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Warren County, North Carolina
(Surveyed in November 2007 by Tony Copeland; transcribed and submitted by Deloris Williams)

ALSTON, Aver S. b. April-21-1913 d. February-16-1989  
ALSTON, Beatrice Johnson b. October-3-1910 d. June-18-1988  Wife Of Reverend John Whitaker Alston
ALSTON, Celestine H. b. June-9-1927 d. July-6-2001  
ALSTON, Claude H. b. April-15-1915 d. August-25-1956  
ALSTON, Cliff E. b. March-9-1948 d. October-14-1967  
ALSTON, Curtis W. b. June-25-1950 d. August-11-2003  
ALSTON, Delia b. February-14-1889 d. January-17-1967  
ALSTON, Henry b. October-13-1909 d. August-15-1985  
ALSTON, India W. b. August-2-1907 d. March-20-1978  
ALSTON, James Anthony b. November-17-1962 d. October-4-2006  
ALSTON, James W. b. November-16-1890 d. July-2-1960  
ALSTON, Jessie b. October-6-1913 d. January-9-1959  
ALSTON, Lee Owen b. October-12-1902 d. August-21-1964  
ALSTON, Lizzie W. b. July-15-1893 d. December-23-1967  
ALSTON, Lydia R. b. July-26-1914 d. January-2-1979  
ALSTON, Mildred b. 1874 d. April-18-1937  
ALSTON, Minnie L. b. April-24-1889 d. February-15-1968  
ALSTON, Nellie B. b. November-30-1898 d. February-26-1993  
ALSTON, Nelson b. June-14-1960 d. November-30-1977  
ALSTON, Nelson M. b. August-8-1941 d. January-18-1997  
ALSTON, Norman b. July-5-1895 d. July-4-1955  
ALSTON, Paul H. b. March-22-1922 d. October-18-1948  
ALSTON, Rev. John Whitaker b. March-4-1908 d. November-23-1998 Husband Of Beatrice Johnson Alston
ALSTON, Roger M. b. December-9-1954 d. February-1-1994  
ALSTON, Roxie Ann b. June-1-1881 d. August-17-1943  
ALSTON, Samuel Turner Jr. b. October-13-1881 d. April-27-1966  
ALSTON, Turner b. 1836 d. March-14-1916  
ALSTON, William A. b. July-12-1919 d. April-22-1984  
ALSTON, William N. b. May-4-1934 d. December-8-1991  
BAKER, Brian Dekeith b. August-4-1980 d. March-11-2005  
BAKER, John Wesley b. April-15-1915 d. December-29-1948  
BAKER, Mattie W. b. January-25-1932 d. April-25-1996  
BRACKSTON, Samuel J. b. March-1-1923 d. May-30-1959  
BRANCH, Queen E. b. May-8-1961 d. November-4-2001  
BRANCH, Roy b. September-15-1895 d. August-19-1980  
BRAXTON, Alice A. b. May-25-1900 d. February-27-1982 Wife Of Edward Braxton
BRAXTON, Edward b. May-25-1897 d. August-30-1976 Husband Of Alice A. Braxton
BRAXTON, Jessie Ed b. August-25-1919 d. January-16-1972  
BROWN, Alvin b. February-29-1903 d. July-7-1960  
BROWN, Eugene b. April-28-1922 d. October-18-1991  
BROWN, Henry B. b. April-4-1902 d. July-12-1979  
BROWN, Jane L. b. November-3-1894 d. May-17-1994  
BROWN, Louisa Clanton b. April-17-1935 d. December-22-1976  
BROWN, Ola M. b. May-13-1912 d. January-21-2006  
BROWN, Walter Lee b. May-24-1936 d. August-5-2001  
BROWN, William C. b. May-27-1931 d. July-30-1955  
CARROLL, Bettie J. b. April-1-1912 d. May-20-1974  
CARROLL, George H. b. December-30-1907 d. January-8-1989 Husband Of Jessie Carroll
CARROLL, Jessie b. March-29-1913 d. December-11-1998 Wife Of George H. Carroll
CARTER, Abray b. March-10-1944 d. January-24-1982  
CARTER, Calvin A. b. July-30-1962 d. August-22-2000  
CLANTON, Beulah V. b. January-28-1914 d. December-7-1994  
CLANTON, James Lacy b. April-4-1929 d. January-29-1988  
CLANTON, James T. b. June-16-1883 d. May-14-1952  
CLANTON, John H. b. 1882 d. May-27-1955  
CLANTON, Lovey H. b. October-15-1891 d. June-3-1953  
CLANTON, Martha Alston b. April-23-1910 d. December-4-2000  
