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John H. White
Owned by Irvine Hayes, Norlina NC
Posted by Warren County Courthouse


Husband: John H. White
Born: 28th Day of October, 1843

Wife: Pattie A. MABRY
Note: Martha ANDERSON MABRY is written above Pattie's name.

Born: March 14th 1844

Married: 18th day of October 1865

by T. Page RICAUD

George Edmund WHITE born on the 5th day of Sept 1866
Thomas Gray White was born 26 April & died on day of July 1868, brain fever.

Children's Names:

Nanie Williams White was born on 2nd Day June 1869
Walter Coleman White was born on the 5 of November 1871
Frank Earnest White was born on Feb 13 1873 in the morning.
Susan Imogene White was bornon the 7 day of August 1876 Sun Morning.

J. H. White and Tempe Ella BURTON were married on 22 March 1881 by Rev Mr. WAGONER of Virginia


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