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John W. Sledge Bible

Bible of John W. Sledge born 3 march 1794 (died Rome, Ga, ?)
In possession of: Victor Marcel Sledge (b. 30 May 1920) 3084 Kenneth St., Memphis, Tenn. 38128 (reading by Mrs. John H. Kerr, Warrenton, N. C.

John W. Sledge March 3rd 1794
Maria his wife March 7th 1804
Julia Ann Sledge May 27th, 1824
Susan D. Sledge September 4th, 1825
Martha R. Sledge Febry. 23, 1827
Elizabeth E. Sledge June 26th, 1828
Willis P. Sledge July 28th, 1829
Melita B. Sledge June 12th,1831
John A. Sledge April 25th, 1833
Henry Sledge 22nd June 1881 in Tyson Co., Tenn
James Sledge my father March 30th, 1752
Donna Maria Sledge Dec. 17, 1846
Lucy James Sledge Dec. 14th, 1834, died Aug. 1st, 1835
Person Sledge 29th Nov. 1778
Susan Fisk Oct. 30th, 1794
Ada Marel McClarmock, our second daughter April 17th 1873 in Tipton Co., Tenn
Wilber Person Sledge, son of W. G. & D. M. Sledge 16 Oct. 1878
Winne Louise Brooks, dau. of L. W. & Mary D. Brooks Oct. 23rd, 1879
Maria J. Sledge March 20th, 1836
Lucy C. Sledge May 8th, 1838
Archibald H. Davis Sept. 13th, 1827
Lucy E. A. Stallings July 20th, 1829
Archibald H. Davis, Sr. 1798
William D. Davis 28 Dec 1820
William G. Sledge 24 Oct 1840, died 7th July 1841
Anmise Clara Brook Aug. 24th 1882 in Typton Co., Tenn.
Willis P. Sledge July 28th 1829
Louisa C. Sledge May 21st 1836
James T. Sledge Sept. 20th, 1854
William Thomas Sledge Sept. 20th, 1854
Mary D. Sledge March 18th, ----
Daniel Alexander McClamrock? Sept. 18th 1845 in Madison Co., Tenn.
Susan Elizabeth McClamrock July 31st 1869 in Tipton Co., Tennessee

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