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Raeford, Hoke County, North Carolina

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ORIGINAL OWNER: Malcom McGregor, b. 1792 Scotland
BUILT: 1821

Malcom McGregor, born in Scotland in 1792, immigrated to America and settled in North Carolina's Sandhills region, which had long been a center of Scottish settlement. When he actually settled in what was then Cumberland County (now Hoke), is not definitely known. He married Mary, a daughter of Gilbert Carmichael, a Highland Scots immigrant;
Carmichael had come to North Carolina in 1773 and settled in Cumberland County, was for many years an elder in the Longstreet Presbyterian Church, and founded the Galatia Presbyterian Church in Cumberland County. Gilbert Carmichael was a large landowner, and tradition relates that he deeded his daughter Mary, and her husband Malcom McGregor, land on Puppy Creek where they built their home. The deeds of Cumberland County are incomplete, and there is no transfer recorded to support the deed of gift to the McGregors; however, a great niece of Mary Carmichael McGregor related the story to her. own granddaughter,
Mrs. L. Herman Koonce of Raeford, North Carolina, and added that the house was two years in the building, and was completed in 1821, and that the first McGregor child, Gilbert Carmichael McGregor, was born in the house on January 8, 1824. The house was located on Puppy Creek where it crosses the Turnpike Road from Fayetteville to Robeson County, a prime business location. The 1850 census indicates that McGregor was a wealthy landowner, owning  9,798 acres of land. He also owned 18 slaves.
When the rich cotton lands of Texas were opened up after the Mexican War, McGregor moved his family into the Lone Star state On September 6, 1855, Malcom McGregor deeded to DuguId A. Lamont of New Hanover County, NC and Malcom Lamont of Cumberland County, two tracts of land on Puppy Creek The 1,990 acres were sold for $6,079. In 1859 McGregor sold the balance of his land holdings in Cumberland to the Lamonts. The McGregors settled in Austin County, Texas, and became one of the best known families in that state, and were among the prominent nembers of the medical profession. Gilbert Carmichael McGregor studied medicine at the Edenborough Medical School in Cumberland County, as did several of his brothers, all of whom later moved with their father to Texas.
Malcom C. Lamont, who bought the McGregor place, was born in 1823 in Scotland. The 1860 Cumberland County census indicates that he was a turpentine still operator with real estate valued at $11,000 and personal property valued at $12,000. He and his wife, Mary, lived at the McGregor house on Puppy Creek, and he used his 8 slaves to farm his land, which produced the same commodities as the l1cGregor plantation had in 1850. The Lamont family lived in the house until 1911 when they sold it to J. W. Johnson, a lumber man, who timbered the property. Paul Johnson, a grandson of J. W. Johnson, inherited the property and now resides there (in 1976).



MISCELLANEOUS: image courtesy of Jerrye & Roy Klotz, MD - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, ; National Register of Historic Places; Puppy Creek Plantation (Wikipedia)

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