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Evidence of Bute County, North Carolina Deeds from Court Records

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Proven or Witnessed by:

9 May 1770

Frederick Shulzer  William Burrow  Isham Lucy
Thomas Daniel  Jesse Roland George Goodwin
Paul Patrick  Jesse Bird Thomas Sherrod
Joseph McGehee     Anthony Winston
Thomas House     Daniel Sledge
Jesse Roland     Daniel Sledge
Jordan Harris     Sampson Munger
Patewells Milner     John Milner
John Ferrell  William Fish James Alford, Esq.

10 May 1770

Lodwick Alford  Joseph Renn James Alford
Lodwick Alford  William Baker James Alford
Lodwick Alford  Jacob Jones James Alford
Daniel Coleman     Drury Long
William Person Jr. and wife Martha    Daniel Coleman
John Thompson  William Powell Thomas Turner
Daniel Potter  Thomas Bird Thomas Bridges
Robert Moseley and Mary his wife  Osborn Jeffreys Simon Jeffreys
James Lockheart  Thomas Turpin Thomas Smith

11 May 1770

William Martin William Tabb, Esq. Rev. Mr. Charles Cupples
William Tabb, Esq. and wife Dianna William Park
Daniel Nance John Harris James Ransom
Ezekiel Fuller David Williams
Joseph Allan (D/T) Allan Love and Co. William Rose
Thomas Bell Hugh Johnson William Rose
Joseph Bell Sarah Johnston William Rose

14 August 1770

John Debord    John Crabb
David Towns  Rich'd Towns John Ellis Jr.
James White     Peter Smart
John Hicks  John Hicks Jr. Aaron Hardwick

15 August 1770

Kirby Sanders  William Sanders John Sanders
Philip Alston  William Alston William Mattox
Another   from Philip Alston  William Alston William Mattox
James Alford, Esq.     John Ferrill
Joseph Hackney  Robert Duncan William Mooreand
John Burch  George Patterson Sampson Munger
John Rhodes  John Ezel Nathaniel Felts
John Bowdown & Judith his wife      John Regan
Jesse Stallions  Moses Stallions Reuben Stallions
Adam Pardue & Phebe his wife  John Davis William Moore
Zacharias Thompson  Joseph Montfort, Esq. John Brown
James Brazier  Stephen Lowe Giles Bowers
Elisha Battle  Isaac Hunter Dan'l Hunter
Thomas House  Charles Bartholomew Jesse Roland
Thomas Goodwin     Robert Williams
Samuel Bell & Amey his wife  George Tassie Isaac Acre
John Foster  Elias Dossey

16 August 1770

Joshua Perry & Eliz. his wife  Presly Nelms
Thomas Stewart  Francis Wells Thomas Bell
Thomas Bird     Benjamin Person, Esq.
William Cheek  John Cheek
James Walker  Isaac Acre Sanders Walker
Thomas Ownby  Willoughby Self Job Self

14 November 1770

Arthur Williams  Margaret Jackson Benjamin Hilland
James Wortham dece'd  Edward Jones Jethro Sumner, Esq.
John Linch  John Linch Jr. James Linch
William Gillum  William Shell Benjamin Brett
William Shell     William Gun
Alexander Donald  Benjamin Brett William Shell

15 November 1770

Mathew McMillion John Beale Thomas Bell, Esq.
Mathew Murrell Joseph King John Williams
Charles Bartholomew    Thomas House
William Smith William Massey  Patewells Milner
Thomas Norfleet Elias Stallings Patewells Milner
John Stallings Paul Patrick  Patewells Milner
Samuel Freeman Peter Tatum Thomas Bell, Esq.
Allan Groves Paul Patrick Thomas Bell, Esq.
Paul Patrick Richard Conyers  Thomas Bell, Esq.
Thomas Norfleet & Jennet his wife  William Ward
John Rainwater Benjamin Hill John Norwood
Alexander Burnet James Merony Keziah Denby
Thomas Pinnell & Mary his wife Benjamin Hill John Cole
John Moody Green Hill & Edward Jones Churchwardens  Parish of St. John's Henry Hill, Esq.
Green Hill     John Norwood
John Norwood    Green Hill
Benjamin Moseley, Winney Moseley & Elizabeth Mosely William Jeffreys Tho's Bridges
William Woolbanks    David Burnett

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