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Alphabetical Index for Soldiers 
from North Carolina in the 
135th US Colored Infantry

Asher, Rayford                  Co. B
Ashford, Simon                  Co. K
Audrey, Ned                     Co. E
Bertha, John                    Co. B
Birch, Postal                   Co. B
Black, Simon                    Co. G
Bleu, Lewis                     Co. E
Bouden, Jones                   Co. K
Brewer, Isom                    Co. C
Brewer, Peter                   Co. C
Brock, James                    Co. H
Buoy, Aleck                     Co. G
Buoy, Albert                    Co. G
Burgess, Albert                 Co. H
Burgess, Siras                  Co. H
Butler, Peter                   Co. D
Campbell, Gadly                 Co. G
Chavis, John                    Co. D
Chestner, Daniel                Co. C
Chestnut, Allen                 Co. C
Chestnut, Henry                 Co. H
Childs, Alexander               Co. A
Clinton, Julius                 Co. K
Cobb, Amos                      Co. A
Cogdel, Abraham                 Co. G
Cogdel, George                  Co. G
Cogdel, Jacob                   Co. G
Cogdel, Silas                   Co. G
Cogwell, Bryant                 Co. G
Collins, Alfred                 Co. E
Cooper, Charles                 Co. I
Covington, Manual               Co. B
Cremety, Wesley                 Co. E
Crowley, Jack                   Co. G
Davis, Charles                  Co. K
Deridon, John                   Co. G
Drake, Matthew                  Co. E
Dun, Robert                     Co. G
Durden, Cyrus                   Co. B
Durden, Thomas                  Co. B
Edmondson, James                Co. E
Evans, Buck                     Co. B
Evans, Mars                     Co. D
Evans, Robert                   Co. D
Facen, Allen                    Co. C
Facen, Henry                    Co. C
Fazen, Amos                     Co. B
Fazen, Dennis                   Co. B
Fazen, Solomon                  Co. B
Flowers, Burrell                Co. K
Fort, Haycen                    Co. E
Fort, Phillip                   Co. E
Fort, Reuben                    Co. B
Foster, Solomon                 Co. A
Fulton, Thomas                  Co. D
Gibson, James                   Co. A
Gibson, Simon                   Co. D
Gilmore, Andrew                 Co. D
Gilmore, Henry                  Co. D
Gilmore, Joseph                 Co. D
Hargrove, John                  Co. B
Henry, Isaac                    Co. D
Herd, Giles                     Co. A
Hicks, Michael                  Co. B
Hicks, William                  Co. B
Hill, Henry                     Co. H
Hobbs, Amos                     Co. C
Hobbs, Thomas                   Co. C
Hobbs, William                  Co. C
Holmes, Francis                 Co. C
Holmes, Haywood                 Co. H
Holmes, Square                  Co. H
Holton, Allen                   Co. A
Hooper, James                   Co. D
Hops, Jacob                     Co. K
Howard, William                 Co. B
Hughes, Ramsey                  Co. I
Hughes, Thomas                  Co. I
Ingram, John                    Co. E
Jackson, Andrew                 Co. I
Johnson, Charles                Co. H
Johnson, James                  Co. E
Johnson, Thomas                 Co. C
Jones, Aaron                    Co. C
Lane, Edward                    Co. E
Laval, Simon                    Co. C
Leech, Berry                    Co. E
Leggett, Truss                  Co. A
Lewis, Needham                  Co. C
Lin, Henry                      Co. G
Lin, Kennedy                    Co. G
Linkhorn, Julius                Co. D
Louis, Benjamin                 Co. C
Magaha, Albert                  Co. G
Malloy, Calep                   Co. I
Manley, Henry                   Co. E
Manning, Daniel                 Co. A
Marsh, Daniel                   Co. C
Marshall, John                  Co. I
Matthews, Allen                 Co. C
McCall, James                   Co. A
McCannon, Henry                 Co. K
McCarter, Caesar                Co. E
McClain, Jackson                Co. I
McClem, Jack                    Co. H
McConigan, John                 Co. A
McCrea, Adam                    Co. D
McCrea, Henry                   Co. D
McCrea, James                   Co. D
McCrea, Minger                  Co. D
McDaniels, Aaron                Co. G
McDaniels, Abraham              Co. E
McDuffey, Morris                Co. H
McKinney, Nathan                Co. C
McLaughlin, Thomas              Co. F
McMillen, Edward                Co. E
McMillen, Neal                  Co. F
McMillon, Emanuel               Co. F
McNeal, Cane                    Co. G
McNeal, Lewis                   Co. G
McNeal, Ramsey                  Co. G
McNeal, Wilson                  Co. E
McNear, Sandy                   Co. G
McNear, Winslow                 Co. G
Miller, Washington              Co. F
Moore, Dimond                   Co. H
Moore, Lewis                    Co. H
Moseley, Joseph                 Co. C
Murphy, Elias                   Co. B
Murphy, Harry                   Co. G
Murphy, Isley                   Co. B
Murphy, Richard                 Co. B
Murphy, William                 Co. B
Nelson, Melvin                  Co. H
Nicholas, Columbus              Co. K
Nicholas, Edmund                Co. K
Odom, Ezeakel                   Co. C
Owens, Elias                    Co. C
Owens, Elias                    Co. E
Page, Patrick                   Co. K
Parker, Columbus                Co. C
Parker, Ervin                   Co. C
Parker, Franklin                Co. C
Parker, James                   Co. E
Parker, Love                    Co. K
Parker, Thomas                  Co. E
Parmer, Wesley                  Co. B
Pate, Alfred                    Co. C
Patterson, Mansfield            Co. F
Powell, Lewis                   Co. D
Powell, Washington              Co. D
Rawl, Harry                     Co. H
Riles, Handy                    Co. D
Robertson, James                Co. A
Rodwell, Joseph                 Co. B
Rools, Dallas                   Co. F
Rools, Joseph                   Co. F
Rools, Judson                   Co. F
Ryles, John                     Co. K
Sampson, John                   Co. H
Sandy, Arthur                   Co. B
Sellers, Benjamin               Co. E
Sherwood, Jack                  Co. D
Smith, Thomas                   Co. E
Smith, Thomas                   Co. C
Smith, Toney                    Co. F
Sparrow, John                   Co. C
Spearman, Jackson               Co. B
Spearman, Owen                  Co. H
Spell, Allen                    Co. E
Sprewer, Essac                  Co. H
Stackhouse, John                Co. H
Stewart, Lock                   Co. G
Sutton, Thomas                  Co. G
Thompson, Alfred                Co. C
Thompson, Isaac                 Co. A
Thompson, Jacob                 Co. B
Thompson, John                  Co. B
Thompson, Peter                 Co. B
Thompson, Rayford               Co. B
Thompson, Robert                Co. B
Thompson, Sona                  Co. B
Thompson, Willis                Co. B
Tribus, Alexander               Co. I
Turner, Isaac                   Co. I
Umphrey, Moses                  Co. I
Walker, Benjamin                Co. A
Walker, David                   Co. D
Walker, Henry                   Co. A
Warren, Branson                 Co. E
Watson, Stephen                 Co. G
Weathers, Charles               Co. G
Weatherspoon, Samuel            Co. G
White, Haywood                  Co. C
White, John                     Co. F
Whitehead, Oliver               Co. D
Whitehead, Tom                  Co. D
Whitfield, Alfred               Co. G
Whitley, Haywood                Co. E
Williams, Frank                 Co. B
Wooden, Jack                    Co. G

Index for Soldiers 
from North Carolina in the
 135th US Colored Infantry
by Company 


Researched by Renee Ingram

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