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Spring Green Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery
Surveyed by Tony Copeland, in May 2007; transcribed and submitted by Deloris Williams

See Church Photo and Directions

CHEEK, Pennie  b.November-17-1907  d. August-20-1952  
ALEXANDER, Charlotte A.  b.April-8-1948  d. January-28-1997  
ALEXANDER, Eugene III  b.June-26-1972  d. February-18-2005  
ALSTON, Alexander  b.January-6-1900  d. May-18-1969  
ALSTON, Anthony  b.February-10-1865  d. March-23-1957  
ALSTON, Anthony  b.December-9-1896  d. May-4-1983  
ALSTON, Archie I. Jr.  b.September-19-1956  d. December-31-2006  
ALSTON, Carrie L.  b.October-8-1906  d. February-23-1979  
ALSTON, Charlie L.  b.May-4-1938  d. January-10-1973  
ALSTON, Darnell P.  b.August-2-1947  d. April-21-1984  
ALSTON, Edmund Junius  b.February-10-1880  d. November-7-1956  
ALSTON, Edna Mae  b.May-15-1910  d. December-6-1999  
ALSTON, Elijah  b.April-30-1903  d. February-18-1982  
ALSTON, Elizabeth H.  b.July-6-1890  d. February-12-1947  Mother
ALSTON, Emma L.  b.September-14-1931  d. November-12-2005  
ALSTON, Estella Beatrice  b.May-6-1896  d. March-8-1997  
ALSTON, Fannie  b.March-10-1835  d. December-18-1910 WIFE OF REVEREND ISAAC ALSTON
ALSTON, George P.  b.April-27-1908  d. July-22-1989  
ALSTON, Helen G.  b.July-24-1909  d. November-16-2000  
ALSTON, Isaac T.  b.October-17-1887  d. December-4-1971  PVT HQ CO 365 INFANTRY WW-1
ALSTON, Isaac T. Jr.  b.August-29-1929  d. December-17-1998  
ALSTON, James Elliot  b.June-15-1934  d. June-28-1960  AIC US Air Force
ALSTON, Jerry E.  b.December-25-1885  d. August-6-1953  
ALSTON, Jessie E.  b.August-24-1974  d. April-23-1989  
ALSTON, Junius Jerry  b.November-28-1926  d. May-24-1996  PFC US ARMY WW-2
ALSTON, Katie S.  b.January-11-1911  d. January-28-1984  
ALSTON, Leroy C.  b.August-27-1932  d. November-23-1983  
ALSTON, Lewis B.  b.January-20-1877  d. June-30-1960  
ALSTON, Lizzie D.  b.1868  d. May-14-1918  
ALSTON, Lizzie Shearin  b.November-27-1875  d. May-24-1952 Mother Alway's Remembered
ALSTON, Lucy  b.August-10-1911  d. August-2-1946  
ALSTON, Lucy R.  b.June-26-1904  d. July-8-1993  
ALSTON, Margaret M.  b.August-26-1901  d. March-4-1991  
ALSTON, Mary J.  b.July-22-1906  d. February-24-1989  
ALSTON, Pearl  b.September-6-1899  d. December-16-1973  
ALSTON, Peter E.  b.January-5-1888  d. April-15-1972  
ALSTON, Polly A.  b.November-24-1886  d. March-20-1955  
ALSTON, Reginald W.  b.October-12-1978  d. April-23-1989  
ALSTON, Reverend Isaac  b.January-15-1828  d. June-4-1919  
ALSTON, Robert  b.April-4-1908  d. December-9-1962  
ALSTON, Robert David  b.July-10-1955  d. July-11-1955  
ALSTON, Robert Lee Jr.  b.January-19-1942  d. December-16-1997  
ALSTON, Sam  b.March-1833  d. October-1922  
ALSTON, Samuel D.  b.August-11-1896  d. July-3-1974  
ALSTON, Samuel Perry  b.December-3-1903  d. March-29-1985  
ALSTON, Shepard  b.May-14-1940  d. September-20-1999  
ALSTON, Wiley A. Sr.  b.February-14-1862  d. April-20-1918  Father Asleep In Jesus
ARRINGTON, Carrie  b.February-26-1895  d. February-26-2001  
ARRINGTON, Ellean  b.September-23-1926  d. August-25-1999  
BAKER, Corey J.  b.October-2-1982  d. December-11-2000  
BOONE, Emma Beatrice  b.July-11-1928  d. September-12-2003  
BRAXTON, Samuel Jimmy  b.August-12-1953  d. February-7-2007  
BULLOCK, Nathaniel Sr.  b.July-7-1925  d. October-16-1986  TEC 5 US ARMY WW-2
BURTON, Rosa  b.October-27-1921  d. November-20-1995  
BURTON, Shirley C.  b.June-10-1945  d. February-29-1952  
CAMPBELL, Lucy Ann  b.March-11-1903  d. July-14-1961  
CHEEK, Ann E.  b.October-6-1905  d. April-4-1984  
