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near Macon, N. C.

Surveyed  and contributed by Jacqueline Martin

Go on Embro Road from Macon, one half mile from Marvin Tharrington's.  Turn right at a road near the creek.
The cemetery is 1/4 mile on the right at the old Harris homeplace established in 1760.  
Harris Robin E. 11/24/1758 1/19/1905  
Harris Tabitha Bobbitt 1774 after 1850  
Lancaster Lemuel 1794 after 1883  
Lancaster Susan Aycock 1785 no date  
Harris Doctor Matheson 1817 3/16/1905  
Harris Elizabeth Lancaster 5/26/1826 6/26/1916  
Harris William Edward Brown 6/19/1855 4/2/1936  
Harris Martha Dora Loyd 8/28/1861 11/1/1917  
Harris Anthony 10/12/1884 6/10/1886  
Harris Nellie R. 4/29/1886 1/5/1898  
Harris Infant son 5/28/1885 5/28/1885  
Harris Lois May 3/13/1903 6/21/1903  
Harris Frank E. 3/5/1893 3/11/1912  
Harris Macy D. 4/16/1894 11/  /1917 died in France
Harris Malvern H. 3/6/1891 2/8/1921  
King Sarah Harris ca. 1853 ca. 1934  
King James no date no date  
Harris Tabitha Land ca. 1849 1/1/1926  
Harris Joseph J. 1812 no date  
Harris Jane C. 1816 no date  
King Jesse ca. 1928 ca. 1938  
King Walter ca. 1853 ca. 1908  
King Lee ca. 1930 ca. 1938  

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