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Anonymous Black Noncommissioned Officer
to an Unidentified Washington Official

Jacksonville  Florida  octobor the 18, 1864

I have taken honourabul opportnunity to Embrace you with the honour that you have issued your law to all the department to pick out all men that Was not abel and the is A Larg number of men in the first north Calala regiment and it is a pitty to See how the offices are treeting those men as are Sick   the doctor have got Some are Lame and Sume Blind and Sume with arm Broken and the doctor and ffices Are press the poor Sick and Lame men on duty and the men are not Abel to march three mild the are full of pane and the Command offices dont See to those men and I say those men Can not pay fer What th duty tha can du and i think that it is right for those men that can not du ful duty Shud B taken out for doctor marce has good many Lame men and affleted and sum are About to Louse they eyes   cant see good   and the mager doctor marce has got them there or press them to du duty and the officers are press the men and the officers is not much feand to those men   it seem like the officers want to kill those men and those men is not fettain for the surves   and the fficers try to keep those lame men and when they know that those men is not abel for duty and sum are Been in the regiment About ten months and are Been wounded in Battle of luster [Olustee] and are not well yet   it is A petty treet those men like those officers du for we all know that the (35 US regiment is the Best regiment that we have in our army   now i will Close my letter

out of Another regiment   this is what i have seen in the 35

[In the margin this Letter are wretten by officers

Unsigned to unidentified, 18 Oct. 1864, A-400 1864, Letters Received, ser. 360, Colored Troops Division, Adjutant General's Office, Record Group 94, National Archives. The 35th USCI was originally designated the 1st North Carolina Volunteers.

Published in Ira Berlin, Joseph P. Reidy, and Leslie S. Rowland, eds., The Black Military Experience, series 2 of Freedom: A Documentary History of Emancipation (Cambridge University Press, 1982), p. 642. Hypertext version courtesy of the Freedmen and Southern Society Project, University of Maryland.

Copyright Cambridge University Press

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