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Bennett Richardson Family Cemetery

Warren County, North Carolina

Surveyed by Tony Copeland, July 2007

Directions: From Warrenton, NC43 South to Red Man Road/NC1513 Arcola.

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ALSTON, Eula R.b.May-28-1899 d.February--1970 
BLOW, Susie b.September--1911d. February--1980 
BOONE, Luther b.March-5-1894d.June-16-1985 US ARMY WW-1
BOONE, Luther E.b. December 17-1912d.November-27-1996 "In Loving Memory"
BOONE, Mollieb. July-4-1898d.December-11-1981 
BOONE, Tony McArthurb. d. February-26-1971 
CARTER, Sallie B.  (1878)d.March-23-1912 "At Age Of 33 Wife Of Hawkin's Carter" "Death Where Is Thy Sting, Grave Where Is Thy Victory?"
COPELAND, Eva (1895)d. 1935*(Note: actually died June 26, 1937)
HART, Akido Ray b.August-11-1979d. May-20-1988 
MARSHBURN, Buddie b.July-15-1909d.June-15-1952 
PITTS, Emma M.b.January-1-1930 d.December-17-1975 
RICHARDSON, Addie Earley b.April-15-1908d. July-21-1981 
RICHARDSON, Ammie S. b.May-10-1894d.November-30-1972 "Rest In Peace"
RICHARDSON, Annie L.b. May-5-1957d.December-19-2000 
RICHARDSON, Beaufordb.January--1910 d.May--1926 
RICHARDSON, Effie b.March-15-1887d. March-24-1970 "Gone But Not Forgotten"
RICHARDSON, Fletcher b.December-25-1919d. January-15-1979 
RICHARDSON, George H. b.July-10-1921d.June-26-1979 "Beloving Father"
RICHARDSON, George Leeb. August-1-1943d.October-22-1988 
RICHARDSON, Henriettab.September-29-1929 d.April-5-1968 
RICHARDSON, John B. b.August-3-1881d. January-12-1958 
RICHARDSON, Leonard b.1867d.1937 
RICHARDSON, Martha L.b.September-25-1927 d.April-13-2006 
RICHARDSON, Osburn b.May-28-1944d. June-28-1984 
RICHARDSON, Shulus b.1868d.1934 
RICHARDSON, Thomasb.August-4-1893 d.July-8-1970 PVT-CO-B-329-LABOR-BN-QMC-WW-1
RICHARDSON, Winnieb.1869 d.1938 
SILVER, Acie  (1876)d.November-23-1910 "Died At Age Of 30 Year's" " May The Resurrection Find Thee On The Boson Of God"
SILVER, Clecy b.1890d. June-3-1961 
SILVER, Edgarb. October-6-1906d.February-4-1957* (Note: Death Records shows January 14, 1957)
SILVER, Forest b.January-1-1922d.December-6-2002 
SILVER, Jenniferb.July-19-1970 d.February-1-2005 
SILVER, Mary B. b.February-2-1882d. April-29-1980 
SILVER, Olab. November-2-1908d.April-9-1946* Note: Death Records shows April 13, 1948
SILVER, Roy (Apr. 1895)d.Apirl-2-1911 "Died At Age Of 15 Son Of Elizabeth And Acie Silver" "We Will Meet Again"
SILVER, Stanley b.June-10-1950d. December-31-1958 
SILVER, Weldon b.February--1914d.September--1934

Note:   Have added birth dates in parentheses ( ) when none is indicated



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