NCGenWeb - Removal


USGenWeb Bylaws
Article VI. Section 5.

The Advisory Board shall also have the responsibility to remove links from the national website, as appropriate, to websites which fail to meet the established guidelines/standards for The USGenWeb Project or to websites which display inappropriate content. Coordinators of any websites found to be in non-compliance shall be notified of such and shall be given a period of two (2) weeks in which to bring their website into compliance. The two-week time limit shall be flexible based on justifiable reasons presented by the website coordinator.
Guidelines for removal of a non-respondent and/or non-compliance Member (CC)
Mid-Dec. - RC county reviews
Feb - Roll Call
May - Roll Call
Mid-Jun. - RC county reviews
Aug. - Roll Call
Nov. - Roll Call
County reviews by the Regional Coordinator will consist of a check for:
a. Logos and logo links
b. Name and email address are to be prominently displayed.
c. Copyright notice.
d. Surrounding county(ies) links
e. The last updated notice and/or addition of new material.

1. Regional Coordinators (RC)  are expected to complete site reviews within 2 months after assigned

a. A member's county site may be in compliance but fail to respond to roll call.
b. The member may respond to roll call but fail the county site review.
2. End of roll call, 30 days or the full month if the days are less than or more than 30.
If you know that you will be unavailable for roll call due to vacation, planned surgery, etc., it is recommended that you contact your Regional Coordinator with this information.
3. The RC will have 30 days for all attempts to contact the Member (CC).
a. If there is no answer, the RC or designated Board member will leave a message (if answering machine is available) and/or make repeated attempts to contact the Member during a two-week period.



b. At the end of the two-week period if there is still no contact, a certified letter will be sent to the Member's home address.



c. After 30 days of attempted contact, the Member (CC) name will be brought before the NCGenWeb Board for removal.



d. The same will be applied if a site is found in non-compliance as per USGenWeb and NCGenWeb Bylaws and Procedures.



4. The Member's name will be presented to the Board for removal as a NCGenWeb CC. The decision of the NCGenWeb Board is binding.
*A minimum of 90 days including site review, roll call, contact time and the Board's final decision must be allowed.*
A Member (CC) resigns or is removed from the NCGenWeb
USGW Bylaws
Article XI. Section 4

Section 4. If a Local Coordinator can no longer perform their duties for any reason, those sections of the website submitted or donated by contributors other than the website coordinator, shall remain with the website, unless the submitter(s)/contributor(s) indicates otherwise.
The former Member (CC) must provide proof of permission to copy material to their personal site prior to uploading.

The copy of permission must be a forwarded email from the original submitter to the Regional Coordinator or designated Board member.