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Warren County Bible Records


Adcock Family Bible

Thanks to Forrest King, our long quest to put the Bible records located in the Warren County Courthouse is closer to a reality.  Forrest generously made copies and then transcribed the records to post here.  Many of our Warren Co. researchers are already aware of the great work that Forrest has done but if you are new to researching early Warren County, North Carolina families, you must see his own home page,  My Virginia and North Carolina Genealogical Exchange. I hope you will join me in thanking Forrest for this great addition!


 Adcock Family Bible
Now in possession of Mollie Haithcock Rt 2, Box 284, Macon, N.C.

Husband, John W. Adcock born Feb. 4th 1855
Wife, Mollie C. Adcock born Sept 25, 1868


John W. Adcock and Mollie C. Duke were married Dec. 24th 1884
Sam D. Brumitt and Blanche Adcock were married May 26, 1901
John A Holt and Clara M. Adcock were married Jan. 31, 1911
Walter H. Adcock and Annice L. McFadden were married June 20th 1911
Lee Roy West and Lula H. Adcock were married Feb. 16, 1910
Willie H. Holt and Maggie G. Adcock were married Dec. 27th 1911
Claude M. Haithcock and Mollie B. Adcock were married Feb. 26, 1922
Hamilton B. Adcock and Maud Allen Haithcock were married Sept. 8, 1923
John W. Adcock Jr. and Maggie L. Loyd were married July 23rd 1925
Clarence Raymond Adcock and Lucile Olive Jarrell were married November 17, 1934


Clyde Blanche Adcock was born June 11th 1886
Walter Henry Adcock was born July 31st 1888
Clara May Adcock was born June 1st 1890
Lula Harris Adcock was born Nov. 19th 1891
Maggie Green Adcock was born Nov. 19th 1893
John William Adcock was born Jan 31st 1896
David Currin Adcock was born Aug. 22nd 1898
Mollie Belle Adcock was born Feb. 17th 1901
Hamilton Beacom Adcock was born Sept. 23rd 1903
Clarance Raymond Adcock was born May 3rd 1906
Charlie Taylor Adcock was born Sept 24 1908


Charlie Taylor Adcock died Nov. 6, 1910
David C. Adcock died Feb. 2, 1919
John W. Adcock died Dec. 28 1932
Mollie Duke Adcock died Aug. 22nd 1952



Aycock Rogers - McCall Bible

Walter Henry Aycock, son of Doctor Lewis and wife Lucetta Bennett, in Franklin County, NC 7 Jan 1862
Mary Walter Aycock, dau. of Walter Henry and Mary C. Rogers, in Warren County, NC 3 Aug 1888
Walter Henry Aycock and Mary Cole Rogers, in Warren County, NC 10 Nov 1885
Thomas Cooper McCall and Mary Walker Aycock in Rocky Mount, NC Nov ????

Walter Henry Aycock, in Warren County, NC 18 Mar 1899
Thomas Cooper McCall 18 Dec ????
Mary Rodgers Aycock 12 Oct 1937

Other documents in folder
Obituary of Mrs. Rosa Rodgers Fleming dated 13 Mar 1931
Obituary of Mrs. Mary J. Rodgers from Nov 1919
Obituary of Catherine Cole from 1886


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