURCH, Robert Sr. b August-27-1953 d April-10-2003  
CROCKET, Brenda W. b May-16-1961 d January-30-1992  
DAVIS, Dock Anthony b November-15-1897 d December-28-1970    At Rest
DAVIS, Georgia Anna b.May-14-1915 d June-17-1991  
DAVIS, Hermenia b July-23-1949 d October-3-1993  
DAVIS, Mamie Young b September-2-1902 d September-25-1982    At Rest
DAVIS, Mittie Perry b.July-9-1906 d November-24-1991  
DAY, Jossie Bell Alston b.December-13-1911 d December-31-2003 From our children in loving memory
DUNSTON, Percy V. b August-22-1902 d November-27-1991  
EVANS, Angela b March-11-1963 d October-11-1986  
GRIGGS, Eric b.September-26-1970 d October-19-1989  
HILL, Toy S. b December-31-1918 d June-2-1998  
JONES, Elnora W. b.July-29-1915 d June-19-1942  
KELLY, Anthony Parrish b April-16-1927 d March-25-2006  
KIMBLE, Bertha b September-19-1938 d March-28-2001    In Loving Memory
KNIGHT, Floyd b September-9-1900 d March-19-1977  
KNIGHT, Pattie W. b September-6-1900 d August-7-1986  
LANGLEY, Harvey L. b November-12-1927 d August-15-2004  
LANGLEY, Mildred Lee b August-18-1937 d June-21-2002  
MANGUM, Larry Donnell b August-6-1955 d February-24-2004     SP4-US ARMY
McDOUGALD, Alice b April-20-1927 d March-8-1994  
McKINNEY, Lillie B. Williams b December-4-1935 d June-20-2001  
MOORE, Mary Alice b July-22-1931 d August-27-1996  
NEAL, Lonnie P. b April-29-1926 d November-21-1999  
PARHAM, John Quincy b August-18-1933 d December-9-2000  
PARRISH, John b November-26-1919 d July-18-1990    CPL-US ARMY-WW-2
PARRISH, Lillie G. b June-24-1896 d April-3-1954    Gone But Not Forgotten
PARRISH, William b September-20-1864 d March-8-1959    Gone But Not Forgotten
PEEPLES, Lucy March b October-23-1863 d October-16-1942    She Is Not Dead,But Sleepeth
PERRY, Aaron b June-19-1955 d April-20-1978     SRA-US AIR FORCE
PERRY, Annie L. b.April-18-1892 d February-14-1967  
PERRY, Aulcie Sr. b June-12-1922 d September-15-1999  
PERRY, Bettie Davis b March-26-1924 d February-14-2007  
PERRY, Charlie b.October-25-1896 d June-21-1971  
PERRY, David   b.June-21-1873 d May-29-1948    Asleep In Jesus
PERRY, David L. Jr. b.Junr-6-1913 d December-12-1972  
PERRY, Dorothy C. b.February-28-1927 d April-8-1984  
PERRY, Elizabeth P. b May-15-1908 d April-27-2001  
PERRY, Ernest C. b.May-23-1925 d April-10-1988  
PERRY, Fred b.February-5-1871 d February-5-1955  
PERRY, Gertrude D. b.January-18-1911 d Unknown   Double Headstone Wife of Norman R. Perry
PERRY, Harriet M. b January-18-1929 d December-1-1993  
PERRY, Hattie A. b.June-16-1899 d June-13-1988  
PERRY, James W. III b August-2-1942 d November-13-1971  
PERRY, James W. III b September-8-1922 d July-28-1972  
PERRY, John E. b May-16-1939 d March-5-1978  
PERRY, John P. b.September-11-1911 d October--1969  
PERRY, Johnny W. b.October-6-1917 d December-12-1993  
PERRY, Jonas b October-14-1902 d July-16-1970  
PERRY, Julia L. b January-4-1923 d March-16-2002  
PERRY, King S. b March-30-1887 d March-24-1982    PVT-US ARMY- WW-1
PERRY, Levi M. b.April-3-1922 d September-28-1992   PVT-US ARMY-WW-2
PERRY, Lula Brown b April-15-1900 d March-20-1944  
PERRY, Maggie Alston b February-20-1905 d November-4-1939  
PERRY, Malinda b.1875 d February-27-1950  
