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Warren County Bible Records
Willis Alston Bible

Willis Alston Bible
1970, in possession of William T. Skinner, Littleton, N.C.
(pub. In 1846 – Philadelphia


Willis Alston Aug. 5th, 1847
Samuel Clark Alston September 26th, 1852
Edgar Alston June 9th, 1855
Leonidas Alston May 8th, 1860
Charles J. P. Alston Jr. Nov. 26, 1866


Charles J. P. Alston & Mary J. Clark Oct. 29, 1846
Willis Alston, eldest son of J. P. & Mary J. Alston Oct. 19th, 1871
Leonidas Alston, son of C. J. P. & Mary J. Alston, & Allene Lee Wiggins
Nov. 23rd, 1882


Mrs. Sarah M. Alston, wife of Hon. Willis Alston – age 76 years at half past 9 oclock in the morning Dec. 24, 1868
Charles J. P. Alston Sr. April 10th, 1876
Mary J. Alston, wife of Charles J. P. Alston July 4th, 1893
Edgar Alston, son of Charles J. P. & Mary J. Alston – age 8 years 6 months
Dec. 20th, 1863

Births of 34 slaves between the dates 1822 – 1858; first name only:

Not provided in abstract


Phil G. Alston & Jennie Crichton, in Louisburg, N. C. Feb. 2, 1869
Archibald Davis Williams & Lucy Tunstall Alston, in Warren County, NC July 20, 1890
Harry Hill Thorne & Ella Lee Alston, in Franklin Co at “Linwood” Sept. 7, 1899
Crichton Alston Thorne & Van Kearny Davis, in Durham, N.C. Feb. 6, 1921


George Tunstall Jan.18, 1888
Jennie Crichton Alston, wife of Phil G. Alston Dec. 8, 1891
Philip G. Alston June 1, 1923
George W. Alston June 19, 1912
Hugh Crichton Alston Mar. 10, 1896
Philip G. Alston Aug. 14, 1933
William Henry Alston Jan. 19, 1948
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