CHEEK, Clementine  b.May-21-1925  d. May-27-1999  
CHEEK, Ernest  b. September-8-1886  d. November -- 1962  
CHEEK, H. C.  b.1866  d. November-18-1938  
CHEEK, Irene A.  b.September-29-1917  d. February-6-1985  
CHEEK, Jessie  b.June-27-1927  d. August-3-1999  
CHEEK, Kelly Myron  b.October-9-1965  d. October-12-1992  
CHEEK, Lizzie N.  b.September-21-1870  d. September-8-1976  
CHEEK, Mattie B.  b.December-21-1896  d. June-7-1921  
CHEEK, Miles  b.1875  d. February-7-1930  
CHEEK, Nellie Powell  b.1890  d. February-24-1950  
CHEEK, Pannie J.  b.September-30-1903  d. February-27-1985  
CHEEK, Rosa H.  b.1867  d. February-15-1939  
CHEEK, Samuel Locket  b.December-31-1900  d. November-11-1964  
CHEEK, Silas  b.October-4-1909  d. May-14-1998  
CHEEK, Silas  b.1871  d. July-27-1946  In Loving Remembrance
CHEEK, William  b.March-17-1898  d. September-26-1951  
DAVIS, Adrian B.  b.September-15-1967  d. April-1-2001  
DAVIS, Alexia  b.1845  d. 1932  At Rest (dble H/stone with Wallace T. Davis)
DAVIS, Augustas  b.March-17-1871  d. January-8-1942  
DAVIS, Ethel M.  b.August-6-1911  d. January-14-2006  
DAVIS, Frank  b.March-28-1896  d. November-1-1956  PVT BN ENGR. CORPS WW-1
DAVIS, Hettie R.  b.July-24-1915  d. April-8-1980  
DAVIS, Johnnie Jr.  b.January-5-1945  d. Aogust-4-2001  
DAVIS, Marea  b.1860  d. March-1-1940  
DAVIS, Richard Jr.  b.May-20-1958  d. September-8-1996  SP 4 US ARMY
DAVIS, Wallace T.  b.November-29-1858  d. April-9-1933  At Rest (dble H/stone with Alexia Davis)
DEBNAM, Mary R.  b.October-12--1908  d. February-24-1994  
DENT, Rosa L.  b.October-13-1926  d. December-2-1962  
DENT, Seneca  b.November-12-1921  d. February-14-1973  
DIAL, Frances Williams  b.September-22-1932  d. September-18-2002  
DICKENS, Hattie  b.1914  d. 2006  
DOWLIN, Cassie M.  b.August-17-1900  d. May-27-1961  
DOWTIN, Wade  b.March-5-1889  d. January-5-1985  
EATON, Billy  b.August-10-1907  d. February-19-1994  
EVANS, Ellen  b.July-27-1875  d. September-24-1952  
EVANS, Haywood  b.January-18-1875  d. July-21-1949  
EVANS, John  b.April-10-1914  d. January-2-1987  
GARNES, Bernard A.L.  b.April-19-1920  d. April-27-1983  
GARNES, Ella Ree  b.October-29-1922  d. January-24-2001  
HARGROVE, Margaret A.  b.December-9-1955  d. October-4-1997  
HUNT, Daisy Mae  b.August-27-1905  d. August-22-1994  
INGRAM, Bettie S.  b.June-8-1912  d. March-4-1998  
INGRAM, Eugene B.  b.April-25-1909  d. February-12-1999  
INGRAM, Mary A.  b.April-25-1902  d. March-1975  
JENKINS, Leslie "Les"  b.July-28-1960  d. December-13-1994  
JENKINS, Mary Elizabeth  b.July-30-1930  d. May-29-1977  Our Beloved Mother
JOHNSON, Loretta Fogg  b.December-19-1959  d. June-10-2000  
JONES, Charlie F.  b.July-8-1908  d. January-23-1977  
KEARNEY, Fannie T.  b.July-7-1906  d. February-23-1997  
KEARNEY, Nannie E.  b.January-21-1874  d. November-5-1956  
KEARNEY, Richard C.  b.January-24-1899  d. March-15-1984  
KEARNEY, Zella S.  b.April-13-1891  d. September-14-1957  
KERNEY, George R.  b.April-20-1864  d. January-7-1912  
KING, Bessie S.  b.October-2-1909  d. August-12-1977  
KING, Elizabeth B.  b.February-16-1912  d. April-27-1987  
LYONS, John Jr.  b.February-9-1927  d. September-7-1955  
McCOWAN, Nossie Alston  b.January-29-1898  d. September-20-1929  
MINGEA, Susan  b.July-1842  d. May-1913 In Memory Of Susan,Wife Of Thomas Mingea ,The Daughter Of Randill And Rachel Alston
MYRICK, Nannie A.  b.September-4-1896  d. April-28-1993  
MYRICK, Sandy  b.October-18-1893  d. September-15-1975  
MYRICK, Weldon E.  b.August-13-1904  d. March-1981  
NICHOLSON, Hermon J.  b.August-6-1906  d. May-3-1968  
