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Warren County Bible Records
Cawthorne Family Bible

Cawthorne Family Bible, now, 1977, in possession of Joel Cawthorne of 3807 Woodside Rd., Garner, N. C. 27529


1. John V. Cawthorne April 3rd 1800, Warren Co. N. C.
2. Sarah E. Blount July 12th 1822, Washington, N. C.
3. Nannie Cawthorne October 2nd 1848, Warrenton, N. C.
4. Sue Blount Cawthorne June 27th 1850, Warrenton, N. C.
5. John Cawthorne September 29th 1851, Warren Co. N. C.
6. Mary Haward? Cawthorne October 24th 1853, Warrenton, N. C.
7. Infant daughter May 9th 1855, Warrenton, N. C.
8. James Blount Cawthorne April 30th 1857, Warrenton, N. C.
9. Lurana Blount Cawthorne April 30th 1857, Warrenton, N. C.
10. Henry Cawthorne November 9th 1860, Warrenton, N. C.
11. Sarah Blount White March 23rd 1870, Warrenton, N. C.
12. Maggie Kay White July 29th 1871, Warrenton, N. C.
13. Sue Plummer November 22, 1871, Warrenton?, N. C.
14. John White January 18th 1873, Warrenton, N. C.
15. H--- S.? Plummer March 1st 1873, Warrenton, N. C.
16. William Jude? White June 23rd 1874, Warrenton, N. C.
17. George Kusan(?) Plummer October 30th 1874, Warrenton, N. C.
18. Sue Livingstone? White April 11th 1876, Warrenton, N. C.
19. Robert Spencer? Plummer June 1st 1876, Warrenton, N. C.
20. Edward ---? Plummer August 9th 1878, Warrenton, N. C.
21. Sarah Blount Cawthorne Oct 12th 1878, Warren Co.
22. Nannie Bolthes? White Sept 19th 1879, Warrenton
23. Lurana Blount Plummer Oct 18th 1880, Warrenton


John V. Cawthorne and Sarah E. Blount were married Dec 23rd 1847 at Warrenton, N. C. by Rev. C. Will Piar—
Walter G. Plummer and Nannie Cawthorne were married October13th 1869 at Warrenton, N. C. by Rev. M. M. Marshall Emmanual Church
William J. White and Sue Blount Cawthorne were married April 7th 1869 at Warrenton, N. C. Emmanuel Church by Rev. M. M. Marshall
John K. McHenry and Mary C. Cawthorne were married September 25th in Warrenton, N. C. Emmanuel Church by Rev. M. M. Marshall
John Cawthorne and Mary Ellen White were married 31st Oct 1877 in (light)

Deaths: The names are not provided. The numbers may correspond to the numbering above. (Please note there is no number 25 above.)

1. Mch 24th 1875, Warrenton, N. C.
2. June 17th 1894, Warrenton, N. C
3. April 23rd 1894, Warren Co. N. C.
4. Sue B. White, Apr 9, 1944
5. John Cawthorne, June 6, 1927
6. Aug 1st 1886, Warrenton, N. C.
7. May 23rd 1855, Warrenton, N. C.
8. August 12th, 1861 Warrenton, N. C.
21. Aug 20th 1903, Warren Pl---
25. Feb 6, 1941, Warrenton, N. C.


28. John Cawthorne June 24th 1884, Warren Co.
29. Daniel Tunstall? (light) June 10th /86 Warren Co.
30. Cary Josephine(?) Plummer July 16 /86, Warren
31. Hugh Edward White July 15 or 18, /88? Warrenton
32. Henry Howard? Cawthorne Augt 31 /88 Warren Co.
33. Mary Cawthorne Plummer April 10th 91 Warren Co.
34. Pa— Boyd Cawthorne April 27th 95 Warren Co.
35. --- Lee Cawthorne Aug 28th /97 Littleton, N. C.
36. Harry Cawthorne Jr Nov 2nd 1900 Halifax Co.
37. Nannie Whitaker Cawthorne
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