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Evidence of Bute County, North Carolina Deeds from Court Records

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Proven or Witnessed by:

12 February 1771

James Dozier and Mary his wife  Jacob Fox & John Kendrick exe. of Richard Fox dec'd.  
William Dye, Elizabeth Dye, and William Dye Jr. Charnal Hightower John Hawkins, Esq.
Charles Williams Abraham Mayfield Philip Burford
James Abernathy and Elizabeth his wife David Peeples  
John Linch and Mary his wife Thomas Rosser Rosser Alby
John Wyatt John Wyatt Jr. Benjamin Person, Esq.
William Roland and Ann Roland Reubin Ballard William Moore
Solomon Alston William Park William Elliott
William Riggin William Derham William Colclough Jr.
Owin Myrick William Tabb, Esq.  
William Person Sally Person Benjamin Person
James Ransom Jr. Joseph Fips  
John Rainwater Benj'a Hill Sampson Bobo
Nathaniel Peebles Israel Cogwell  
James Harrison Charles Wortham  
Philemon Hawkins, Esq. Edward Perry  
Philip Jane William Fish John Young
William Golightly William Powell John Young
Charles Kimball and Dianna his wife Charles White John Moseley
Jonathan Riggin George Webb  

13 February 1771

Samuel Freeman John Goodwin Joshua Ingram
Thomas Davis Emry Davis William Rollings
Thomas Ownby William Walker Willoughby Self,
William Chavers John Hains John Person
Richard Whit William Massie Thomas Bell
William Hobbs James Hobbs Lodwick Alford
John Rose James Alford Lodwick Alford
William Owin Medlin James Alford Jacob Hartsfield
Jacob Brassill Jacob Powell Lodwick Alford Jr.
Lodwick Alford Jr. Goodrick Alford James Alford
Joel Moody John Hudson William Hudson
John Underwood Jenkins Deviney Thomas Bell
Freder'k Davis Mathew Thomas Francis Wells
James Jones Thomas Bell Thomas Cooke
Joseph Pardue John Tanner  
Richard Maddry Lewis Bobbet John Duke
Richard Maddry Moses Myrick Mathew Duke,
Richard Williams James Norris Anthony Winston,
William Bass Samuel Bass John Dent

14 February 1771

William Hudson William Jean John Hudson
James Ransom sheriff John Smith Thomas Smith
William Duke  Thomas Christmass  
Andrew Martin Dennis Bradley Hardy Davis
William Rose in behalf of Allan Love & Co. John Christmas  
Paul Patrick Sampson Munger Thomas Bell

15 February 1771

William Smith William Cole Edward Ellis
James Ransom, Esq. Sheriff William Tabb, Esq.  

16 February 1771

Bennett Wood John Nash John Twitty

14 May 1771

Samuel Fowler John Person Allen Monjoy
Jesse Roland  Daniel Sledge  
William House Billey Williams William Alston

15 May 1771

John Christmas John Christmas Jr.  
William Holliman John Pardom Thomas Bell
Benjamin Ward, Esq. William Stanford  
John McGlomore Robert Cooper James Gupton,
Philip Jean Thomas Clifton William Fish
Leonard Lindsy Jordan Rowland West Harris
Samuel Walker & Mary his wife James Laughter  
James Petty Zachariah Thompson Mathew Thomas
James Laughter John Laughter Samuel Walker
John Pardue John Tanner  
John Meglamore James Gupton Robert Cooper
Mark Bennett and Jemima his wife Stephen Gupton James Gupton
Elias Stallings and Anne his wife Robert Carr
James Walker Sundry Inhabitants of this County William Acre
Richard Pinnell Francis Myrick John Pinnell
George Patterson and Elizabeth his wife William Andrews  
William Moore and Susanna his wife  Benjamin Ward  
Sarah Nelms Peter Goodwin Mark Bennett
Humphrey Ballard  William Walker &C
Charles Wortham James Wilson Benjamin Person, Esq.
Charles Merryman Britain Harris William Denson
William Simmons Benjamin Person, Esq. James Moore

16 May 1771

William Halley Thomas Hazwell Henry Cooper
William Massey Vincent Bodine John Goldin
Thomas Hazwell John Goldin Henry Cooper
John Basket James Basket Thomas Cate
William Sanders Kirby Sanders William Sanders Jr.
John Hawkins Philemon Hawkins younger John Twitty

