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Evidence of Bute County, North Carolina Deeds from Court Records

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13 February 1772

William Myrick and Sarah his wife  Richard Cocke
Christopher Mothershead and Elizabeth his wife James Hardidge William Worrell
Thomas Warren Absolom Lancaster Samuel Lancaster
Randolph Hazilwood Britain Williford Absolom Lancaster
Randolph Hazilwood Thomas Hazilwood Absolom Lancaster
Philemon Hawkins and Della his wife  John Vanlandingham
Philemon Hawkins and Delia his wife  James Brantley
James Basket  William Merritt

14 February 1772

Peter Tatum  John Howell
Epraim Estes  John Estes
John Underwood Joseph Williams Benjamin Hawkins
William Park, Esq. James Axum Thomas Eaton, Esq.

15 February 1772

William Hagwood  John Langford
William Moore & Susanna his wife Charles Allan James Moore
Reubin Bennett William Park & New Co. Alex'r Moorehead

12 May 1772

George Goodwin & Rebecca his wife   Presly Nelms
Charles Bartholomew Dan'l Sledge James Dowlin
Benjamin Arrindell & Rebecca his wife Thomas Worley Thomas Gay.
Benjamin Arrindell & Rebecca his wife Thomas Worley Thomas Worley
James Basket William Beckham William Duty
Thomas Putman  Peter Walker
James Basket William Duty Thomas Smith
William Paschall Sam'l Paschall Phil: Burford
John Huckaby Thomas House

13 May 1772

Chamberlain Hudson John Jones William Alston
Philip Burford  Peter Twitty
John Stallings James Hunt James Denby
William Kimbrough John Park Thomas Smith
Floyd Williams John Williams Lodwick Alford
John Franklin Isaac Ross Lodwick Alford
Wm Beckham Wm Park & Co. Alexander Muirhead
William House James Laughter James Burk
William Cryer Isaac Howell John Williamson
Roger Williams James Merony
Phil: Burford  Nath'l Bullock
Robert Childers  Phil Hawkins, Esq.

14 May 1772

James Howell  Travis Reese
John Wood William Wood Thomas Thornton
Joel Moody Tho's Bell, Esq. Osborn Jeffreys, Esq.
Sarah Nelms Mark Bennitt John Smart

15 May 1772

Shippi Allen Pucket Thomas Newman Molley Newman
John Nelson Osborn Jeffreys Arthur Durley
Michael McGee George Wren John Solomon
Newman Maldesly James Perry Thomas Arrendell
Edward Young Thomas Young David Fluker
James Coward William Palrner Benjamin Eaves
Benjamin Brett John White James Johnson
Joseph Duke Allan Love and Company William Rose

This update brings us to about half the deeds referenced in Court Records.

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