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Guardianships taken from Bute County Court Minutes

Both Ginger and I have original microfilm of the Bute County Court Records. I acquired mine during the 1970s when I planned to transcribe the Bute County Court Minutes. Work intervened and the project was never completed. However, between Ginger and I, we have pulled out evidence of Guardianships from the microfilm of the Bute County Court Minutes. This list may be incomplete and we urge anyone seeking information on Bute Co. North Carolina records to examine the original files at the North Carolina State Archives.





Saturday after the last Tuesday in October 1767

William Johnson Sen'r William Johnson & James Johnson Sons of Sugar Johnson Dec'd.

Wednesday after the second Tuesday in February 1768

John Johnson Samuel Davis,James Davis & Joshua Davis Orphans of Joshua Davis

Wednesday after the second Tuesday in February 1769

Solomon Langston James Bennett Orphan of Richard Bennett

Second Tuesday in May 1769

William Johnson Nancy Croxton & Joanna Croxton Orphans of Samuel Croxton

11 August 1769

John Norwood William & Robert Whitikar Robert Whitiker

15 February 1770

James Ransom & Priscilla his wife Harrison Macon and John Macon* Gedion Macon

14 November 1770

James Martin Abigail Terrill Hezekiah Terrill

15 May 1771

Mother Sarah Johnston William Johnston Charles Johnston

12 February 1772

William Davis Jun'r Henry Person Orphan of Joseph Person

13 May 1772

William Hudson Isham Edward Orphan of Isham Edwards

13 August 1772

Anne Person widow of Joseph Person

William Person, Sam'l Person, Hearly Person, Peterson Person, Nancey Person & Joseph Person

Joseph Person
Peter Goodwin Solomon Harris Orphan of Thomas Harris

11 November 1772

John Hackney & wife Seth Williams Orphan of Robert Williams, Dec'd.

11 November 1772

James Burk and wife Joel Pardue and Morris Pardue Orphans of John Pardue Dec'd.

12 November 1772

Thomas Person Wards not named Orphans of Benjamin Person Esq'r

13 November 1772

    Orphan of Green Hill Dec'd.
Henry Hill Esq'r Sarah Hill  

13 February 1773

Green Hill Eqs'r Mary & Temperance Hill Orphans of Green Hill Dec'd.

May Court 1774

Edward Jones Esq'r Samuel Jones Orphan of Sugar Jones Dec'd.
James Ransom Sen'r. Drury Jones Orphan of Sugar Jones Dec'd.
James Ransom Sen'r.

Molley Jones

Orphan of Sugar Jones Dec'd.
James Johnson Anne Jones Orphan of Sugar Jones Dec'd.

9 August 1774

James Jones James Jones Orphan of Sugar Jones Dec'd.

9 November 1774

Thomas Eaton Esq'r James Davis and Joshua Davis Orphans of Joshua Davis Dec'd.
Thomas Eaton Esq'r Samuel Davis Orphan of Joshua Davis Dec'd.

10 May 1775

William Noyal Norsworthy William and Thomas Malone Orphans of Wood Malone Dec'd.
John Myrick Jun'r John, George, and Joseph Ingrams Orphans of Joshua Ingram Dec'd.

15 November 1775

Thomas Reeks John Tabb Foster and Sarah Foster Orphans of Christopher Foster Dec'd.

13 February 1777

James Denby Charity Baker Orphan of William Baker

13 May 1777

James Denson Charity Baker Orphan of William Baker Dec'd.
Mary Baker William, Mary, Nancy, Jesse, Sally, and Orphans of Samuel Eley Dec'd.
  Samuel Eley's  

12 August 1777

Edward Jones Esq'r Polley Jones Orphan of Sugar Jones Dec'd.

13 August 1777

Drury Jones James Jones Orphan of Sugar Jones Dec'd

11 February 1778

Amey Ransom, their mother Amy Ransom and Betsy Ransom James Ransom Dec'd.
Amey Ransom Sally, Nancy, Cleveirs, Samuel Orphans of James Ransom, Dec'd.
  & Davis Ransom  
Isaac Pipen Lewis Powell Jacob Powell, Dec'd.

12 February 1778

Isaac Pippen Lidia, Sion, Isaac, Nathaniel & Zaney Powell Orphans of Jacob Powell Dec'd.
Mary Massey Absolom Massey Orphan of Richard Massey, Dec'd.

13 February 1778

Patty Thorp Nancy, Patty & Benjamin Peron Thorp Orphans of Peterson Thorp, Dec'd.

11 May 1779

Thomas Paschall Reliance Paschall William Paschall Dec'd.

9 November 1779

John Jones Phebe Hudson Parent not named

11 November 1779

Thomas Person Esq'r Thomas, Mary & Benjamin Eaton Person Orphans of William Person Esq'r Dec'd.

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