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Edward Tanner Bible
Submitted by Ed Tatum


Edward Tanner & Ann Tanner was Married March 23rd 1797

Susanna Burton Tanner was Married to Doctr. Green B Williams Sept 19,

Harden Williams & Martha A. Tanner was Married Dec 27th 1821

John C. Tanner & Lewraney S Matthews was married the 1st day of August

Henry H. Colding and Susan. B Tanner was married the 8 day of February


Lewraney L Tanner wife of John C Tanner died witout fear or [illeg] of
death as often [expressed?] by her on 2 July 1859

Sarah [Hewes?] daughter [illeg] & daughter of John C & L L Tanner
departed this life on the 3d June 1859 with a peaceful and tranquil
countenance and said to us all, meet her in heaven


John Tanner Senr. was born febr. 21 1720

Edward Tanner was born 1 Day of Augt 1776, Thursday

Ann Tanner was born Jany. 5 1776

Jonathan Tanner was born April 25 1778 - Saturday

Joseph Tanner was born 14 of August 1781

Susanna B Tanner was born Febr. 4 1798 (Sunday)

John C Tanner was born December 11 Day 1799 Wednesday

Martha A Tanner was born May 23, 1801 Saturday

Thomas Revel Tanner was born the 18th of November 1823 Friday

Martha Tanner was born the 24 day of February 1832


Jonathan Tanner Died of Plurisy 15 Novr. 1803 leaving a wife and two
sons-- John Allen Tanner and Samuel Young Tanner

John Tanner Senr Died of an Apoplexy 8th Day of December 1805 being in
the 18 year of his age

Edward Tanner died of a Nervous Affection 14th of April 1821

John C Tanner Died the 20 of December 1868 Age Sixty eight years &
eleven days

John J.R. Tanner Died the 29 of May 1853 of the inflamation of the Brain
Aigen [?] two years and Six Months Son of Thos. R & M.A. Tanner

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