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Little Zion Baptist Church and Cemetery

See tombstone inscriptions, surveyed  Tony Copeland, March 2007 & submitted by Deloris Williams

Comments by Deloris Williams sent with the photos indicates the Church was built in the early 1900ís on property then owned by Robert Y. Davis of Marmaduke. North Carolina. Some years ago, part of the Church collapsed in on itself and the Church members moved to a new location near Inez, Warren County, North Carolina; however the Cemetery, which was used from the early 1900ís to bury members of the Church as well as those of the local community, remains at the old location. (See photos) While not as active as it once was, the cemetery is still in use, the last burial being in 2001. The Church itself is in a very deteriorated condition, having been left to the elements over the years; sitting on 2 acres of land in a highly forested area, the cemetery extends from behind the Church to the deeper woodland area. Not many of the graves are marked, and even fewer have headstones, and those that are lie closest to the old Church building. The headstones and markers that could be read are listed below.

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