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Thomas Young Perdue Family Bible
Submitted by Jonathan DeMai


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Thomas Y. Perdue
Catherine Hicks Hawkes
were married 13th of Dec

Walter W. Hawkes was born
son of Nathaniel & Catherine W.
Hawkes Sept 15th 1868





Rowan E. Perdue
was born Oct. 16th

Alonzo C. Perdue was
born April 2nd

Clifton H. Perdue was
born August 22nd 1877

Martha Eleanor Perdue was born
July 26th 1879

Janie Hicks Perdue was born
March 17th 1882

Lucas Pittard Perdue
John White Perdue were born
Jan 28th 1884




Annie Blanche Perdue
was born Dec. 18th 1885

Katie Green Perdue
was born Jun 1st 1888

Thomas Young Perdue
was born Nov. 22nd 1848




Rowan Elizabeth Perdue
died Nov. 13th 1887

Catherine H. Perdue wife of
Thomas Y. Perdue died July 3rd 1889

Jannie Perdue Clark died Feb 15th 1906

Walter Hawkes died Feb 22nd 1893

Martha A. Perdue Wife of
Thomas Y Perdue died July 19th 1913

Thomas Y. Perdue died Sept 6 1913



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