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John Egerton Book of Sermons


"John Egerton and Elizabeth his wife were married the 27th day of Nov., 1726.
Benjamin Egerton was born the 6th day of September, 1729 Rachel Egerton was born the 9th day of June 1732
Jean Egerton was born the 27th day of October 1734
Elizabeth Egerton was born the 20th day of March 1738
James Egerton was born the 22nd day of August 1740
John Egerton was born the 22nd day of January 1742/3
Scroop Egerton was born the 22nd day of May 1746
Willmont Egerton was born the 8th day of June 1748."

"The old Book of Sermons from which I copied the above just as it was written, was found in the attic of my great, great, grandmother's home, Martha Egerton who married William Henry Brown.
Martha Brown was granddaughter of John and Elizabeth Egerton and was daughter of their youngest child, Wilmot Egerton and his wife Ann Judkins. The old Book of Sermons is now in my possession, and came from the old Brown home in Macon, Warren Co., N.C. The back of the book is gone and some pages are missing, but the writing in it is very plain."

Signed: Sarah Myrick Parker

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 13th day of September 1955.

Signed: Nelda C. Herbert, Notary Public


A copy of the above Affidavit was sent to me many years ago by Sarah Myrick Parker who also sent copy made from the actual pages in the Book Of Sermons which I also have.



Egerton Bible

Wilmot Egerton 8 Jun 1748
Ann Judkins 15 Sep 1749
Salley Egerton 17 Dec 1778
Martha Egerton 15 May 1780
Benjamin Champion Egerton 7 Dec 1781
John Egerton 3 Aug 1783
James Egerton 23 Oct 1785
Wilmot Egerton 9 Nov 1787
Elizabeth Nicholson Egerton 17 Mar 1790
Thomas Judkins Egerton 15 Sep 1792
Martha Ann Egerton 26 Nov 1818
William H. Egerton 11 Nov 1820
Thomas M. Egerton 25 Jun 1822
Micajah T. H. Egerton 18 May 1824
Mary D. Egerton 12 Mar 1830
Sarah Noel Egerton 24 Apr 1834

Samuel Egerton, son of Moody Egerton 25 Oct 1827
William Henry Egrton, son of Moody Egerton 8 Aug 1829
Ann Judkins Egerton, dau. of Moody Egerton 15 Sep 1831
John Egerton, son of Moody Egerton 1 Jun 1834
Mary Elizabeth Egerton 27 Oct 1837
James Egerton, son of Moody Egerton 10 Mar 1841
This family was children of Moody Judkins, stepson of Wilmot Egerton and adopted his name.

Calledonia Mingea 31 Oct 1836
Heslop M. Mingea 8 Oct 1840
Orlando J. Mingea 24 Sep 1843
Sarah N. Mingea 1 Mar 1847
Ellen Mingea 11 Oct 1852
Wilton Egerton Mingea 8 Jun 1855

Jane Elizabeth ??? 12 Oct 1838
Frances ??? 13 Jun 1839?
Emily ??? 15 Apr 1842
John ??? 30 Apr 1845
Angeline ??? 28 Nov 1846
(All of these children seem to be in the same family but the records do not state whose)

Wilmot Egerton and Ann Judkins 31 Jan 1778
John Egerton and Sarah W. Norsworthy 16 Oct 1817
Williamson Mingea and Martha A. Egerton 23 May 1834

John Egerton 30 May 1851
Sarah W. Norsworthy Egerton 19 Dec 1840
Micajah T. H. Egerton 22 Oct 1848
William H. Egerton 22 Nov 1851
Sarah Noel Egerton 22 Feb 1859

Some slave birth information is provided.


James Egerton Prayer Book

James Egerton 1740
John Judkins Egerton, son of James and wife Martha Egerton 9 Feb 1769
Elizabeth Champion Egerton 28 Feb 1771
Ann Blow Egerton 7 Jun 1773
Mary W. Egerton 17 Aug 1779
J. H. Egerton 26 Oct 1781
Wilmot E. Egerton 12 Sep 1785
Gilbert Gray Egerton 17 Jun 1776
James Nicholson Egerton 26 Oct 1781
Phillip Moody Judkins, son of Ann Judkins 4 Apr 1776
Gilbood (Gilbert?) Gray Egerton 17 Jun 1776
Mary Williams Egerton 17 Aug 1779
Martha Kicker 25 Mar 1793
Midia Kicker 17 Apr 1765
Mottey Kicker 17 Nov 1767
Jarrel Kicker 9 Jul 1770
J. J. Egerton 7 Jun 1791
John Egerton 9 Feb 1769

James Egerton and Martha 17 Apr 1768

James Egerton 1785

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