PERRY, Margaret A. b December-25-1906 d January-13-1987  
PERRY, Mary A. b.September-29-1908 d July-12-1985  
PERRY, Norman R. b.March-3-1908 d August-31-1987   Double Headstone Husband of Gertrude D. Perry
PERRY, Orin b.June-9-1880 d November-12-1945   At Rest
PERRY, Reddie Lee b.July-23-1917 d August-10-1996 US ARMY WW-2
PERRY, Reverend Arthur P. b July-28-1929 d January-8-2000  
PERRY, Reverend Plummer b.1875 d  June-23-1952  
PERRY, S. M. b September-25-1881 d January-24-1945  
PERRY, Samuel M. b June-5-1901 d November-8-1982  
PERRY, Shade b.September-7-1866 d December-31-1949   Gone But Not Forgotten
PERRY, Sondra M. b February-8-1949 d October-8-2003  
PERRY, Walter James b.October-15-1895 d June-23-1961   PFC-CO-C-344-LABOR-BN-QMC-WW-1
PERRY, Warren b September-27-1900 d March-26-1984  
PERRY, Will b.November-20-1917 d February-17-1959   SGT-9979-TECH-SVC-UNIT-WW-2-BSN
ROBINSON, Herman Lee b October-27-1943 d October-2-1984  
ROBINSON, John b April-25-1922 d December-31-1982  
ROBINSON, John Jr. b August-3-1942 d January-8-1993  
ROBINSON, Joseph b February-18-1946 d April-16-1983  
ROBINSON, Nathaniel Nathan b.1945 d March-14-1970  
SILVER, Jimmie Jr. b 1930 d 2001  
STAMPER, Amos B. b.June-13-1921 d April-27-1978  
STAMPER, Dorothea b May-12-1923 d April-11-2005  
STAMPER, Emily A. b July-22-1907 d August-29-1984  
STAMPER, Johnny b.October-12-1894 d June-11-1956 PVT-CO-A-810-PIONEER-INF-WW-1
STAMPER, June b 1860 d July--1943  
STAMPER, Lucy b.May-22-1900 d September-20-1963  
STAMPER, Nettie b December-18-1872 d July-17-1956    We Will Meet Again
STAMPER, Sprig b.December-20-1920 d March-16-1988  
STAMPER, Van b January-12-1896 d February-25-1976  
STEWART, Irene b.May-5-1915 d April-29-1991  
TURNER, Dorothy J. b November-24-1918 d May-20-2001  
TURNER, Ernest A. b.May-23-1926 d January-3-1980  
TURNER, Eugene b.September-1-1929 d June-6-1940  
TURNER, Gracie B. b.1908 d May-25-1962 Dble h/stone with husband Jethro B. Turner
TURNER, Jethro B. b.May-1-1911  d September-7-2001 Dble h/stone with wife Gracie B. Turner
TURNER, Queen E. b.September-11-1889 d December-29-1970  
TURNER, W. T. b.February-3-1873 d June-1-1948  
TURNER, William T. Jr. b April-26-1918 d October-7-1989  
WELLS, Eleanor P. Alston b April-14-1917 d November-20-2003  
WEST, Sue L. b April-10-1910 d August-28-1997     In Loving Memory
WILLIAMS, Ada T. b.1867 d May-30-1950  
WILLIAMS, Alice West C. b May-26-1863 d March-14-1959  
WILLIAMS, Allen b.December-7-1917 d March-25-1985  
WILLIAMS, Allen b.March-19-1947 d January-21-1998  
WILLIAMS, Amos C. b November-21-1922 d August-10-2002     US ARMY WW-2
WILLIAMS, Annie Mae b July-9-1928 d July-21-1995  
WILLIAMS, Baldie E. b.August-7-1888 d April-14-1966  
WILLIAMS, Bettie b May-13-1888 d April-4-1958  
WILLIAMS, Carolyn M. b May-30-1950 d July-29-1987  
WILLIAMS, Charlie J. b.January-25-1924 d July-30-1951   PVT-10-CAVALRY-WW-2
WILLIAMS, Charlie L. b.November-17-1937 d July-19-1994  
WILLIAMS, Cleo T. b September-17-1924 d February-26-1994  
WILLIAMS, Colony b August-15-1896 d April-17-1988  
WILLIAMS, Davie b September-2-1857 d August-16-1941  
WILLIAMS, Deacon Gaynell b d December-10 1987  
