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Warren County Bible Records
Thomas Gardner Bible

Note: This Bible was published in 1805 by Mathew Carey, Philadelphia. The original owner was Rev. Thomas Gardner (1756-1827), a Baptist minister, of Halifax and Warren Counties, N. C. He began the record (inclusive dates, 1721-1882) with the births of his parents and their children. The Bible is now (1969) in custody of a descendant, Mildred Allen Adams (Mrs. James E., Sr.) Warrenton, N. C. This typescript was edited and transcribed by Mildred A. Adams and Malcolm E. Gardner.


Thomas Gardner & Betty Gardner February 12th, 1778
Polly Gardner & Francis Balthrop December 27th 1804
Thomas Gardner & Elizabeth Kerk, his second wife March 15th 1808
Betsey Gardner & Joseph Tanner January 19th 1812
Martha P. Gardner & G. Talley January 20th 1826
Thomas P. Gardner & Finetta S. A. W. Myri(ck) March 8, 1848


Winfield S. Gardner was born Oct. 7 1849, son of Thomas P Gardner and Finetta S. A. W. Myrick his wife
John C. Gardner was born March 5 1851, son of T. P. Gardner
Thomas Gardner Senr August 8th 1721
Martha Gardner his wife April 10th 1723
Thomas Gardner Junr March 16th 1756
Bettie Gardner his wife January 7th 1754
William Gardner May 6th 1744
Thomas Gardner January 17th 1746
John Gardner December 11th 1748
George Gardner November 30th 1750
Christopher Gardner October 26, 1752
Kemp Gardner July 5th, 1754
Thomas Gardner, the Younger March 16th, 1756
Pryor Gardner January 19th, 1758
Betty Gardner November 18th, 1759
Starling Gardner May 5th, 1762
Nancey Gardner December 27th 1778
Polley Gardner June 2d 1780
Betsey Gardner December 16th 1781
Frances Gardner March 16th 1784
John Waller Gardner January 9th, 1786
Patsy Pryor Gardner January 20th, 1788
Thomas Pettis Gardner, son of John W. Gardner and Nancy P. Gardner
February 17th, 1831
Patsy Kemp Balthrop November 17th, 1805
Betsey Waller Balthrop October 23rd, 1807 sic
Thomas Gardner Balthrop January 7th, 1808
John Christian Balthrop April 8th, 1810
William Balthrop September 29th, 1811
James Madison Balthrop April 17th, 1813


Thomas Gardner Senr November 10th, 1773
Martha Gardner, his wife March 13th, 1780
Ann Ray, mother to my wife May 5th, 1796 in her 67th year
Nancy Gardner, daughter of Thomas Gardner Junr August 6th, 1800
Betty Gardner, the tender Loveing wife of my youth November 14th, 1806
Polley Balthrop, my daughter May 13th 1813
Elizabeth Gardner, my Second Wife August 19th, 1824
Thomas Gardner October 15th, 1827
Martha P Talley August 8th, 1829
John Waller Gardner departed this life February the 4th 1837 about 3:00 p. m. after a painful illness of nine days which he bore with Christian fortitude
Frances Johnson, dau. of Revd Thomas Garder August 16th 1841
Pattie Petis Gardner, dau. of Finetta & Thomas P. Gardner August 7, 1857


Winfield S. Gardner Oct 7 1849
John C. Gardner March 5 1851
James M. Gardner Jan 17 1853
Franklin P. Gardner April 5 1854
Pattie Pettis Gardner September 28, 1856
Pattie Ray Gardner Nov 28, 1857


Winfield S. Gardner & Sallie N. Egerton Nov. 2nd, 1875
Pattie Ray Gardner & Jas R Rodwell Jan 14th, 1879
John C. Gardner & Sallie B. Rodwell Oct 29th 1879
Jas M Gardner & Cate H. White Nov 26, 1879
Franklin P. Gardner & Dora Rodwell Nov 29, 1882
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