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Warren County Bible Records
Samuel Thomas Alston Bible

Samuel Thomas Alston Bible
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1971, in possession of Miss Jennie Alston, Rt. 3, Warrenton, N. C.
pub. In 1838 (Hartford, Conn.)


William F. Alston May 18, 1832
Saml. T. Alston Sept. 1, 1833
Caroline M. Alston May 16, 1835
Robert W. Alston Oct. 5, 1836
Solomon W. Alston July 16, 1839
John D. Alston Sept. 23, 1841
Philip G. Alston Aug 12, 1843
Wm. K. A. Williams Feb. 3, 1864
Sam Tom Williams
Edna V. Williams, dau. of P. K. & Ruina T. Williams Sep. 8th, 1889
Susan Alston Oct. 23, 1845
Elizabeth F. Alston July 28, 1849
Ruina T. Alston Aug. 23, 1851


Samuel T. Alston July 16th, 1860
Dr. Solomon W. Alston July 10th, 1862
William Faulcon Alston Mar. 4th, 1888
Samuel T. Alston, was mortally wounded at the Battle of Spottsylvania Courthouse, Va. on the 12 of May and died May 25th 1864
Ruina T. Alston, wife of Samuel T. Alston Feb. 25th, 1897
Sue L. Thompson Dec. 8th, 1875
John P. Williams, son of Wm. K. & Caroline Williams Nov. 15th, 1876
S. T. Williams, son of Wm. K. & Caroline Williams May 25th, 1889
Ellen M. Alston July 13th, 1867
Caroline M. Williams May 14th, 1875
Edna Virginia Powell, dau. of P. K. & Ruina T. Williams May 19th, 1909
Phil K. Williams April 15th, 1912
Ruina T. Williams, wife of P. K. Wms Jan. 2, 1935
W. F. Alston March 4th, 1886
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