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Felts Bible Records, Warren County, NC (includes Munn Family)

Richard B. Felts was born 1883 Jan.19
Lewis Ransom Felts was born 1886 April 29
Waltes Felts was born July I, 1881
Robt. E. Felts was born Jan. 17, 1878
Pattie Felts was born Feb. 2, 1885 wife of Richard Felts

Age of Alexander Munn Phildrin
Alexander Munn Jun. Was born 5th Feby 1800
Nancy Munn was born 18th December 1801
Franklin Munn was born December 28th,1803

This book is property of Jna O Bullock

Lucy Ann Shanks, her book
Lucy Ann Shanks

in 1973 Bible in possession of Margaret S. Felts, Rt. 1, Box 315 Norlina, NC.
Bible Published 1800, printed 1886

Bonnie Morgan

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