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Warren County Bible Records
George Weldon Davis Bible

George W. Davis Arcola, Warren County, North Carolina
October 19th 1877
1973, in possession of Mr. George Weldon Davis, Arcola, N. C.


George W. Davis born November 11th 1835
Mary Beaufort Davis born July 21st 1878, Sunday morning
Rebecca J. Davis born May 6th 1850
Eva Campbell Davis born May 29, 1880, Saturday evening
Elizabeth Rebecca Davis born July 6th 1872, Saturday
Annie Belle Davis born August 11th 1882 Friday
Viola Lee Davis born May 2nd, 1874, Saturday
Weldon Thomas Davis born December 8th 1884
Mattie Cofield Davis born April 6th 1876, Thursday
Pattie Bet Davis born Feb. 28th 1887
Winnie Davis born July 16th 1889


Mattie Cofield Davis and Joseph F. Hunter Dec. 2, 1896
Viola Lee Davis and S. Perry Burt Nov. 16th 1898
Mary Bearfort Davis and St Leon Scull Oct. 16th 1901
Annie Belle Davis & Thomas Cooper 12-4-1906
Wheldon T. Davis & Tomas [Tommie] York Oct. 11, 1910
Pattie Bet Davis & Grover D. Modlin May 10, 1911
George W. Davis and Rebecca J. Johnson, at Pleasant Hill near Ringwood
Sept. 27th 1871


Eva Campbell Davis Jan. 31st 1881, Sunday morning
Winnie Davis July 18th, 1889
George W. Davis May 5, 1909 at 7:50 a. m. Wed
Rebecca J. Davis April 19, 1924, buried Easter Sun.
St. Leon Scull Feb. 10, 1910, 11:00 a. m.
Alma Scull Williams July 24, 1946 at 7:30 a. m.
Robert Bailey Davis Mar. 25, 1943 in North Africa
Thomas A. Cooper May 7, 1951
Dr. Samuel Perry Burt Oct. 14, 1955
Joseph F. Hunter May 21, 1959
Viola Davis Burt June 24, 1961
Grover D. Modlin March 20, 1962
Robert McCrowden July 1928, age 81
Elizabeth Rebecca Davis June 27, 1968
John Exum Porter Jr. October 6, 1968
Mattie Hunter Davis Feb. 8, 1969
Pattie Bet Davis Modlin May 7, 1971
Robert McCrowden July 1928, age 81 years
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