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 Inez, Warren County, North Carolina

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ASSOCIATED LINK(s): Peter R. Davis Plantation, Lake O' the Woods
ORIGINAL OWNER: Sterling Pitchford & Elizabeth Davis-Pitchford passed home to son Thomas Jefferson Pitchford (1810-1883) who enlarged the house in the 1850's
BUILT: ca 1810, later enlarged in 1850's
ASSOCIATED SURNAMES: Pitchford, Davis, Cheek, Kearney

Dr. Thomas Jefferson Pitchford (1810-1883) was the son of Sterling Pitchford and Elizabeth Davis (daughter of Matthew Davis & Mary Madray) who were married Sept. 4, 1809. His mother's brother was Peter R. Davis who, at times, had almost 200 Slaves, some of whom were inherited by Thomas. Sterling Pitchford died when his children were young, leaving them to be raised by their mother. It was his Uncle Peter who financed his education, including putting him through medical school at the University of Pennsylvania where he received his medical degree in 1834. Thomas married Matilda Hinton Cheek (1812-1881)on March 15, 1833, the daughter of Robert Tynes Cheek & Matilda Mary Hinton Alston. Sterling Pitchford (1781-1822) was the son of Samuel & Amy Pitchford. Samuel had a will probated 1802 in Warren County, which named his children: Elijah, Jesse, Thomas, Burwell, Stirling, Rhoda, and an unnamed daughter who had married ______ Perkinson. Sterling & Elizabeth Davis Pitchford's children were: Thomas, married Matilda H. Cheek; Rebecca, married Edward Davis, son of Burwell Davis & Martha Hawkins of Lake O' the Woods; Polly, died in infancy in 1814; Nancy, married Henry A. Foote; George, died in 1821 at age 4; and Mary, married Charles Jackson Egerton. The children of Thomas J. Pitchford & Matilda H. Cheek were: John C. mar: Harriet Day; Robert T., mar: Bettie V. Lott; James, mar: 1st Sallie Davis (d/o John S. Davis & Martha Powell), 2nd Parmelia Duke (d/o Mark Duke & Nancy Pitchford), 3rd Alice Perry; Elizabeth, mar: Col. John W. Williams, moved to TN; Mary Polly, mar: Isham H. Davis (s/o John S. Davis & Martha Powell); Thomas Jr., mar: Pattie Plummer; Samuel W., mar: Emma Fleming (d/o Solomon Fleming & Elizabeth Riggan); William, died at 2 mos. of age in 1848; Nancy, died at age 2 mos. in 1849; Emily, died at 1 mos. of age in 1851; Annie, mar: Matthew Duke (s/o Mark Duke & Nancy Pitchford); Sterling II, never married, died June 29, 1862 after being struck on the head by a shell during the battle around Coal Harbor, VA during the Civil War.


SLAVE POPULATION: In 1840, Thomas J. Pitchford had 22 Slaves. In 1850, he had 27 Slaves. In 1860 he had 36 Slaves with 9 Slave houses.

The Inventory of STERLING PITCHFORD's Slaves in 1822:
FANNY's young child born since the death of S. PITCHFORD, name not known.

THOMAS J. PITCHFORD received the  following Slaves from his father's Estate in when the court ordered a division of the Slaves in 1832:


In 1850, THOMAS J. PITCHFORD's family received the following Slaves from the Estate of PETER R. DAVIS:
Name - Age:
SIMON -24 -son of Polly
WILLIS -24 - son of Julia
SANDY -18 - son of Aggy
ARTHUR -17 - son of Dinah
MOSES - 41
HARRY - 55
HESTER -15 - dau/of Mary Glasgow
MINERVA -12 - dau/of Mary Glasgow
VICTORIA - 9 - dau/of Mary Glasgow
MARY GRACE-6 - dau/of Mary Glasgow
MARTHA -4 - dau/of Mary Glasgow
ADAM -1 - son of Glasgow
BETSY ANN -1 - dau/of Betty
ELLEN - 3 - dau/of Betty
PAT -38 - purchased from Thos. J. Davis
HENDERSON - 13 -son of Pat
MARTHA -28 - dau/of Mariah
FANNY - 4 - dau/of Pat
SPENCER -2 -son of Pat
NANCY - 1 month, dau/of Pat
DELIA -23 - dau/of Dinah
KEMP - 1 - son of Delia
ROBT PETE -2 - son of Delia
JERRY - 15 - son of Ester
JUDY - 21 - dau/of Cely
WESLEY - 6 - son of Judy
SALUDA - 5 - son of Judy
TOM - 3 - son of Judy
AGNES - 17 - dau/of Mary Glasgow
PENNY - 90


Dr.Thomas J. Pitchford kept a record of his Slave Births and Deaths in his Family Bible, See the entire Listings of Names and other details on the Slaves of Thomas J. Pitchford page, which also includes information about the individual slaves, as well as the complete distribution of the Estate of Sterling Pitchford.  Also linked from there are the Slaves of Peter R. Davis-1850. Many of the Slaves given to T. J. Pitchford from the Davis Estate are included in his family bible, along with additional info about their children.
The Slaves in Sterling Pitchford's Estate were progenitors of most of the PITCHFORD Slaves.
OLD PETER, b.abt 1770 & PHILLIS, b.abt 1782, both died before 1865, were the parents of the following named in the Estates & Bible records, I have assigned the surname of PITCHFORD to them for easier listing, but be aware that some of them may have used different surnames if they survived past slavery:
WINNY PITCHFORD, b.abt 1798 (CHEEK surname on son's marriage record)
FANNY PITCHFORD, b. abt 1800
MARIA PITCHFORD, b. abt 1805 - d. bef 1865
PATTY PITCHFORD, b. abt 1812
AMY PITCHFORD, b.1814 -d. Feb 17, 1844
ELIZA PITCHFORD, b. abt 1818
SARAH PITCHFORD, b. abt 1820

You may also wish to follow the lines of these families as far as I have researched in my tree, My North Carolina Roots

MISCELLANEOUS: Thomas J. Pitchford Family Bible ; Estate of Sterling Pitchford, 1832, Warren Co., NC; Estate of Peter R. Davis, 1850, Warren Co. WB41, Pg.90; Research of Florence Egerton Underhill on the Egerton, Davis and Pitchford families

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