CLANTON, Mary W. b. October-11-1876 d. December--1969  
CLANTON, Peter b. January-21-1882 d. March-14-1968  
CLANTON, Roy Lee b. September-1-1900 d. February-25-1961  
CLANTON, Sadie N. b. October-26-1909 d. November-8-1951  
CLANTON, William E. b. August-28-1903 d. November-15-1965  
CLANTON, William Scott b. November-24-1878 d. June-26-1951  
COOPER, Louis b. December-27-1906 d. June-25-1972  
COOPER, Pennie W. b. July-15-1890 d. September-24-1961  
COPELAND, Arthur B. b. May-1-1925 d. March-30-1959  
COPELAND, Curley J. b. April-15-1913 d. September-30-1957  
COPELAND, Curley J., Jr. b. October-4-1940 d. Living Husband of Mattie Rose Marie Copeland Double Headstone
COPELAND, Garfield b. 1879 d. 1963 AT REST
COPELAND, James A., Sr. b. February-24-1944 d. January-26-2004 IN LOVING MEMORY
COPELAND, Judy L. b. December-17-1942 d. February-5-1958 SWEETLY SLEEPING
COPELAND, Larry Garfield b. November-16-1953 d. January-24-2001  
COPELAND, Mattie Rose Marie b. April-26-1942 d. April-11-2006 Wife of Curley J. Copeland Jr.
COPELAND, Roselle P. b. May-16-1949 d. June-12-2001  
COPELAND, Sylvia Pearl b. October-7-1952 d. October-8-1979 GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN
CUNNINGHAM, Janice Clanton b. May-27-1945 d. October-10-1982  
DAVIS, Carolyn M. b. November-9-1958 d. June-7-1997  
DAVIS, Charlie b. April-8-1917 d. September-24-1981  
DAVIS, Cleveland H. b. October-10-1923 d. December-29-2002  
DAVIS, George Mansfield b. April-2-1924 d. August-23-1993  
DAVIS, India H. b. June-15-1887 d. June-26-1958  
DAVIS, James M. b. July-13-1920 d. August-11-1990 Husband Of Katherine Harris Davis
DAVIS, Javeli D. b. May-15-1977 d. October-3-1981  
DAVIS, Katherine Harris b. February-21-1921 d. December-4-2005 Wife Of James M. Davis
DAVIS, Lillian G. b. August-5-1927 d. July-9-1995  
DAVIS, Lottie C. b. May-1-1923 d. October-26-1988  
DAVIS, Roscoe V. b. January-22-1959 d. March-12-2005  
DIXON, Angie C. b. November-1-1898 d. December-12-1971  
DUNSTON, Rosa A. b. November-26-1912 d. July-25-1989  
EDWARDS, Charlie M. b. May-9-1926 d. December-10-1981  
EDWARDS, Chlorie N. b. August-24-1899 d. December-10-1981  
EDWARDS, James Curtis b. August-27-1922 d. January-19-1955  
EDWARDS, Lillie H. b. August-8-1897 d. September-1-1977  
EDWARDS, Rosa E. b. April-3-1902 d. May-10-1970  
EDWARDS, Tealie b. November-7-1895 d. Mat-4-1973  
ENGRAM, Lillie P. b. June-21-1896 d. April-7-1961  
ENGRAM, Robert b. June-14-1935 d. December-9-2001  
ENGRAM, Rufus b. March-18-1887 d. June-20-1962  
FAULCON, Chadell V. b. November-18-1988 d. May-12-2005  
FAULCON, Charles P. b. August-25-1945 d. August-22-2002  
FAULCON, James A. b. May-20-1941 d. June-11-2003  
FAULCON, Maria J. b. May-25-1918 d. December-1-1996  
FAULCON, Marjorie Garnes b. December-2-1914 d. May-7-1984  Wife Of Plummer Ervin Faulcon
FAULCON, Plummer Ervin b. November-25-1912 d. July-22-1985  Husband Of Marjorie Garnes Faulcon
FAULCON, William E. b. March-26-1937 d. March-2-1977  
FITTS, Julia C. b. April-20-1916 d. January-1-2003  Wife Of Willie H. Fitts
FITTS, Norman B. b. August-14-1921 d. March-25-1978  
FITTS, Willie H. b. July-1-1914 d. January-11-1987  Husband Of Julia C. Fitts Married December- 28- 1941
GARNES, James M. b. January-24-1917 d. May-18-1993  Husband Of Mary G. Garnes
GARNES, Mary G. b. March-13-1916 d. March-11-2006  Wife Of James M. Garnes
GLASCO, Marvin Lee b. July-28-1948 d. April-26-1974.  
