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*It is important for all CCs to keep in mind that *new* data/scanned images can be submissions from researchers/transcribers and NOT  necessarily just something the CC has submitted. Transcribed records are best to add to your websites since they can be picked up by Search engines and easily found by visitors to your sites.

Copyright Checks

Is it copyrighted? Check the links below to find out:   (The Online Book Page of copyrights)   (A "how-to" page)

Cemeteries It is recommended that tombstones with a birthdate only be blacked out.
Obits Form for obits:
Recommended Newspager or Funeral Home name and date of obit:
URL of above if applicable:
Name of deceased:
Date deceased:
Age at time of death:
Place of death:
Place of burial:
Date of funeral services:
Place of funeral services:
Date of birth (if given):
Place of birth (if given):
Recommended Government Sites - NARA Records are great resources
Idea ---Military
Idea ---Military
Vital Records NC vital records are a matter of public record. Anyone can request uncertified copies of your birth, marriage, divorce or death information with no questions asked. NC is one of the few states I've come across where this is the case. Restrictions are only placed when making a request for a certified copy.

All effort will be taken to avoid posting information concerning living persons.
* The following guidelines applies to Vital Records:
+ Records of births, deaths, marriages, and divorce during the last 80 years should not be posted.
+ Records of deaths for any year may be posted, but care should be taken to honor family wishes regarding such postings.

Idea is a great source of material; NC has a tremendous amount of images of Marriages & Death Certificates which can be indexed or transcribed for a County
An index of Surnames in a given year of vital records would be helpful to researchers.
Records of all kinds NC Digital Collection has many records that can be transcribed; Search an individual collection or entire collection by County or Surnames to locate for your website.
Ideas: NC Digital Collection
Create a listing of Family Bibles, link to individual bible; or can transcribe the info from bibles
  Create a listing of Family Papers Collections linked to collection; see example

Ideas: FamilySearch

Transcribe Wills and Estates from FamilySearch at any time for your website, always are appreciated
  Transcribe any of the info from the Freedmen's Bureau Collections, info including names are best
  Transcribe various records for certain Counties in the NC County Records 1833-1970- Records vary: Voters Registrations, Election, School records, Coroners records, Custody records, Slave records, Tax & Census, Estates, Guardianships, Wills, Civil Actions, Marriage records - check for Counties available
Library of Congress The American Memory website offers many records of all kinds, Browse or search the Collections

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