NICHOLSON, Jeff  b.July-11-1913  d. April-20-1974  
NICHOLSON, Willie  b.February-2-1894  d. May-8-1985  
NICHOLSON, Zelma D.  b.August-14-1910  d. September-9-1983  
PARK, Arthur  b.April-6-1926  d. May-19-2001  
PARK, Charlie  b.May-18-1917  d. June-29-1989  
PARK, Mabel S.  b.August-29-1921  d. September-27-1990  
PEOPLES, Rosa A.  b.September-25-1889  d. January-29-1983  
PEOPLES, William H.  b.May-18-1887  d. June-14-1957  
PERRY, Deacon John  b.February-2-1894  d. August-24-1964  
PERSON, Emily W.  b.September-8-1910  d. September-11-1994  
PERSON, Kenneth C.  b.September-9-1945  d. May-27-1979  
PITCHFORD, Lola  b.April-15-1913  d. May-6-2001  
PITCHFORD, Mamie  b.December-6-1920  d. September-1-2003  
PLUMMER, Emma  b.July-14-1873  d. May-19-1946  
PLUMMER, Mary E.  b.January-19-1926  d. July-29-1991  
PLUMMER, Rev.Thomas M.  b.October-15-1886  d. September-14-1956  
POWELL, Ella  b.September-6-1902  d. August-1-1988  
POWELL, Isham  b.December-30-1883  d. April-22-1970  
POWELL, Joe Berry  b.July-31-1937  d. March-4-2006  
POWELL, Mary E.  b.April-18-1912  d. February-3-2003  
POWELL, Mary Rogers  b.May-1-1894  d. March-3-1964  
POWELL, William H.  b.May-13-1919  d. February-14-1963  TEC 5 BTRY C BN -TEC 5 BTRY C 999 FLD ARTY BN WW-2
PUGH, David  b.September-20-1919  d. March-21-2003  
RICHARDSON, Willie D.  b.February-14-1943  d. November-7-2000  
ROBINSON, Jacob II  b.July-15-1943  d. August-18-1999  
SAVOY, Samuel Leon  b.December-30-1946  d. July-26-1998  
SCOTT, Ethel Williams  b.November-14-1906  d. January-28-1991  
SHEARIN, Queen Spruill  b.August-17-1910  d. November-17-1984  
SOMMERVILLE, Bennie  b.1899  d. August-12-1956  
SPRUILL, Van  b.November-5-1894  d. December-10-1951  PVT 545 Engineer's WW-1
SPRUILL, William  b.August-26-1895  d. April-28-1948  PVT 343 Service BN QMC WW-2
STARK, James K.  b.April-15-1920  d. January-20-1975  
STATON, James J.  b.March-6-1827  d. June-7-1995  
TELFAIR, David E.  b.February-16-1902  d. December-13-1972  
TELFAIR, Roberta P.  b.August-4-1912  d. July-16-2000  
THOMAS, Frances A.  b.April-9-1890  d. February-29-1952  Beloved Wife and Mother
TIMMONS, Lucy Gray  b.May-11-1912  d. September-29-2001  
TOWNS, Albert Thomas Jr.  b.March-5-1947  d. September-5-1983  US ARMY VIETNAM
TOWNS, Fordice  b.June-31-1913  d. September-13-1963  
TOWNS, Mary Richardson  b.August-8-1922  d. March-2-2003  
TOWNS, Virginia  b.April-8-1917  d. September-13-1963  
WEST, Garland  b.1920  d. November-2-1969  
WEST, Rosa P.  b.(February 16 1888)  d. October-26-1961  
WILLIAMS, Ahmaad David  b.October-30-1988  d. December-31-1988  
WILLIAMS, Bobby J.  b.April-12-1955  d. November-3-1992  Love Alway's
WILLIAMS, Candis P.  b.July-13-1902  d. December-16-1990  
WILLIAMS, Charlie  b.October-2-1919  d. November-2-1975  
WILLIAMS, Charlie Jr.  b.December-14-1945  d. November-23-2000  
WILLIAMS, James Bernard  b. December-1954  d. September-19-1976  
WILLIAMS, James Jr.  b.July-21-1935  d. January-6-1986  
WILLIAMS, Manson  b.December-30-1937  d. November-11-1987  
WILLIAMS, Mary A,  b.May-10-1894  d. September-26-1979  
WILLIAMS, Mattie B.  b.July-26-1927  d. April-9-1993  
WILLIAMS, Nancy  b.November-15-1919  d. September-15-1997  
WILLIAMS, Nathaniel R.  b.December-14-1925  d. October-6-1971  S1 US Navy WW-2
WILLIAMS, Romey  b.May-6-1939  d. September-3-2000  
WILLIAMS, Silas C.  b.September-4-1927  d. August-29-1989  
WILLIAMS, William Epps  b.May-9-1932  d. February-9-1988  
WOODS, Frances Alston  b.June-23-1942  d. June-12-2001  
YATES, Cornelia C.  b.April-7-1868  d. January-8-1963  

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