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Solomon Williams - Temporance Bodie

Note:  This appears to have been attached to another record and is not given a seperate index number under the list with the Bible records in the Court House but certainly needs to be included.  I am including this and given it an arbitrary number since it does appear it may have come from records of Dr. R. E. Williams and certainly starts with Solomon Williams.  If anyone has more information, please let me know.
Copied from old Bible Sept. 11, 1941 by Bettie D. Williams

Soloman Williams & Temporance Bodie was married 23rd June 1757
Temporance Williams wife of Solomon Williams departed this life the 11th day of May 1784
William Williams son of Soloman was married to his wife Elizabeth Webb the 8th day of Dec. 1785
Temporance B. Williams married to Thomas C. Jones 22nd Feby. 1810
William Williams & His wife Eliz A. Kearney was married 4th Dec. 1790
Eliza A. Williams married Nathan Perry 3rd July 1815
Temporance Bodie Williams Jones was married to Calvin Jones April 15th 1819
Polly K. Williams was married to Robert Blick Aug. the 26th 1819
Adeline Williams was married to John J. Alston the 11th of Dec. 1822
Peggy D. Williams was married to Horrace A. Burton June the 2nd 1825
Joseph John Williams was married James Martha Alston the 20 of Nov. 1820
Marina P. Williams was married to George W. Alston Feb. 18th 1829
Wm. Williams son of Solomon Williams was born the 8th day of March 1760
Solomon Williams Sr. departed this life 28th July 1794
Elizabeth Webb wife to Wm. Williams departed this life 22nd June 1789
Ruina J. Williams daughter of Wm. Departed this life the 20th day of Sept. 1809
Thomas C. Jones departed this life the 5th Sept. 1810
Robert W. Williams departed this life 15th Nov 1822
Polly K. Williams Blick departed this life the 5th of Nov. 1825
Robert Blick departed this life 9th Nov. 1825
Apphia A. Williams departed this life the 7th July 1834
Henery G. Williams son of Solm. Williams
Temporance Bodie departed this life Feb. 15th 1835
Temporance Brodie Williams, daughter of Wm. Williams was born Sept. 4th 1785
Ruina J. Williams was born the 22nd Mar 1785
Robert Webb Williams was born the 27th of February 1792
Elizabeth Williams was born the 15th of November 1794
Polly K. Williams was born the 18th of November 1798
Joseph John Williams was born the 20th of November 1796
Peggy Dawson Williams was born the 28th Sept. 1800
Patsey Kearney Williams was born the 11 of March 1803
Adeline Williams was born 19th of April 1805
William H. Williams was born the 9th of November 1808
Marina P. Williams was born the 7th of September 1810
Solomon Williams was born the 15th day of March 1813
Thomas C. Jones of Temperance was born the 27th of Nov. 1810
Patsy Kearny Williams married to Nathan M. Alston the 22nd Dec 1829
Maria A. Kearney married to Solomon Williams the 4th of March 1835

Copied from an old bible Sept. 11, 1941 by Bettie D. Williams wife of R. E. Williams son of Dr. R. E. Williams

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