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In 1975 was in the possession of Judge John Webb, Wilson NC


James Webb Married to Mary EDMONDSON 20th February 1731
William Web son of do. Born February 10th 1732 departed this life 20th of March following.
James Webb son of Do born July 2d 1734
Mary Webb daughter of Do. born 4th October 1736 departed this life 2d September 1739
John Webb son of Do. born 7th April 1739 departed this life 20th September following
Mary Webb daughter of Do. born October 14th 1740
John Webb son of Do. born 2d April 1743 departed this life 7th August 1745
William Webb son of do. born 1st May 1745
John Webb son of Do. born 18th January 1747/8?
Thomas Webb son of Do. born 27th February 1751 departed this life October 1783
Elizabeth Webb daughter of Do. born 30th June 1754.
James Webb, the father first above, departed this life 11th April 1771. Aged 75 years the 5th December past.


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