WILLIAMS, Dick b.October-25-1868 d April-9-1959 FATHER - Sleep In Jesus
WILLIAMS, Eddie O. b June-10-1889 d September-30-1965  
WILLIAMS, Edward b 1917 d 1981 PFC-US ARMY
WILLIAMS, Essie Copeland A. b.August-23-1886 d September-1-1943  
WILLIAMS, Ethel b.September-23-1920 d December-21-1992  
WILLIAMS, George E. b May-4-1902 d March-3-1953     Husband Of Tilla Williams   Married December-10-1923
WILLIAMS, Georgianna b.February-6-1894 d November-15-1967  
WILLIAMS, Hulah M. b August-13-1913 d April-7-1994  
WILLIAMS, Isaiah b.Unknown d March-18-1970  
WILLIAMS, James I. b.January-4-1935 d October-26-2006  
WILLIAMS, Jessie b October-10-1900 d October-10-1935  
WILLIAMS, John Henry b.1875 d November-20-1951  
WILLIAMS, John P. b.August-28-1907 d June-18-1989  
WILLIAMS, John Sr. b May-8-1937 d November-15-1988  
WILLIAMS, Julia E. b March-31-1895 d October-21-1999  
WILLIAMS, Kinchen b January-26-1900 d October-3-1961  
WILLIAMS, Leah W. b February-21-1930 d December-5-1990  
WILLIAMS, Lena Mae b September-1-1946 d July-10-1998  
WILLIAMS, Louise b.1914 d June-2-1997  
WILLIAMS, Mamie E. b.1901 d December-4-1949 MOTHER- We Trust Our Lost Will Be Her Gain,And That With Christ She's Gone To Reign 
WILLIAMS, Mamie P. b.May-6-1910 d July-3-1966  
WILLIAMS, Maria A. b September-6-1902 d July-8-1982  
WILLIAMS, Matthew J. b October-20-1914 d July-20-1977  
WILLIAMS, Norman J. b June-28-1932 d November-23-2005  
WILLIAMS, Oretha Y. T. b June-3-1923 d April-1-1985    The Loving Mother Of Orlando,Evelyn,Shannon And David
WILLIAMS, Oscar Sr. b June-7-1900 d June-29-1985  
WILLIAMS, Pattie C. b August-17-1873 d March-30-1972  
WILLIAMS, Plummer b.June-25-1892 d February-12-1967  
WILLIAMS, Ransom b January-30-1905 d January-30-1987  
WILLIAMS, Reverend Ossian B. b March-24-1893 d March-30-1961  
WILLIAMS, Robert O. b.December-23-1886 d January-15-1960 FATHER-  Death Is Eternal Life,Why Should We Weep?
WILLIAMS, Talbert b April-17-1920 d September-22-1992  
WILLIAMS, Tilla b November-10-1909 d May-30-1950     Wife Of George E. Williams   Married December-10-1923
WILLIAMS, Tracshanda B. b January-30-1998 d December-23-2001  
WILLIAMS, Washington b.June-3-1896 d March-31-1955 PVT-CO-C-423-RES-LABOR-BN-QMC-WW-1
WILLIAMS, Willie b.October-11-1910 d October-20-1948  
WILLIAMS, Willie M. b October-13-1942 d May-5-1983  
WIMBUSH, Jendine b.August-29-1958 d June-29-1997  
WITHERS, Mary T. b.November-29-1913 d April-18-1979  
WOODARD, Edward b.August-25-1924 d February-8-1994  
WOODARD, George C. b.February-15-1908 d June-8-1969 SGT- 938- AAA- AW- BN-CAC-WW-2 
WOODARD, Harriet b.September-19-1922 d November-28-1994  
WOODARD, Lorraine b.December-11-1952 d July-9-1954  
WOODARD, Regertha B. b.April-23-1926 d March-13-2006  
WOODARD, Thornton C. b.April-30-1926 d January-30-1988 PVT-US ARMY WW-2
WOODARD, William L. b.February-8-1947 d October-4-1993  
WRIGHT, Bettie Lou b April-15-1918 d July-4-1964  
YOUNG, Carrie b March-18-1889 d February-10-1978    At Rest
YOUNG, Gertrude b.October-3-1930 d September-17-1947   Asleep In Jesus
YOUNG, Julia A. b.August-16-1901 d May-5--1968  
YOUNG, Tellie b.December-20-1898 d March-5-1972  

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