GLASCOE, James Otis b. August-19-1951 d. August-14-1965  
GRAY, Emmett Alston b. 1892 d. 1939  
GREEN, Carl J., Jr. b. August-3-1939 d. July-27-1989  
HARRINGTON, Claude L. b. March-15-1944 d. September-18-1995  
HARRINGTON, Lizzie C. b. October-5-1912 d. August-9-1996  
HARRIS, Alexander b. December-4-1929 d. November-7-1960  
HARRIS, Alonzo b. May-1-1915 d. April-12-1969  Husband Of Alzeina T. Harris
HARRIS, Alzeina T. b. June-1-1915 d. August-12-2006  Wife Of Alonzo Harris
HARRIS, Bettie M. b. October-6-1921 d. January-9-1994  
HARRIS, Ida W. b. November-18-1895 d. July-16-1991  
HARRIS, Robert L. b. January-22-1893 d. January-22-1978  
HARRIS, Ulysses C. b. June-6-1926 d. March-25-1968  
HARRISON, Della A. b. March-20-1896 d. September--1976  
HENDERSON, Ida A. b. May-10-1892 d. May-10-1971  
HENDERSON, Lawrence b. September-30-1923 d. August-11-1988  
HENDERSON, Mode b. February-23-1880 d. July-28-1957  
HESTER, Lucille b. March-3-1936 d. November-28-1956  
HILL, Clara R. b. January-10-1910 d. September-8-1986  
HORTON, Bettie A. b. July-5-1936 d. December-5-1976  
HUDGINS, Arthur L. b. September-17-1889 d. June-9-1945  
HUDGINS, Elizabeth J. b. July-15-1926 d. March-20-2001  
HUDGINS, Emily Watson b. June-26-1898 d. April-25-1979  
HUDGINS, Eugene F. b. August-7-1883 d. October-15-1950  
HUDGINS, Gertrude N. b. July-10-1889 d. April-17-1948  
HUDGINS, Henry Lincoln b. October-1-1901 d. April-24-1993  
HUDGINS, Mary R. Giles b. February-9-1919 d. July-23-1958  
HUDGINS, Nannie B. b. April-8-1898 d. October-25-1947  
HUDGINS, Ponola M. b. February-7-1894 d. November-9-1955  
HUDGINS, Thomas A. b. January-4-1924 d.  
