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Watkins Bible
ow, 1970, owned by Mrs. Manley Martin, Warrenton, N.C.


Richard S. Watkins was born February 9th, 1827
Sarah L. Watkins was born August 22-1827
Elmus W. Watkins son of R. S. Watkins & Sarah L. Watkins was born Jan. 12th 1855.
Stephen L. Watkins was born August 16th, 1858
Jefferson D. Watkins was born May 27th, 1861.
Annie L. Watkins daughter of R. S. Watkins & Sarah L. Watkins was born Jan. 28th 1867.
Richard Wellons Watkins son of R. S. & Sarah L. Watkins was born April 16th 1872


Richard S. Watkins was married to Sarah L. Mabry Jan. 28th-1847.
Copyed from old Bible this the 24th day of January 1896 by S. L. Watkins.
Sallie Bet Watkins and J. J. Crowder was married the 16th Feb. 1899.
Iola D. Watkins and J. A. Daniel were married the 16th Dec. 1908.
Annie Roberta Watkins and C. H. Hicks were married Dec. 15,1909.
Carrie Varene Watkins and Edmund Witheredge Limer were married March 2a, 1925.


S. L. Watkins was born August 16th 1858
T. R. Watkins was born May 20th 1859
Sallie Bet Watkins was born Nov. 18th 1878.
Howard S. Watkins was born June 8th 1880.
Martha A. Watkins was born Oct. 22th 1881.
Annie R. 'Watkins was born August 16th 1884.
Iola D. Watkins was born Dec. 20th 1885.
Leonard G. Watkins was born May 14th 1887
Jell Boyd Watkins was born Oct. 3rd 1889.
Ida Ruth Watkins was born January 21st 1893.
Carrie Varene Watkins born August 21, 1899.

Grand Children

Ava Lola Hicks was born Jan. 28, 1911.
Annie Dorris Hicks was born Apr. 29, 1912.
 John Howard Daniel was born Nov. 27, 1911.
 Stephen Leonard Crowder was born April, 7, 1909.
Joseph Jefferson Crowder was born Dec. 4, 1912.
Kathrine Elizabeth Crowder was born
Sucile Roberta Hicks was born May 25, 1915.
Erma Louise Hicks was born Nov. 19, 1918.
Ida Maeo Daniel was born Dec. 17, 1917.
Leonard Shields Daniel was born April 19, 1919.
Frank Homer Daniel was born Sept. 5, 1922.
 Rebecca Rodwell Daniel was born May 23, 1926.


Howard S. Watkins died July 28th 1881.
Leonard G. Watkins died July 1, 1889.
R. S. Watkins died June 6th 1889.
Sarah L. Watkins died July 6th 1904.
Stephen Leonard Watkins died Saturday p.m. June 1, 1907.
Jeff Boyd Watkins died Apr. 3, 1908 Friday a.m.
Martha Ava Watkins died Jan. 26 1909 Tues. a.m.
Ida Ross Watkins died Feb. 28, 1925, Sat. a.m. 9:30.


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