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Twitty Family Bible

Now, 1970, in possession of Panthea Massenburg Twitty, Warrenton, N.C.

Robert Cheek Twitty January 6th 1838
Sarah Fitts Henry Palmer August 16th 1840
William Thrower Twitty May 15th 1868
Caroline Twitty January 23d 1863
Caroline Sterling Twitty February 13th 1865
Harriet Twitty May 20th 1867
Mary A. Twitty Sept 12th 1869
James Turnbull Twitty Jr. Nov 19th 1871 10 oclock AM
Ann Sterling Twitty April 10th 1874 9 oclock Am
Robert (not clear) Twitty Jr. May 29th 1876 4 oclock PM
William Alston Cheek Twitty May 14th 1884 – 1961
James Turnbull Twitty March 18th 1813
Caroline C. Twitty Nov 2d 1817
Robert Cheek Twitty Jany 6th 1838
Mary Ann Sterling Twitty Apr 3d 1840
Robert Tines Cheek 1772
Mary Alston Cheek
William Twitty 1767
Ann Turnbull 1779


Robert Cheek Twitty & Sarah Fitts Henry Palmer May 30th 1860
William T. Twitty & Amelia E. Clara 1883
R(?) Palmer Jr. & Caroline S.(?) Twitty April 9, 1885
William T. Fitts & Harriet T. Twitty Nov 9, 1887
H. Howard Palmer & (not clear) Twitty Jan. 29, 1891
Jebb(?) Pamer & A(not clear) S. Twitty Oct 20, 1904
Robert Tines Cheek & Mary Alston 17—
William Twitty & Ann Turnbull August 10th 1799
James T. Twitty & Caroline C. Cheek May 11th 1836
Mary Ann Sterling Twitty & John W. Primrose Novr 14th 1865
William Twitty & Mary Clack 1750
William Twitty & Elizabeth Sterling
J. T. Twitty (faded) (James Turnbull)
Frances McLean Twitty


Caroline Twitty May 24th 1864
Caroline Sterling Twitty Palmer Aug 2, 1904 (age 38)
(faded) March 26, 1916
Robert Cheek Twitty Jr. May 20, 1919 42
William Thrower Twitty 1929 (faded)
61 years old
Horace Palmer Mch 3 1897
Howard Palmer April? 9 1924
John D. Palmer Oct 10, 1926 age 59 yrs
Sarah Fitts Henry Palmer Twitty 1929
Ann Sterling Twitty Apr 4?, 1948
(faded) Twitty Palmer
(faded) Cheek Twitty
Caroline C. Twitty July 5th 1876
James T. Twitty Sr. Apl 23 1881
Robert C. Twitty July 25 1903
William Twitty
Ann Twitty
Robert Tines Cheek May 10th 1842
Mary Alston Cheek

Family Record:

Births: (Paternal)
Thomas Twitty abt 1725
Mary Clark
2nd gen.
William Twitty 1774
Ann Turnbull (Twitty) 1779
3rd gen
James T. Twitty March 18th 1813
Caroline Cheek (Twitty) Nov 2d 1817
4th gen.
(faded) C. Twitty Jany 6th 1838
(faded) Twitty

Births: (Maternal)
James Turnbull Elizabeth Sterling o E. Twitty E. Bowen, and by 3d Manager??
Elizabeth’s baby
2d gen
Robert Tynes Cheek
Mary Alston
5th g(faded)
William Thrower Twitty May 15th 1861
Caroline Twitty Jany 23 1863
Caroline Sterling Twitty July 13th 1868
Harriet Twitty May 20th 1869
Mary A. Twitty Sept 12th 1869
James Turnbull Twitty Nov 19th 1874
Robert Cheek Twitty Jr. May 29th 1878

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