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William Clement Family Bible

[There are quite a number of repeated items in this abstract. Line items were combined where possible for ease of use.]

From the Bible of William Clement, who was born in Lunenburg County, Virginia, son of Francis Clement
pub. in 1815
Information from Bible and other historical material compiled by Lissie S. Whitehead (Mrs. Edwin H.) 323 Oak Lane, Hampton Gardens, Richmond, Virginia, 23226 – mailing address 424 N. E. 51st St., Miami, FL 33137


William Clement, Senr. Jan. 27, 1750
Aley H. Clement Oct. 7, 1755
Parker Clement, son of Aley Hannah & William Clement Nov. 20, 1774
Sarah Clement, dau. of Aley Hannah & William Clement Sept. 10, 1776
Chaney Clement Jan. 8, 1779
Catherine (Cassey) Clement Jan. 21, 1781
Benjamin Clement Mar. 12, 1783
Frances P. (reston) Clement Oct. 13, 1786
William (Preston) Clement Junr. July 4, 1789
Martha Clement Mar. 27, 1792
Elizabeth Clement Apr. 2, 1795
David H. (enry) Clement Aug. 21, 1799
Maria Louise Alsey Clement, dau. of David Henry & Jane Virginia Squire Clement Mar. 28, 1829
Harriett David Clement Oct. 7, 1830


Harriet David Clement (died 23 June 1913 in Warren County, North Carolina, left no descendants) & George Washington Myrick
Adeline S. (usan) Clement, dau. of Jane Virginia Squire & D. H. Clement, & Elias William Ferguson September 14, 1853
Ann Rogers Clement, dau. of Jane Virginia Squire & David Henry Clement, & William L. Ivey July 26, 1854
Maria Louise Alsey Clement, dau. of Jane Virginia Squire & David Henry Clement, & John Walter Squire (her first cousin) January 24, 1855


Parker Clement, son of Aley Hannah & William Clement August 5th, 1786
William Clement Senr. March 14th, 1815
Benjamin Clement November 14th, 1817
Benjamin G. Clement September 30, 1825
William Clement May 4th, 1828
Aley H. Clement September 2nd, 1828
Jennie Clement (Jane Virginia Squire Clement, dau. of John Roger Squire)
August 15th, 1876
David H. (enry) Clement March 20th, 1884
Mary Jane Clement Harrison, dau. of Jennie & David Henry Clement – age 87 years or in her 87th year May 6th, 1911
Mrs. Ann R. (ogers Clement) Ivey, age 84 years Sept. 3, 1911

“Includes more information which was not included in this Bible.”

Records from the Bible of William Clement, who was born in Lunenburg County, Virginia, son of Francis Clement “of Lunenburg County,” will pro. 1767, W. Book 1 page 1, Charlotte County, Virginia (cut from Lunenburg County) and his wife Elizabeth Cox, dau. of Stephen Cox and his wife Judith Woodson, dau. of John Woodson and his wife Judith Tarleton, dau. of Stephen Tarleton, of New Kent County, Virginia.
The Clement Bible
Published Philadelphia: Printed and Published by M. Carey, No. 121 Chestnut Street 107 1815. This Bible is 9 by 11 inches and 4 inches thick and is bound in dark brown leather. The hinge is divided into eight sections and the back a stiff board. “Holy Bible,” in gold, in the second section from the top of volume. On the back fly-leaf is written “Price $6.00”

David H. (enry) Clement departed this life March 20th 1884

Charles Squire, son of John Rogers Squire, and Midia Moody, married Frances Hartwell Fox, b. Northampton County, North Carolina; married in Northampton County, 1st Oct 1832, she the daughter of Sarah and William Fox, of that county, but formally of Gloucester County, Virginia.

They were the parents of John Walter Squire, born 5th May 1834, married Maria Louise Alsey Clement, 24th Jan 1855, his first cousin and was killed in action in the “Battle of the Wilderness,” 5th May 1864. They live at “Almeria”, Warren County.

Their son
Charles David Squire, born at “Almeria”, Warren County, N. C. 13th Jan, 1859; married Eleanor Overbaugh Rightmyer, (born Catskill, New York, lived in Warren County, at “Jordan’s Tavern”, a property at which her father retired) on 18th Dec. 1890

Their daughter
Lissie Righmyer Perry Squire, born at “Almeria” on the 12th June 1892, married Edwin Hill Whitehead, born 19 June 1890, (son of Mary Evelyn Northington and William Benjamin Whitehead) on 7th of May 1912. A dau. Mary Eleanor b. 16 Mar. 1916 at Richmond, Virginia (in ink – m. Philip Douglas Straffin of Mass [unreadable] 2 daughters - lives Scarsdale N. Y.)

Their son
Edwin Hill Whitehead, jr. was born on Mosby Avenue, Littleton, Warren County, on the 10, Jan. 1919. Moved to Richmond, Virginia 10 Feb.1919; educated at the University of Virginia; Lieutenant Commander, U. S. N. R. World War II; m. 20 Aug 1941 Mary Etta Landram, daughter of Grace Underwood and William Welford Barrett Landram of Richmond, Virginia; died 11 May 1964, Farmville, Virginia buried Richmond; left three daughters.
See Living Descendants of Blood Royal, Vol. I, page 635. Compiled and Edited by : Professor Arthur Adams, PhD. and Count d’Angerville, F.R.S.A. (Auth-of of World Nobility and Peerage; Annuaire de la Noblesse de France et d’Europe, etc.) Published by: World Nobility and Peerage, 150, Fleet Street, London, E. C. 4. England.
Latter dates from the John Squire Bible and the Charles Squire Bible, both in my possession, and Edwin Hill Whitehead Bible.

Lissie S. Whitehead (Mrs. Edwin H.)
323 Oak Lane, Hampton Gardens
Richmond, Virginia 23226
Mailing address: 424 N. E. 51st St.
Miami, Florida 33137
[Note: Record includes information on family that is not part of the Bible record.]
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