HUDGINS, William b. August-20-1895 d. August-17-1964  
HUDGINS, William T. b. March-27-1953 d. March-27-1964  
INGRAM, Catherine b. April-18-1918 d. June--1992  
INGRAM, Robert L. b. December-15-1951 d. August-8-1996  
JENNINGS, Joseph D. b. July-30-1931 d. March-9-1993  
JOHNSON, Herbert b. December-13-1913 d. February-21-1997  
JOHNSON, J. Robert b. 1907 d. 1964  
JOHNSON, Ruth S. b. March-7-1941 d. November-17-2005  
JOHNSON, Worth Sr. b. August-15-1886 d. November-30-1969  
JONES, Audrey R. b. March-28-1927 d. September-13-2001  
JONES, Benjamin J. b. June-25-1926 d. August-4-1978  
JONES, Clarence b. 1922 d. 1984  
JONES, Pearl b. 1899 d. 1960  
JONES, Pearlie Mae Reavis b. September-6-1930 d. November-30-2005  
JONES, Raymond H. b. February-28-1923 d. June-17-1979  
KEARNEY, Merdis C. b. February-26-1926 d. September-7-2006  
KEARNEY, Willie F. b. February-14-1902 d. September-24-1999  
KEARNEY, Willie Ray b. April--1958 d. December-26-1976  
KEARNEY, Willie Ray Sr. b. September-22-1922 d. September-14-1976  
KING, Daisy B. b. January-22-1920 d. August-22-1989  
LASSITER, Arthur b. March-7-1909 d. January-21-1991  
LASSITER, Beulah N. b. September-7-1916 d. March-21-1987  
LASSITER, Mary A. b. September-7-1890 d. July-5-1980  
LEWIS, Ora M., Sr. b. June-29-1917 d. October-13-2004  
LEWIS, Will b. February-22-1872 d. July-15-1955  
MILLER, Rowena C. b. June-14-1923 d. March-13-2003  
MONROE, James b. August-8-1928 d. October-8-1951  
MOORE, Mary Bell b. October-5-1904 d. November-2-1998  
NEWELL, Lemuel T. b. March-15-1932 d. January-17-1986  
NEWELL, Leroy Cheek b. July-22-1909 d. January-21-1955  
NEWELL, Matthew J. b. July-6-1937 d. May-27-1997  
NICHOLSON, Jessie W. b. July-20-1908 d. December-20-1994  
NICHOLSON, Lucy Ann W. b. 1884 d. 1966  
NICHOLSON, Thomas A. b. March-23-1884 d. May-12-1968  
NICHOLSON, William M. b. December-12-1900 d. August-28-1993  
PERRY, Katie Lee b. April-10-1910 d. August-29-1981  
PIERCE, Earl Lee b. June-30-1924 d. September-29-1992  
PIERCE, Tommy "Tootsie" b. July-4-1952 d. August-11-2002  
POWELL, Benjamin E. b. July-5-1913 d. August-26-1976  
POWELL, Channie C. b. August-6-1914 d. September-14-1975  
POWELL, Herman D. b. March-11-1955 d. December-31-1991  
POWELL, James Wesley b. August-11-1931 d. January-20-1965  
POWELL, John Ridley b. January-22-1874 d. February-24-1954  
POWELL, John W. b. May-25-1902 d. February-28-1980  
POWELL, Matthew E. b. September-23-1918 d. February-3-1977  
POWELL, Newie J. b. July-11-1884 d. November-21-1967  
POWELL, Ruth R. b. January-31-1898 d. December-5-1988  
POWELL, Willie F. b. 1881 d. January-1-1963  
RAMSEY, Steven C. b. February-15-1967 d. July-5-1991  
REAVIS, David L. b. 1922 d. 1983  
REAVIS, John b. May-16-1912 d. April-19-1987  
REAVIS, Joseph Nelson b. February-20-1948 d. August-21-2003  
REAVIS, Mary b. 1882 d. March-12-1971  
REAVIS, Nelson Eaton b. November-11-1919 d. November-24-1991  
REAVIS, Pattie M. b. January-22-1911 d. April-24-1995  
REAVIS, Selma F. b. February-28-1929 d. October-6-2007  
REAVIS, Willie H. b. July-4-1910 d. November-25-1979  
RIVERS, Alice C. b. August-12-1910 d. August-2-1982  
ROBINSON, Lizzie N. b. March-28-1890 d. October-27-1953  
ROSS, Basil Curtis b. February-1-1943 d. March-29-1994  
ROSS, Marjorie W. b. June-19-1909 d.  
