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(Contributed by Erin Murphy)

Overby Family Bible

Now (1971) in possession of Mrs. M.B. Hilliard, Rt. 2, Macon NC (Printed 1906)

Eunice Mea Overby - May 25, 1923
William Rodgers Overby born May 29, 1926
Ida Yancey Overby died April 9, 1930 38 years old.
Clemmie Benton Overby died Dec. 17, 1942; 58 years old
Clemmie Overby and Ida Yancey was married Sept. 27, 1903.
Roberta Overby was born 1852 She June 29, 1925.

bible printed in 1906.

Garland Graham Overby borne Feb. 11, 1905. 41
Clifton Jeffress Overby borne Oct. 25, 1906 40
James Edwin Overby borne Oct. 12, 1909 37
Charles Brantley Overby born March 25, 1912 34
Thelma Rosa Overby born March 15, 1915 31
Ida Lucile Overby born May 23, 1920 26




John Henry Overby Bible

In possession (in 1970) of Mrs. Imogene Overby Arnold of Norlina, N.C. Printed in 1851
(Copy obtained from the Warren County Clerk’s Office)

Cintha A. Daniel dide on Sep. 18, 1886.
Feb. 17 Mary Overby (?) dide Baby wife
Febery 5, 1894
Mary Elizabeth Harris dide
George V.Overby died March 19
Gorge Overby 1895 died July 8, 1895
Sarah Layed die March 12, 1898
Lou? E. Overby died the Feb. 15, 1901.
Ula W. Clark was born May 6, 1900.
? La Rose was born the yere May 12, 1900.
Sar. A. Clark was born in the year of lord March 10, 1873.
Oct. 27, 1891 M.A.Overby was bornd yeard of load.
Luis E. Overby was born the of of lord Oct. 3, 1891
George N. Overby was born October 9, 1894.
Geo N. Munphord was married to Drew? R. Fueford in the year of our Lord Dec. 9th 1895.
Nannie B. Overby was married Jany 22 in the year 1899.
Bessa Overby was born the of lord Sep. 12, 1895.
Edman G. Clark was born June 25, 1895.

Virginia Ann Jrancey (?) Louas Overby was born the yeare of lord 1847 September 18.
Mary Elizabeth ??? was born the of lord May 3 yeare 1853.
James William ?? was born the year of or lord June 7, 1855.
John H. Overby was born July the 19th 1825.
Nancy T. Griffin was born Oct. 30th 1819.
Virgin ed F.L. Overby was born Sept. 18th 1847
Mary E.E.E. Overby was born May the 3rd 1853.
John H. Overby was born the yeare 1825 July the 19th of lord.
Mary(?) Overby was born the Oct 30 yeare 1819 of lord.
James. W. H. Overby was born June 7th 1855.
Alley Gustor Overby was born the April 7 the 1857
Geo. N. Mumphord was born Feby 19th 1871
Bessie A. Overby was born Sept. 12th 1895.
Sarah W. Overby was born in year of lord 1864, Sept. 12.

John H. Overby was married the years of lord ?? 25, 1846 Nancy T. Griffin
John H. Overby was married to Nancy T. Griffin November the 25th, 1846.
Oct. 22, was married to Betty Polld (?) year 1863 J. H. Overby
Sarah N. Overby was married to James A. Clark and Feb. 13, 1884.
Dorcie (?) Pearce was married to (?) Strickland?? 1894
March 14, 1903 L.W. Overby died.
Baby L.W. Overby was married Dec. 9 yeare 1866 Miss A. Wall.
NorJinia A. Overby was married Dec. 23 year 1866 to Sidny S. Pearce.
Mary E. Overby was married Ap. 17 year 1870 to Joseph C. Mumphord (?)
Sarh W. Overby married Feb. 13, 1884 to J/A. Clark.
J.L. Overby was married Nov. 12, 1880 (or 1890)
W.H Overby was married Dec. 23, 1890 to Ola Clark.

