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Weldon Family Bible

Weldon Family Bible Record - Now, 1971, in possession of Claude T. Weldon, Rt. 2, Warrenton, N.C.

Sales Weldon Nov. 27th 1797
Elizabeth Mathews April 1817
Jain Rebecca Weldon Pierce July 14th 1854
Nathaniel Buchanan Weldon May 18th 1857
John Sales Weldon August 23rd 1838
Mary Frances Weldon August 21st 1839
William Daniel Weldon March 6th 1841
Joseph Jones Shadrach Weldon January 22nd 1843
Isaac Coal Weldon July 18th 1845
Samuel Hawkins Weldon 21st December 1847
Elizabeth Eberline Edna Weldon 27th May 1849
Barsheba Jordain Weldon October 25th 1850
George Washington Weldon September 3rd 1852


Pabitha Weldon & John Palmer November 16th 1824
Sales Weldon & Elizabeth Matthews 31st of October 1837
Wm. D. Weldon & A. V. Wiggins January 15th 1874


William Weldon 6th August 1837
John S. Weldon 4th September 1838
Shadrack Weldon First day of October 1841
Elizabeth Eberline Edna Weldon July 15th 1850
Bashaba Weldon 4th October 1849 in the 79 year of her age
Jain Rebecca Pierce Weldon June 20th 1855
Samuel Hawkins Weldon June 30 1859
David Weldon 3rd December 1851
Sales Weldon February 6 1868
Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of Sales Weldon Dec. 12th 1883
Mrs. Mary Francis Weldon, daughter of Elizabeth and Sales Weldon died April 14th, 1894, being in the 56 year of her age.
Jordan Bashaba Weldon daughter of Sales and Elizabeth Weldon died Sept. 5th 1904. being the 54th year of her age.
Joseph Jones Shadrach Weldon son of Elizabeth and Sales Weldon died Dec. 1st 1911 being the 68th year of his age.
Nathaniel Berchanan Weldon son of Sales and Elizabeth Weldon died Oct. 24th 1930 Born May 18th 1857

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