14 August 1771

James Ransom, Esq. Sheriff   John Duke  
Thomas Prosser John Moseley John Gordon
Joseph Merrit and William Hill Edward Jones Julian King
Eli Eli and Mary his wife  William Jackson  
Thomas Cook Enos Bird Sampson Munger
William Burrow Jr.  Charles James  
William Burrow Jr.  Charles James  
William Gant Isam Gant William Jackson
William Gant William Wood William Jackson
William Wood Britain Wood William Jackson
Nathaniel Peebles  Samuel Duke  
John Wood Thomas Thornton Bennett Wood
Pennuel Wood Bennett Wood George King
Joseph Montfort, Esq.  James Ransom Jr., Esq.  

15 August 1771

William Patershall Thomas & John Pattershall David Young
Benjamin Person, Esq.  Bryan Ferrill  
Henry Hill, Esq.  William Hill  
Benjamin Thompson & Elizabeth his wife Joseph Montfort, Esq. Elijah German
William Duke  Benjamin Pritchett  

16 August 1771

William Smith Christopher Strother Thomas Bell
Charles Wood Sampson Bobo Benjamin Hill
Philemon Hawkins, Esq. & Dilley his wife  Dan'l Sledge  

13 November 1771

Green Hill  Ely Ely  
John Dinkins Miles Bobbett James Johnson
John Langston & Elizabeth his wife Randolph Hazilwood William Madry
Charles Kimball and Diana his wife Amasa Palmer John Moseley
Ruebin Ballard and wife John Hackney Joseph Hackney
Thomas Pattershall John Ellis John Hicks
Henry Cooke James Bagley Henry Cooke
Benjamin Lindsay Adam Pardue John Ballard Jr.
Benjamin Ward, Esq. Richard Ward William Elliott
Stephen Lowe  John Baggett  
James Dozier Bennett Wood Peter Twitty
William Smith Thomas Bonner Thomas Sherrod
Thomas Bonner Roger Williams Thomas Sherrod
William Russell & Sarah Russell Thomas Huckaby Benjamin Ward, Esq.

14 November 1771

Julius Nichols & Elizabeth his wife Robert Hicks
Thomas Pinell  Jeremiah Wooton  
Thomas Eaton, Esq.  William Green  
Thomas Pinnell  Elizabeth Thompson  
Joseph Bishop John Huckaby Thomas Bell, Esq.
James Ransom Jr., Esq. Sheriff  Philip Person  
Isaac Hunter  Jesse Hunter  
Ephraim Gilliam Charles Cooke Edward Richardson

15 November 1771

William Edwards William Johnson son of Charles Johnston dec'd. John Green
Frederick Davis  William Hill  
Alexander McMillion John Boyer John Basket
John Bobbett William Davis Jr. William Davis

12 February 1772

William Duty & Catherine his wife  Abraham Smith  
William Black William Park William Johnson & William Elliott
Abraham Smith and Rachel his wife  William Crosswick  
William Andrews  John Austin Finney  
Nimrod Williams  Robert Williams  
John Bradley Robert Turnbull Thomas Crawford
Bennett Wood Daniel Burford Sam'l Hammond
Thomas Hunt and Susanna his wife  Josiah Ely  
 Elizabeth Thompson Drury Thompson Zachariah Thompson
Benjamin Ward & Tabitha his wife Thomas Goodwin Simon Jeffreys
Henry May  Joseph Montfort, Esq.  
John Abernathy James Dozier John Malone
John Fox John Malone Charnall Hightower
Len Henly Bullock Twitty Russell John Nash
Lawrence Noles William Noles John Moseley
Randolph Hazilwood and Anne his wife Edward Kerney  
John Hunt and Elizabeth his wife William Webb Sen'r William Denson
Frederick Davis and Priscella his wife Edward Richardson  
Thomas Young  John Jones  
William Lucas Bennett Wood Thomas Newman
Jesse Gillam Gameliel Earle James Basket
William Woolbank Pines Weldon Isham Gant
Mathew Duty Joseph Merritt Jr. Wilson Whatley
John Hawkins Joseph Birchett Dennis Pachall
Benjamin Putman & Elizabeth his wife  John Watkins  
Samuel Jones  James Hudson  
William Woodward Thomas Bell Solomon Dossey
Thomas Bell  Solomon Dossey  
John Person  Jesse Person  
Britain Harris  George Patterson  

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