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Bute County, North Carolina Marriage Bonds




Date Bondsman & Witness
Acock, Abner Sarah Harper 07/07/1778 John Acock, Thos. Machen
Alford, Warren Betty Ward 11/25/1778 Benjamin Ward
Baley, Wm.  Fleming Molley Sprunt 07/09/1778 Baley Fleming, Thos. Machen
Bell, John Sarah Green1 11/28/1764 William House, Jno. Bowie
Blalock, David Anne Beal 03/08/1773 John Scott
Brown, Mitchell Tabitha Beckham 08/04/1778 John Watson, Thus. Machen
Burt, William Ann Turner 03/13/1779 Henry Turner, Bro.of Ann2
Carlile, James Rebecca Johnson 12/19/1778 James Collins
Cheek, John Sarah Tharp 12/21/1773 James Thompson,Thos. Machen
Christmas, Thomas Sarah Duke 11/26/1764 Green Duke, Jno. Bowie
Collins, Michael Elizabeth Drake 06/10/1773 William Bridges,Alexr. Muirhead
Cooper, Henry Molley Blackman 10/05/1778 Vencint Bodine,Thos. Machen
Darnel, Moses Sussanah Massie 01/07/1779 John Prim,Jesse Mabry,Chas. Cupples
Davis, Dioclesian Nancy Fluker 12/07/1778 William Burrow
Dunstan, William Fannie Bibbie 07/11/1778 John Myrick, Ress Brewer
Edwards, Charles Jenny Lowe 12/11/1774 James Martin,Thos. Machen
Elkins, John Sarah Stringfellow 06/27/1778 Charles Cupples,Thos. Machen
Ellis, Stephen Salley Shell 11/24/1778 Stephen Shell, M. D. Johnson
Emmerson, James July Oliver 09/08/1773 Robert Caller, Thos. Machen
Faulcon, John3 Lucretia Person 05/27/1773 William Park, Thos. Machen
Felts, Randolph Rebecca Bobbett 04/01/1778 Nathaniel Harris
Frazier, Alexander Sarah Ferrill 06/19/1778 James Merony,Thos. Machen
Freeman, Joseph Aggy Freeman 11/11/1778 John Ross
Freeman, William Priscilla Hunt 09/05/1778 John Withers
Gardner, Thomas Betty Waller 02/09/1778 Robert Waller
Green, Isham Mary Green 04/23/1777 Obed Green
Green, Josiah Mary Williford 05/101773 John Duke, Thos. Machen
Hammond, Job Lucy Howard 12/22/1775 Julius Howard
Harris, Roe Betsy Brinkley 01/09/1778 W. Wortham, Thos. Machen
Harris, Solomon Milley Watkins 03/11/1778 Richard Hill,Thos. Machen
Harrison, Richard Ann Pattillo 12/16/1774 Philemon Hawkins, Jr., Thos. Machen
Hawkins, John Salley Macon 02/27/1765 James Ransom, John Bowie
Hicks, Lewis Sarah Hill 04/06/1773 Joseph Seawell,Thos. Machen
Hightower, Robert Anne Ward 06/13/1773 Phil. Hawkins, Jr.,Thos. Machen
Hill, Richard Lidia Watkins 03/11/1778 Solomon Harris,Thos. Machen
Hunt, John Mary Jeffreys 09/13/1778 John Williams, Jr.
Ingram, Joseph Winney Nelms 09/10/1774 John Myrick, Thos. Machen
James, Isaac Patty Burrow 12/07/1778 Dioclesian Davis
Jones, Drury Amey Kimball 11/06/1775 Benjamin Kimball
Jones, John Elizabeth Brown 04/12/1774 John Brown, Jr.
Kitchen, Joseph Patience Bridges 09/17/1778 James Bryant
Lancaster, John Apsley Osheal 08/18/1778 Lawrence Lancaster, Sr.
Lancaster, John Martha Lancaster 09/07/1778 Jordan Harris,Thos. Machen
Lanier, Robert Jane Patillo 06/12/1775 Philemon Hawkins, Jr.
Linch, Bryant Mckay Butler 08/19/1778 John Rice
Long, Drury Sally Green 07/19/1773 John Duke, Thos. Machen
Mckissock, Thomas Lucy Edwards 02/08/1779 William Hudson,Thos. Machen
Mabry, David Jean Bledsoe 08/04/1778 Andrew Halley,Thos. Machen
Martin, James Salley Lyles 05/12/1773 Jethro Sumner, Thos. Machen
Martin, Joseph Sarah Smith 02/07/1778 John Emerson
Mayfield, John Mary Symms 02/23/1773 Drury Jackson, Thos. Machen
Mealer, James Saly Haris 01/03/1778 Fedrick Harris,John Parrish
Mitchell, James Nancy Colclough 11/20/1778 William Durham,Jr.
Morgan, Hardy Sarah Alston 03/24/1777 James Alston,Thos. Machen
Murray, James, Jr. Nanney (Ann) Stone 07/21/1778 John Hopkins,Thom. Machen
Oglby, John Ann Thornton 00/00/177 William Park
Perry, James Mary Cooper 08/14/1778 Thomas Sherrod
Perry, Jeremiah Frances Massey 05/26/1778 Willis Perry
Pope, Isaac Rix Elizabeth Kearny 10/23/1773 Isaac Winston, Thos. Machen
Powell, Honorius Anne Brown 02/23/1773 Thomas Machen
Powell, John Mary Whitehurst 12/29/17754 John Turner, M. D. Johnson
Power, John Henrietta Christmass 07/28/1775 James Ransom, Jr. Thos. Machen
Pride, Edward Elizabeth Kearns 04/16/1778 Edward Pegram., Thos. Machen
Bailey, John Judith House 07/05/1775 Andrew Railey, Thos. Machen
Ransom, Reuben Salley Leaman 02/01/1779 Isaac Collier
Riggin, Charles Zillah Lindsey 01/10/1774 Joseph Lindsey, Thoms. Machen
Rush, Benjamin Sarah White 05/26/1773 Robert Peyton, Thos. Machen
Rush, William Abigail Terrill 02/06/1775 James Martin, Thos. Machen
Sledge, James Rebecca Person 11/22/1777 Daniel Sledge
Smith, Robert Sarah Page 08/29/1778 Nimrod Williams
Snow, Spencer Frances Self 01/01/1778 Charles Blackard, Thos. Machen
Strickland, Mathew Mary Perry 01/05/1774 John Richards, Thos. Machen
Tanner, John Darcus Pickerill 10/19/1775 Nimrod Williams
Tassie, George Mary Armistead 09/27/1774 Thomas Machen, Letty Machen
Thomas, Micajah Anne Hawkins 01/07/1778 Benjamin Hawkins, Thos. Machen
*Tucker, Henry Haws Martha Roper 11/08/1774 Abraham Johnson
Turner, William Rebecca Nicholson 08/31/1775 Benjamin Kimball, Thos. Machen
*Turpin, Hugh Jane Murry 01/25/1774 William Elliott
Twitty, John Mildred Burford 02/24/1773 Philemon Hawkins, Jr., Thos. Machen
*Vaughan, Thomas Susannah Hunt 01/30/1775 David Roe5
Vaughan, William Sarah (Sally) Person 12/11/1777 William Park, Thos. Machen
Watson, William Salley Caller 07/26/1775 Robert Caller, Jr., Thos. Machen
Weldon, William Betty Plummer 05/21/1776 John Willis, Thos. Machen
*Williams, Morgan Sally Edwards 09/08/1778 Browning Williams
Wilson, John Mary Lide 04/04/1777 Nathl. Kimbrough
Wortham, John Mary Marshall 08/09/1775 Wm. Wortham, Thos. Machen
Wren, Joel6 Bettsy Allen 07/05/1777  

