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Surveyed in November 2007 by Tony Copeland; transcribed and submitted by Deloris Williams

404 Embro Odell Road
Macon, Judkins Township
Warren County, North Carolina

Directions from Warrenton: Follow NC-58 East heading towards Liberia for about 4.7 miles; continue straight onto NC-43 at the junction for 4.3 miles; turn Left onto Davis-Bugg Road for 0.8 miles, then the road becomes NC-1512, continue 3.2 miles; turn Right onto NC-1509 going 0.3 miles, where you will arrive at Greater Lovely Hill Church.
Greater Lovely Hill Baptist Church, originally called Lovely Hill Baptist Church, was formed in 1866 by a small group of 12 brave African American men and women who set out to serve the varied needs of the families in Warren County who had recently been freed from slavery by the Emancipation Proclamation. The first Church was really not a building, but a clearing in the woods atop a hill that the founders considered to be the "loveliest hill in the countryside", where the members sat on pews consisting of nail kegs, wooden boxes and log benches put together with wooden pegs. The first minister was Rev. Loveless Brown, Sr. who served for four years encouraging his congregation to support the church in any way they could. The 2nd minister, Rev. Saul Clanton, served for 32 years, and it was under his tenure that the first church building was constructed. Records show that the first deed was on September 13, 1882, for the sum of $5.00, when a parcel of land containing one acre was obtained from Turner Alston, Turner E. Brown and Eugene Brown. By 1910, a decision was made to secure land to start a cemetery, and on December 9, 1910, one and one quarter (1 1/4 ) acres of land located on Mountain View Road where the Church was then located, was bought from Turner and Mildred Alston, for the amount of $10.00; and on March 3, 1911, another one and one-half (1 1/2 ) acres was obtained from William and Anna Alston adjacent to the other parcel, making a total of three and three-quarter (3 3/4 ) acres of land for both the Church and Cemetery. A new Church building was constructed in 1956 on Secondary Road 1509, and dedicated in June 1957 on land obtained from Joseph C. Faulkner, which is its current location a short distance down the road from the Cemetery. It was at this time that the Church was renamed The Greater Lovely Hill Baptist Church, a name that means a lot to the Church members as well as to the people in the surrounding community who remember the little church that has been on the hill for the past 141 years.
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