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Andrew White Family
Posted by Warren County Courthouse


Posted by Warren County Courthouse

ANDREW WHYTE born 17th May 1769, died 15th May 1841

Buried in the yard of Abottshell Parish Chruch, Kirkcaldy. My grandfather had photographs made of this church and photo shows grave marked with an X. Grave is located on right side of main walk, about two thirds up main walkway.

His first wife was Catherine MCDICKEN. She died in Glasgow, aged 25 years. Her family were:

Thomas, died in Petersburg VA 12th July 1858
Barbara (Mrs. Cusin) Gabriel, one daughter of his still alive at Port Victor, South Australia.

Second wife, Hannah BOLTON, born 9th Feby (July?) 1779, died 1858. her family were:

William, born 15th March 1803, died 11th July 1806

Margaret, born 10th March 1805, died 21st May 1806

Hannah, born 25th Jany. 1807. Married Mr. WILTON. Died young without children.

Eliseh born 25th June 1808. died 30th Sept 1859. She married Mr. Louis CHIFFELLE, a Swiss, who died in France.

Margaret born 11th May 1810, died 18th March 1882, unmarried.

Andrew, born 16 July 1812, disappeared in America. Visited John White in Warrenton NC about 1855. Never heard from afterward. Either he left to return to his ship in New Orelans. Investigation by John White several months later revealed death from yellow fever in New Orleans hotel of a Capt White, immediately after a visit to Warrenton.

John, born 31st August 1814, died in Warrenton, NC December 17th, 1894.

Robert, born 25th July 1816, died in Siem.

William, born 27th July 1818, died Feb 21 1877, family in New Zealand.

Sarah, b 18th April 1821, Married to John KEY, Engineer and Shipbuilder.


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