1904 Aug. 11, Hudust W Overby Aug. 11, 1904
was born in yeare of lord.
Mr. J. H Overby died December 7, 1900.
my mother dye the yeare of or lord Oct. 2, 1855
my father dye the 17 January the 1857
my sister francy Overby dye ond the 22 Oct. the 1856.
Martha Weaver died the Aug. 15, 1862.
Nancy died ond the Oct. 4, 1862
?? wife
William P. Griffin did ond the Augst 12, 1863.
Amy? Mustin? died ond the 3 of July 1863.
Miss Beady Martin? died ond March 23 yeare 1866.
Jimie A. Pearce died ond the June 25, 1872.
Sidney S. Pearce died the 12 day Feby 1870
and E. Overby died ond the 13 April 1871
was wife of Baby Overby.
Nancy Overby died ond the 25 day of June 1871.
Larkin wife
Ant Betsy Pinson died November 4, 1876.
Miss Poly Griffin died January 12, 1877
Mr. Luce Griffin died July 2, 1877



Larkin White Overby Bible

Now in possession, 1970, of Warren Overby, Rt. 1, Warrenton, NC printed 1870

John H. Overby was born the 19 day Jany 1825.
Lochy Ann Overby was born the 25 day Dec. 1826.
William Alexander Overby was born the 18th day Dec. 1828.
James Beverly Overby was born the 26th day Nov. 1830. (James Belfree)
Susan June Overby was born the 6th day Jan. 1833.
Sarah Francis Overby was born the 13th day Feb. 1835.
Larkin White Overby was born the 15th day Feb. 1837
Demurkes Layfayett Overby was born the 6th day Jan. 1839. (Marquis de Lafayette)
Ellen Caroline Overby was born the 15th day Aug. 1840.
Elizabeth Emily Overby was born the 23rd day Feb. 1842.
Ellkanor Overby was born the 7th day Nov. 1844.
Baiily L. Warren Overby was born the 23rd day Jan. 1848.
Sarah Ella Overby was born the 19th day of April 1861.

Howard Overby died April 22, 1935.
Emma Overby Reams died April 28, 1935.
Herman Taylor Overby died May 26, 1944.
Bettie A. Overby died March 22, 1947.
Susan Jane Overby died June 2, 1958.
Lawrence White Overby died July 20th 1968.

Walter Abram Overby on the 25th day of June 1875.
Emma White Overby on the second day of Oct. 1876.
Elizabeth Amma? Overby on the 16th day of Nov. 1878.
Howard Overby was born the 19 February 1881.
Herman Taylor Overby was born the 29th day July 1883.
Elizabeth L. Overby on the 20th of Jan. 1920. was burried the 22, 1920
George P. Overby on the 9th of Nov, 1918.
John Henry Overby on the day of November 1908.
William Alexander Overby on the 25th of May 1900.
Ellkanor Overby April 1914
Lucy Frazier Overby died 21 of August 1914. Age 29 years 4 mon. & 15 days. Born March 7, 1884.
Penninah B. Egerton on the 4th April 1925.
Emily W. Curl died on the 28th day of July 1926.
Walter A. Overby on the 8th of July 1929.

Susan Jane Overby was born the 16th day of March 1885.
George Pettigrew Overby was born the 23rd day of April 1887.
Emma White Reams children
Multie (?) Elizabeth Reams was born on the 9th November 1906.
Oliver Boyd (?) Reams was born on the 17th day of June 1908.
Graham White Reams was born on the 7th day of October 1909.
Mary Duke Reams was born on the 2nd day of September 1912.

Mabel Thomas Overby and Karl Lewis Ponzer (?) on Dec 21, 1935.
Ruth Hester Overby and Linne Howard Cawthorne March 28, 1942.
Warren Howard Overby and Edna Hunt Harris Feb. 1st, 1958.
Larkin W. Overby and Bettie L Curl on the eighth of Oct. 1873.
Howard Overby and Lucy B. Frazier on the 22nd day of Oct. 1901.
Emma White Overby and Hugh Page? Reams on the 28 day of June 1904.
Walter Abram Overby and Hellen Lucille Moore on the 12th day of Sept. 1916.
Ruth Hester Overby and Wilbert Henry Overby on the 6th day of Dec. 1925.
Lawrence White Overby and Ethel Jane Limer? on 14th Nov. 1931.
Howard Overby children.

Lawrence White Overby was born on the 12th of January 1903.
Ruth Hester Overby was born on the 11th of May 1904.
Mable Thomas Overby was born on the 3rd of September 1908.
Warren Howard Overby was born on the 5th September 1912.

Amma Pilhus? Curl died on the 21st day of Dec. 1876.
Abram Curl died on the 20th of Aug. 1887.
Susan Jane Davis? died on the 30th day of March 1901.
Murkins? White Overby on the 14th of March 1903. (Probably Larkin White Overby)
Mattie? Elizabeth Reams on the 11 of July 1907.


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