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Warren County Bible Records
Fleming-Pitchford Bible

Now, 1970, in the possession of Mrs. Joe Neal (Bettie Pitchford) printed, 1850

Lizzie Hinton Cheek book and then to Annie Blanch Cheek

On Friday morning, February 10th, 1905, Rev. James A. Pitchford meekly and joyfully fell to sleep. He would have been 68 years the 24th, of this month. Rev. Pitchford was married three times, first to Miss Sallie Davis, daughter of Mr. John S. Davis, to them two daughters were born, Mrs. Stephen Duke and Mrs. Jane Gupton, second to Miss Permelia Duke, one son and four daughters were added to this union, third and last to Miss Alice Perry, of Franklin County, no children to last marriage.

John Pitchford & Mollie Moseby was married Dec. 5, 1898
Kitty Clide and Waite Johnston Pitchford was born [married?] Sep. 26, 1899
Clinton Hill Neal was born September 28, 1915
Nettie Sibyl Neal was born March 15, 1918
Willie Neal and Beaufort Cheek was married December 23, 1914
Sibyl Neal & M. L. Gallaway were married Nov. 27, 1937
Alice Perry Neal & Milton Overby were married Nov. 27, 1937
William Tines Pitchford was born August 17, 1892
William Tines Pitchford Jr. was born April 4, 1932
Sam Philip Pitchford was born March 3, 1934
John Rea Pitchford was born June 2, 1939
Sarah Vaughn Pitchford was born Aug. 4, 1908
W. T. Pitchford & Sarah Vaughan was married April 6, 1931


Solomon Fleming October 10th, 1853 at 1:00 a.m.
Annie Blanch Pitchford August 10th 1875
Samuel Jefferson Pitchford February 5th, 1883 age 4 months and 5 days
A baby girl was born and died 1st day of June 1890
Augusta A. Cheek April 7, 1895
Elizabeth J. Riggan 16 May 1903
Ronald B. Pitchford Sept. 29, 1905, 7 months old
Sterling Francis Hardy June 1905, 5 weeks old
Annie Blanch Cheek September 20, 1907
Sam Wait Pitchford July 15, 1923


Elizabeth Johnson January 1, 1827
Sol. Fleming January 27, 1824
Solomon Fleming & Elizabeth Johnson were married 8th Dec. 1847
Annie Blanch Cheek March 18, 1889
Elizabeth Hinton Pitchford?? August 22, 1869
Johnie Wait Pitchford August 21, 1873
Emma Estell Pitchford 3rd March 1877
Sterling? or Solomon Pitchford 8 June 1879
Samuel Jefferson Pitchford October 1st 1882
William Tines Pitchford August 17th 1892
Annie Blanch Pitchford February 2nd 1879
Samuel Wait Pitchford October 9, 1846
Emma?? Fleming May 20, 1849
Bettie Marion Pitchford March 26, 1884
James Alston Pitchford January 22, 1887
John W. Riggan & Elizabeth J. Fleming were married 12th Nov. 1863
Samuel Pitchford & Emma S. Fleming was married 22nd July 1868
William A. Cheek October 14th, 1891
Beufort Cheek December 10th 1894
Van Willard Hardy September 6th, 1897
Alvin Nichlison Hardy May 2, 1899
Bessie Marion Hardy July 16, 1907
Thad A. Cheek & Lizzie H. Pitchford were married 28 July 1887
Charlie H. Hardy & Estelle E. Pitchford were married 22 Nov. 1876
Emma Dale Cheek September 11th 1897
Robert Twitty Cheek September 24, 1899
Joe Neal & Nettie Pitchford were married September 1, 1912
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