1. Consent of Peter Green, father of Sarah, addressed to MR. Benjamin McCulloch, Clerk of Bute County, dated 29 November 1764.)

2. No Marriage Bond for the above has been found, in Bute or Warren County Records. The above refers to a note of consent from Thos. Turner, father of Ann, addressed to Thomas Machen, Clerk of Warren Court, and is included here only because it is preserved with the Bute County Marriage Bonds at the Archives in Raleigh.

3. Unsigned consent, dated 26 May 1773, addressed to Thomas Mahen, Clerk in Bute County.

4. Date is missing from the bond but supplied from Widow's Affidavit in Application for Widow's Pension (Revolutionary War), dated 11 May 1840, and is date of marriage. The application also states the marrriage was by Capt. Billy Alston.

5. Statement, Northampton County, 30 Jan/1775, from Susannah Hunt, expressing her willingness to marry Thomas Vaughan. Witnesses to statement: Mary Cutler, William Jones. Bond was here in 1910. Only this statement was with bonds at the archives.

6. This Is Not A Marriage Bond, But A License, signed Thos. Machen, C.C., and addressed to The  Revd. Mr. Charles Cupples, Minister of St. John's Parish, or To Any Lawful Justice of Sure County.)

Note:  The comments are from work of Mary Hinton Kerr

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