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Warren County Bible Records
Davis Bible Records

1970, in possession of Mrs. Irene D. Capps, 701 Rose Street, Rocky Mount, N. C.

Husband: Richard Blount Davis, born May 11, 1866, son of James Davis and Mary Cofield Cheek
Wife: Mary Elizabeth Egerton, born August 16, 1872, daughter of Elizabeth Darien Cheek and Harry Thomas Egerton


Rosa Lee Davis to Albert Bugg
Herbert E. Davis to Naomi Lummy
Ruth E. Davis to John E. Harrington
James F. Davis to Florence Harvey
Lena M. Davis to Eugene Gilbert
Irene D. Davis to George Capps


Herbert Egerton Davis Nov. 16, 1891
Rosa Lee Davis June 15, 1893
Ruth Elizabeth Davis May 8, 1985
Arthur Burrell Davis July 3, 1897
James Frederick Davis Sept 30, 1899
Wilbur Forest Davis July 5, 1902
Maggie Vivian Davis Nov. 6, 1903
Selma Gray Davis May 21, 1906
Lena Margaret Davis June 26, 1908
Richard Blount Davis, Jr. Aug. 7, 1909
Irene Darien Davis May 12, 1911
Hazel Meredith Davis Aug 5, 1913


Rosa Davis Bugg Feb. 1920
Arthur Burwell Davis July 1920
Maggie Vivian Davis Feb. 28, 1928
Selma Gray Davis Oct. 17, 1925
Richard Blount Davis, Jr. June 10, 1917
Richard Blount Davis, Sr. Sept. 29, 1914
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