SHEARIN, Floyd C. b. July-8-1916 d. November-6-2004  
SHEARIN, Pattie S. b. July-8-1886 d. September-29-1975  
SMITH, Sallie B. b. September-9-1948 d. February-1-1972  
SOLOMON, Andrew Leon b. July-17-1960 d. July-15-2000  
SOLOMON, Arthur b. July-27-1910 d. October-26-1994  
SOMERVILLE, Daniel Lee b. January-1-1956 d. February-15-2005  
SOMERVILLE, Willie R., Jr. b. September-18-1965 d. August-10-1978  
SOMMERVILLE, Arthur Delane b. July-9-1943 d. April-9-1984  
SOMMERVILLE, Helen Irene b. April-24-1924 d. October-7-1990  
SPRUILL, Benjamin F. b. December-31-1933 d. March-26-1995  Husband Of Mary Nell Copeland Spruill
SPRUILL, Beulah M. b. April-12-1894 d. January-3-1965  
SPRUILL, David N. b. October-29-1894 d. August-15-1975  
SPRUILL, Henry R. b. January-12-1915 d. June-20-1992  
SPRUILL, Hughley C. b. November-1-1909 d. July-5-1994  
SPRUILL, James A. b. May-18-1915 d. April-19-1989  
SPRUILL, Janet A. b. August-10-1914 d. January-10-2001  
SPRUILL, Junius b. May-10-1877 d. September-15-1971  
SPRUILL, Kelly b. September-19-1919 d. February-10-2001  
SPRUILL, Louis M. b. July--1889 d. July-20-1971  
SPRUILL, Mary H. b. 1888 d. February-16-1972  
SPRUILL, Mary Nell Copeland b. August-11-1937 d. September-1-2001  Wife Of Benjamin F. Spruill
SPRUILL, Nannie H. b. February-11-1921 d. September-29-1997  
SPRUILL, Omelia C. b. April-17-1918 d. October-22-1986  Wife Of Willie N. Spruill
SPRUILL, Rev. James S. b. May-10-1892 d. February-24-1995  Husband Of Viola Louise Spruill
SPRUILL, Sallie W. b. October-17-1903 d. June-20-1984  
SPRUILL, Viola Louise b. October-13-1896 d. August-2-1995  Wife Of Reverend James S. Spruill
SPRUILL, Willie N. b. February-4-1918 d. November-11-2007  Husband Of Omelia C. Spruill
STREETER, Charlie J. b. March-18-1885 d. August-5-1966  
STREETER, Enolia b. October-23-1887 d. July-7-1974  
SUTTON, Dianne Copeland b. November-3-1941 d. August-8-2000  
SWINSON, Ophelia M. b. 1914 d. August 13 -2011  
WATSON, Luther L. b. May-8-1895 d. October-9-1988  
WEST, Joe, Sr. b. 1881 d. March-17-1945  
WEST, Lucy D. b. September-11-1905 d. March-3-2002  
WEST, Madgie E. b. March-20-1904 d. August-11-1987  
WHEELER, L. H. b. December-7-1917 d. July-10-1972  
WHEELER, Maggie b. July-14-1887 d. September-20-1949  
WILLIAMS, Annie S. b. November-18-1922 d. September-1-1999  
WILLIAMS, Bernard M. b. December-1-1945 d. November-3-1990  
WILLIAMS, Irene P. b. February-24-1902 d. October-11-1975  
WILLIAMS, James M., Sr. b. October-26-1943 d. June-29-2001  
WILLIAMS, Joe S. b. June-21-1886 d. February-20-1954  Husband Of Lucinda B. Williams
WILLIAMS, Lucinda B. b. April-10-1884 d. January-26-1985  Wife Of Joe S. Williams
WILLIAMS, Nathaniel b. December-29-1947 d. February-11-1988  
WILLIAMS, Otis N. b. June-23-1919 d. November-24-1986  
WILLIAMS, Preston, Sr. b. May-4-1921 d. November-1-1984  
WILLIAMS, Solomon b. August-12-1897 d. April-2-1964  
WILLIAMS, Susie M. b. November-30-1888 d. January-25-1950  
WILLIAMS, Whit b. Jun2-11-1882 d. March-17-1953  
WILLIAMS, William M. b. August-3-1899 d. February-6-1978  
WILLIAMS, Willie Roy b. March-30-1924 d. May-9-1995  
WILSON, Hazard Shaw b. January-20-1910 d. August-4-1988  
WILSON, Lily Y. b. November-13-1913 d. July-16-2006  
Also see the history of the church and tombstone photos by Tony Copeland

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